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Great mentor

Started in the gold trading academy in September. It was amazing, all the information I learned was mind blowing. Ronnie gave it to me straight forward. Told me to work hard and study everything he taught me and that i will be successful. Now I'm up 23,509 net profit. Thanks!

I'm not one of your students but I watch your vids on youtube. Thanks for showing me how to enter trades and what to look for. I really appreciate it!

hard work but loved it

Hey Ronnie, Glad to give you a write up. I remember seeing you at the Kyani conference in Dallas. I was hyping you up about how the Kyani experience was way better. You told me to give the beginner service a try to see how I would like it. It was great! I started seeing gains in about 3 months and I have been learning more ever since. Thanks for getting me to shut up and listen to you about stocks lol.

Love the silver stockology. learned a lot from you man! Hope to become your best student one day. Up $13K now.

I got what I signed up for but I didn't understand that you won't get to talk to Ronnie 24/7. I learn best by having that type of access. I'm averaging $1,500 returns a week trading. I think it would be more if Ronnie has more time to teach me.

Great Young Man

Ronnie, hey young man! I see you are growing. Learning from someone younger than me was a new experience but you are amazing at breaking down complicated information. I have come out of retirement to be a full time stock trader and travel like I'm young again. You inspired me and showed me tricks of the stock market. My account is up 200% this year. I think I'm even making more money than you now! you're still the best. - George

Loved the silver stockology. So many videos that covered everything that was needed for me to grow my account. I was losing and once I start learning from Ronnie it went back to the green. Now I'm up 41K in 9 months

Get into trading stocks

I'm up 80K since April. Happy New Years!!! Thanks Ronnie. I recommend the Gold Trading Academy. You're the best G

Learn from this guy

Bro, I'm making more money than my parents. Now up 40K in 7 months. You're great at teaching this and making it simple.

Loved the class

I got the silver program and all the videos helped me understand the basics of trading. The strategy works with discipline. I'm up 20K in 4 months. Thanks Ronnie

The Lion of Wallstreet

On wallstreet you can't really trust no one... With so many scams that's all us yorkers see. People front and act like they know all. you're legit and for that I'm gauped up son! $$$

Great Mentor

What's up Twin! Lol Because of you I'm making an average of $900 per trade. I'm glad on I saw you on Twitter. Keep freeing minds financially! and yes I remember 'Stop orders are your friend" Never will forget

I shouldn't have doubted you

Hey man, I want to say thanks for doing the presentation in Kitty Campbell's class. You and the other guys were great. I Learned so much about finances and you made it fun. I've been making slow income of an extra $1,800 while working my full-time job. Thanks bro!

It went well!

My parents were skeptical about the service when I approached them about it. I must say I didn't expect to make this much. My goals weren't high at all. I made on average 400 per trade. Swinging for 2-4 days like you taught me. I recommend Ronnie to those who really are looking for someone to teach them how to trade stocks at an affordable cost.

I'm making more money

Up 18K in 2 months! I recommend starting with the silver stockology. You can always upgrade once you start making money.

It was Crazy

My experience went a little crazy. For a whole month I didn't quite understand what was going on. I didn't have time to study as much as Ronnie recommended. Ronnie worked with me but I expected too make money much sooner. It took me 6-8 weeks to start seeing my account grow. I would recommend this service but only if you're ready to learn. Thanks Ronnie for teaching me.

R&B Trading Academy is a great service

Young man, you are amazing at what you do. I never heard of your name until Twitter. No one ever told me about Ronnie Green. I was looking into trading penny stocks and you popped up in the explore section. My financial life changed once I messaged you. Thank you for showing me how to grow my money. I can now show my bratty kids to do something besides play Xbox all day. Thanks!

What can I say

We've had our tough moments because I wouldn't listen to you and didn't take responsibility for my actions and trades but I will say Ronnie is a great teacher. He is going to do exactly what he says he will. Upstanding guy. Will always have respect for you. I've now grown my account to $41,345.65 since last summer trading part-time. Thanks Ronnie