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Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery

1131 Boyce Rd. STE A
Upper St. Clair PA , 15241

wonderful experience

I went to see Dr. Barroner for dental implants because I have congenitally missing lateral teeth. I have had a maryland bridge for the longest time and wanted a more permanent replacement for the 2 missing teeth. Dr. Barroner is amazing. she recommended  a cone beam CT scan that they do right in their office. the 3 dimensional scan allows the Dr. to digitally place an implant to an exact fit before actually having the procedure done.  She explained the whole procedure with the scan right in front of me. Implants are an investment and so is the doctor that you choose to do the procedure. I must say that it was one of the best  investments I ever made. My smile is so important to me and having such a kind, professional, caring oral surgeon to care for my smile means the world to me. I would highly recommend that you choose Dr. Meghan Barroner and the staff at Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery for all of your oral surgery needs.

Testimonial #10

Elevated Oral is the perfect place to have any type of dental work done! The people I worked with were amazing and so helpful! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!