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Sohma Naturals

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New favourite products!

I used the eczema cream in my toddler less than a handful of times and her eczema has yet to return! Also, when she recently broke out in hives I applied it and it helped stop her itching, amazing! I purchased the blumel for myself and after one application to chapped and bleeding hands I woke up to my hands healing faster than they’ve ever healed before! I get chapped hands every winter but now I have a product that finally heals them! Couldn’t be happier with these two products!

Testimonial #9

Hi Eliza:  I am amazed at your Sohma Blue-Mel Restorative Cream.  I have had a sore on the side of my nose for 1 and 1/2 years.  I have seen a specialist and he suggested biopsy.  I started using this on day # 1 and by day # 2 there is a HUGE difference in the size and color of this sore.  It is difficult to believe this has happened so quickly, and I keep checking the mirror in amazement.  Such a good product, Eliza......a must for anyone with skin issues, for sure!

Natural Deodorant

Good Morning Eliza! I wanted to let you know how much I love your deodorant. Before I flew home I bought on of each kind and it works beautifully for myself, my husband and oldest son. I've been using natural deodorants for the last 17 years and have been unhappy. Just kinda dealing with my own stink because I haven't found an alternative to anti-perspirant that works. They all seem to function for a few hours and then quit. Your creation has made the world a lot less stinky for the people in my life. So I, and they thank you profusely.

Lemon Lavender Deodorant

I wanted to give you my review of the lemon lavender natural deodorant. Well, after 2 duty days of 14 hours and more, shopping at the West Edmonton Mall with my coat on, went to 4 yoga classes and walked around the city of Edmonton, waiting in the outside "lounge" are of the Punta Cana airport, I can say that this deodorant is a winner!! No bad smelly armpits after all these activities. I can't believe it!!! It really works!! The only thing I wasn't able to verify because I'm out of the product is how it handles warmer weather (like when my luggage is waiting in the sun and when I open it in my hotel room after!! If not, I'm so sold!! A-MA-ZING product!! So please let me know, when I'll be able to order!!!

Orange Body Butter

I tried a sample when I was picking up a few things. Not only does it leave your skin feeling incredibly soft it smells amazing too! 

Testimonial #14

The red all over my face is clearing up I'm so excited, the lines are going away. I am spreading the news I've got one hooked already! 

Anti-Aging Set

Hi Eliza! I've purchased the oil, serum and cream. I just wanted to let you know that I love them and am excited to try more of your line!

Blumel Restorative Cream

I run a very busy osteopathic practice but for the past 8 months I have been dealing with skin rashes and cellulitis on my leg. I started using Blu Mel Restorative cream about four days ago and it is helping my skin repair tremendously. I am so impressed that I will be selling it at my clinic. 

Incredible Skincare!!!

I love my new skincare! The super nutrient face cream and the sitoplex face serum are to die for! My skin is so soft, and I'm already noticing a huge change after only 2 weeks! Thank you!!!