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Elevated Oral and Implant Surgery

1131 Boyce Rd. STE A
Upper St. Clair PA , 15241

Exceeded Expectations

I was referred by my friend, who also had a great experience to tell me about, and it absolutely lived up to expectations.  The building is clean and bright, and doesn't feel at all like a doctor or dentist's office.  The surgery isn't too bad at all, and their post op care and instructions were helpful.

Testimonial #14

 The referral I received through a friend, to see Dr. Barroner, was a blessing. I had been to numerous oral surgeon's  throughout the years, but I've never felt so comfortable and at ease as I did today.  Dr. Barroner explained every step and took every precaution to ensure me that my comfort for a pain-free procedure was her top priority.  Along with it being an immaculate facility, it also had very pleasant and calming environment. Her staff added the additional feature of pleasantness to my experience. Rose was very attentive and made me feel quite at ease as soon as I entered the door.  I wish Dr. Barroner, along with her staff, many successful years in her new practice!   Thank you, again, for a great experience!