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Anita Nevar Erotic Artist

PO Box 754
Sunshine Coast Queensland , 4551

Proudly own a few limited edition prints of Anita's work now and everyone that see them absolutely loves them.

Amazing artist! One of a kind pieces and knows how to stand out amongst a crowd

I would absolutely recommend Anita’s art work, we have multiple pieces of her art around our work place and have patients constantly commenting on her paintings asking who the artist is. Super talented lady!

After seeing Anita’s work in the Big Brother house I reached out to see if Anita could make a custom artwork for me. Couldn’t be happier with the finished artwork. Highly recommend! An extremely talented and passionate artist.

Absolutely one of a kind artist! Super talented and not afraid to express herself. Her work is always a talking point. Love your work.

Anita you are one of the most creative, crazy and kinkiest artists I’ve ever seen! Your work is incredible. Amazing!

super talented funky artist!

Anita’s art is truly eye catching! Her use of bold colours, provocative subjects and symmetry (in some) make every piece a worthwhile addition to any collection.

Met Anita at the Brisbane Sexpo2019. Was awsome and a rare treat to see the work and meet the artist. She has a brilliant attitude to her personality and it shows in her work with an adult playfulness in tasteful concepts. Look forward to coming across your work somewhere else randomly in the world!

bold, beautiful, kinky and fun! such a pleasure to meet the artist inside the art

Very good quality and attention to detail. Amazing and talented artist!

Anita is one of those amazing souls that is rare in life. One word for me which sums her up perfectly is ‘Stupendous’. Anita exudes passion, creativity, love and care for others. I remember when we first connected at a market where she was selling her art....the connection was electric and the impression she made on me still imprints in my mind. Anita Nevar deserves every success she creates as she is living her life purpose of making others she will never fail at whatever she sets out to achieve!

Anita is an unique & exciting artist! Her artwork is amazing, sexy & axhilarating!!

Original, creative art that really stands out. Grabs everyone's attention and always generates compliments. Can't recommend highly enough!

I am the proud owner of an original artwork portrait from this incredibly talented woman. Anyone who can make my mug look good is seriously skilled, and this piece is amazing.
We also own one of each of her towels and they're awesome too. I've never come across one that even remotely looks as good.

Anita is a fantastic artist and we have one of Anita’s original paintings from around 15yrs ago which we love and have hanging proudly on our wall. We definitely recommend Anita as an artist. Adam & Kristie

It's really good quality, very unique and very cool artist. I love all her stuff I have some of her art hanging on my wall they look awesome.

Anita's work is so funky and unique! A piece can really compliment a room/space. Anita, just like her art... Is funky and unique, but even better, is an awesome person! Highly recommend her work!