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Testimonial #12

I moved to Birmingham and had an extremely difficult time developing relationships with new medical professionals while juggling the responsibilities of work and home. Krista assessed my needs and preferences, matching me with excellent doctors who have efficient offices and staff.  She coordinated having my records transferred from my previous doctors and prepared me for my appointments. She saved me time and alleviated my anxiety so I could concentrate on my work and my family. I highly recommend Krista and her service for any medical-related difficulties. She will find a way to help.  

I had cancer and was told by my doctor that I was cancer free.  I was dismissed from my treatment plan and was ready to begin living.  Later, I went to the emergency room for pain in my finger.  I immediately had to have my finger removed and was told that I was dying of cancer as it had spread throughout my body.  Upon further investigation, the doctor that had given my the “cancer free” diagnosis had read the wrong patients chart.  I am now dying of cancer.  I wish I had known about the fantastic services that Hughes Advocacy offers as I believe it would have truly saved my life.  Please be proactive with your help and reach out for help

My Child was having a tonsil and adenoid issues so I reached out to Krista in a desperate plea for an ENT surgeon.  I knew that I wanted to be at Children’s Hospital but with all of the ENT surgeons available I was not sure which one would be a perfect fit for my child.  She provided me with options of which Surgeon would best meet the needs of my child and also calm my nerves. I am so pleased with the referral I was given by Krista.  JJ,  Mountain Brook, AL

Dear Krista,

I just had to say thank you for helping me get back some of my independence with the Parkinson's.  You knew the right doctor to send me to.  I really appreciate you making some of my appointments, and being at the doctor's offices - for moral support and asking the right questions.  I want you to know your kindness made all the difference.  Your help has been invaluable.  We're so thankful to have you.  KD, Birmingham, Alabama


I have had multiple kidney stones throughout my life, and most recently had one that I was unable to pass on my own due to its location within the kidney. I was in excruciating pain every time my kidney seemed to be attempting to pass the stone - each time this happened I would present to the emergency room sweating, vomiting and doubled over in pain with vital signs off the charts. I was medicated until I was out of pain and sent home with a referral to a urologist. I followed up with this urologist who told me simply "You have a stone but it is non-obstructing so it shouldn't be causing pain." and sent me on my way. What was so puzzling about this was how, with my history of kidney stones, my presentation to the ER with what I described as "kidney stone-like pain" on my right side, blood in my urine, and then a CT showing a kidney stone on the right side, this doctor could look me in the eye and tell me that it did not hurt! How did this man know what I was feeling within my own body? How did I know I had a kidney stone if I wasn't feeling something?

I left his office in tears, shocked that a doctor could be that callous and uncaring and knowing this was not the end of the issue as I was in pain that very day: it was to the point I was in horrible pain nearly every other day and the kidney stone that officially "didn't hurt" had basically taken over my life. It took a total of four ER visits before I finally made a call to Ms. Hughes to see what could be done. Ms. Hughes came to the ER personally as soon as we got off the phone, and when she showed up and the words "patient advocate" were uttered the entire tone of the visit changed. The staff of the ER could not respond fast enough, phone calls were made, and I was scheduled for surgery the next day. In less than 24 hours from when I called Ms. Hughes I was waking up in recovery with the stone removed and the pain gone. It has been over a week now and I have had no further kidney pain, no further ER visits, and I now have a very caring urologist who believed that I was in pain and remarked on how the stone was very jagged and wedged deep in the kidney and would never have passed on its own, and that removal was the correct course of action.

People remark all the time on how the healthcare system in this country is broken, and that could not be truer, but it runs even deeper than a layperson can understand. With Ms. Hughes experience in the healthcare field and in dealing with chronic health problems of close family members, she knows exactly what to say, how to say it, and whom to say it to to get things done. She bridges the gap between what a patient experiences and what medical staff perceives when assessing a patient, gets everyone on the same page, and gets things moving in the right direction to get the patient well. anonymous,  Vestavia, Alabama

I am so grateful that there are people like Krista, that can help you when you are faced with an unexpected medical situation.  I called Krista because I was in excruciating pain and did not know what to do.  I had hemorrhoids and had gone to an urgent care for assistance.  They immediately referred me to a general surgeon.  The surgeon explained that I needed to have them removed and scheduled me for surgery a couple of days later.  I was not sure if that was the best treatment option for me; so, I contacted Krista.  She provided me with all of the research that I needed to help me understand my condition.  We also explored all of my different treatment options.  I eventually went to see my GI doctor in which I had used for years and knew my medical history.  He recommended medication to treat my problem.  I am so thankful that I reached out to Krista or I would have had an unnecessary procedure.  Thank you!  TC, Crestline, Alabama

Dear Krista,

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to you for all that you did in connection with Bruce's mother, Betty, as she was going through her final stage of Alzheimer's. Your professionalism, compassion, a wealth of knowledge and dedication will never be forgotten. You were quick to respond as we were going through this tumultuous situation when decisions needed to be made often and quickly. Before you were there to help us, it was if we were struggling in muddy waters, not knowing which direction to turn or what services were out there to assist us. You always gave us all the facts so we could make an educated decision without second-guessing ourselves. You were such a large part of her final care and keeping her comfortable, words can not express how thankful we are. 


Bruce and Rebecca Reber

When I contacted Krista, I had several medical concerns; severe osteoarthritis, lymphedema, and Parkinson's.    I needed assistance getting out of a chair and was using a walker, barely getting around.   I was eventually put in a wheelchair; losing all my independence.  I felt that I had lost my quality of life.  Krista was able to find my doctor’s that were best for my medical wants and needs.  She helped me with my medical records and arranged my doctor's appointments.  She would accompany me to my doctor's appointment asking all of the right questions.  At one point, I was admitted into the ED and Krista met me there and stayed with me during that scary and challenging time.  I am glad that I contacted Krista as I am out of my wheelchair and have my independence back.  She was able to help me during this emotional and confusing time for my family and me.   KKD, Alabama

I retained Krista when I was unexpectantly diagnosed with a brain aneurysm.   During this emotional and stressful time, she provided me with all the research I needed to understand my situation better.  Krista also helped me find a doctor to treat my condition that was best for me.  She assisted in handling all of my medical records and obtaining me an appointment.  Birmingham, AL

I was struggling with Kidney Stone Disease and attempting to navigate the different treatment options that were best for me.  In the midst of dealing with this diagnosis, I began to display symptoms of AFIB. Finding the right Urologist and Cardiologist was important to me and my family members.   Krista was able to explore Practitioners and facilities that were best suited for both Kidney Stone Disease and AFIB.  She not only assisted in building a comprehensive medical history but also helped me prepare for my doctor's visits.  After each doctors appointment, Krista provided me with an explanation of the Surgeons Prognosis which helped me navigate which path was best for my medical needs.  

I contacted Krista to assist me with an issue in which I was experiencing with my foot.  Krista provided me with all of the research and resources that I needed to make an informed Medical decision that was best for me.  If possible, I wanted a non-surgical approach and Krista was able to meet my needs.   With the assistance from Krista, I received the answers that I needed and was pain-free for the first time in over a year.  She helped me navigate this very frustrating system and was such a valuable resource.  I have not run or jumped in a year and didn’t even consider it an option moving forward.  Because of Krista, I am able to exercise again.

Birmingham, Alabama”