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Paul Barnes, Hypnotherapist

Paul is gifted. The peace, clarity and release of anxiety I felt after only one session by phone is truly a gift. New to hypnosis, his explanation and description of what I would experience and why put me at ease and allowed me to relax and go deep into the experience. 🕊

I've never been under hypnosis before, but I meditate a lot. I find the hypnosis experience very similar, if not the same, as deep meditation. Paul has such a soothing voice and is perfect for meditations as well. He truly has a God-given gift for his services. Will definitely do more sessions with him!

Having never experienced hypnosis, I was initially hesitant about trying it. However, I was very pleased with my session. It was very relaxing and I find myself looking forward to future sessions. Thanks Paul, for making my experience a pleasant one!

Paul has helped me and also amazed me with his hypnosis abilities. After our sessions I’m very relaxed. His voice and calm manners during the sessions enables me to enjoy and feel comfortable with whatever adventure we are working on, be it helping me to sleep better or learn to clear my mind for better relaxation and release the stress of the day. He has also been able to help me have visions that have enabled me to see purpose in myself, to find answers as to what’s missing in myself to gain self confidence. I am thankful for Paul and his wonders of hypnosis. Can’t wait for another session!

Paul is amazing. My anxiety is now at manageable levels. My confidence level is better than ever. It so surprising how hypnosis can take you to beautiful places. Thanks so much .

I asked Paul for a relaxing hypnosis session because I don't really have any major life issues. I'm pretty happy with my life. I had never been hypnotized before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. His voice and demeanor are so pleasant and soothing that it didn't take me long to relax and enjoy the trip. When the session was nearing its end, I was in a very, very happy, peaceful place, and I didn't want to come back! It was quite a refreshing and enlightening experience.

Paul and I have been working on career advancement and he helped me relieve test anxiety for a certification I was trying to obtain. Paul has also been working with me to build confidence at work, specifically in meetings. I now feel like I can speak up and what I have to say has value. I can say within just a few sessions there has been a dramatic difference!