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Smart Safety & Development Solutions LLC

2043 Oak Shores Drive
Kingwood Texas , 773339

The training was an excellent one for me. As my first vocational training ever. I appreciate the instructor mode of teaching. Instructor was very knowledgeable,patience and respectful.

Thankful for you

A very interesting class, time efficient and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure working with a person that is very passionate about what they are delivering to others. Making sure we understand and not just reading the material to us. Thanks again and I hope you continue to bless others with your skills and knowledge .

Organizational Training for our Clients

Our organization has had the pleasure of partnering with Smart Safety to offer training that would equip them with skills that would allow them opportunities for employment. our Trainers Matt and Heather were not only knowledgeable for the curriculum but also very professional. Being in our industry we have the pleasure to service many people that learn on different levels. From the beginner to the experienced in the work place. Smart Safety has the ability to transition through out the class to ensure all participants are confident as they retain and demonstrate their ability to learn. We are looking forward to future training with Smart Safety.


Very knowledgeable. Would recommend this instructor and company to others.

Great Training

Great cpr training! Had a blast and learned a lot.

Testimonial #34

Testimonial #34

Heather did an amazing job training us today(CPR/AED/First Aid) a lot of the training was hands on, which was awesome! She really educated us and kept us entertained the whole time. She made every topic intriguing for us. Heather is very professional and you can tell how passionate she is with what she does. I definitely 100% recommend her to anyone looking into getting certified!! Go to Heather!

Oustanding Job

Heather did a great job. She was very thurough! She was also funny and made the course interesting.

Tower technician


Great experience

Very informative and engaging.

Great Interactive Course

Very positive and interactive. Learned all of it with ease and had fun doing it. I would recommend this course to anyone trying to learn about the subject at hand. Great job on instruction.

Great atmosphere, wonderful personality and great teacher

Been working this industry for a long time and been through many training classes. Heather does a wonderful job of keeping you pulled into the training with hands training on and vocal feedback. Feel great about the knowledge I learned in her training class!

Very Knowledgeable and Very Focused on Task at Hand

Great presentation. Loads of knowledge

Great job yo

The class was better than I thought. Great energy and very informative.

Testimonial #25


Heather taught great cpr. She introduced heatstroke, frostbites, etc, and explained with vivid details.

Good class

Good class


Ms. Heather smart is a great instructor who i feel goes above and beyond in teaching the class and making sure we got the content. After this class i feel confident if i were ever to be put in that scenario. I would not change anything about the class other than it being a little to short.