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James H. Brown Injury Lawyers

10123 - 99 Street NW
Edmonton AB , T5J 3H1

More than pleased

I would like to thank Rick Mallett for his service and dedication in the handling of my accident claim. For me and my family, the settlement brought closure to a difficult period in our lives. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone in need of an injury lawyer.

"it was well worth It"

It was a long process of treatments after the accident but when it was over it was well worth It. David Sowemimo is super easy to work with the same as his assistant Kim. You do not really feel you are dealing with lawyers. I would recommend David to anyone going through a bad car accident experience. Thank you so much guys.

"completely dazzled by his communication skills"

I want to thank David Sowemimo for helping to resolve my case quickly. I was completely dazzled by his communication skills and experience. I cannot thank him enough for the services that he rendered on my husbands and my behalf. It was a pleasure having him as the role of my lead counsel. Having an experienced attorney like him on our side was a good signal that we were walking into the case in very good hands. I'm grateful for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for working tirelessly to ensure that the law worked in our favor. If it weren’t for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn’t have been settled by now. David was able to prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt and we were more than pleased with the outcome. I feel so indebted to him for his hard work. Thanks to David for always informing me of the best option to take in resolving my problem. I really appreciate his negotiating skills and advice on the matter.
Thanks once again for your legal advice, time, and efforts

"I was speechless when he settled my last claim!"

Jim O'neil is easy to work with and professional I highly recommend him! He has helped me with 2 accident claims, I felt well taken care of and my cases were settled in a timely manner. Jim is exceptional at what he does I was speechless when he settled my last claim! Truly his work speaks for itself.

It was worth the wait.

With the complexity of my case and the help of David Sowemimo and his assistant Summer I understood the process and with the advice and help from both these individuals I am satisfied with the outcome. It was a big learning curve for me being hesitant and being able to put in trust to David and his assistant, but i'm glad I did. As I said to David in the beginning that what I wanted was what's right and fair and that's exactly what I got. This wasn't an easy thing to deal with, but David t took the pressure by reassuring that the case was in good hands.

"exceptional job in dealing with my case"

Thank you David Huculak and Keresha. You did an exceptional job in dealing with my case. Not only were you caring and sympathetic but you lead this case with determination and skill. At some points very sensitive issues were discussed but David handled it with compassion. I would not hesitate to recommend David or attain his legal services again.

"super easy to work with"

David Sowemimo and his assistant Kim handled my case, from the day my husband and I went in to meet with David initially to the day we finalized my case he was super easy to work with. I had never worked with lawyers like this before so I was nervous but there was no reason to be, I was kept up to date by both him and Kim on a regular basis and I never felt like they weren't working for me. Thanks so much !

He cares about the person not the money

I had an amazing experience! When I got into my accident I was in a lot of pain and depressed. I was turned away by 3 lawyers before I found David Sowemimo. He and his assistant Summer worked hard on my case. They sent me to wherever I had to go for treatments and death with my insurance company directly. The psychology sessions were a blessing. I even got a settlement I wasnt expecting. David is a different kind of lawyer... Unlike the 3 that bluntly turned me away because I wasn't "injured enough", David didn't care about the money he cared about me as a person. 'knock on wood' I never have to go through this again but if it happened I would call David in a heartbeat and recommend him to everyone!

"His compassion, knowledge and depth of experience is extraordinary"

When dealing with a whiplash injury perhaps one of the most challenging things is that your injuries are not visible. As my health continued to deteriorate regardless of the numerous treatment modalities, Rick Mallett brought his expertise in setttling this matter to ensure that I will be able to continue to receive such maintanance treatments for many years to come. His compassion, knowledge and depth of experience is extraordinary and I am truly grateful for all of his efforts along with those of his assistant Cheryl in bringing my claim to a close. I would not hesitate to recommend Rick Mallett to anyone who is seeking legal assistance for an injury.

“very professional, outgoing, non-judgemental with a very positive attitude”

Michael was very easy to deal with it. He went above and beyond to make sure my health and well being came first. He was always easy to get ahold of and wasnt pushy in any means. He listened to everything you said with no judgement. Micheal explained everything step by step and didn’t leave any details out. He explained all the legal terminology- which is good because I didn’t know anything. Michael and his team were very professional, outgoing, non-judgemental with a very positive attitude. I would highly recommend Michael Hoosein and his team! We were very pleased with the outcomes!

“making me feel at ease in the process”

Thank you to Michael Hoosein & his team for handling my case swiftly and making me feel at ease in the process..I would definitely recommend him to any family & friends.

"a great person to deal with, during difficult times"

David Sowemimo cared for me, he had good skills, and exercised good judgement. a great person to deal with, during difficult times

Excellent Service and Great Results

I contacted James H Brown less than two weeks before the limitation date on my husband's file and I was transferred to Mr. David Sowemimo who took on the file. Our case was recently finalised and I must commend Mr. Sowemimo and his assistant Summer Abbasi on a job well done. You are such great professionals and my husband I appreciate the great attention to detail on our file. You communicated with us on a regular basis and responded promptly to all our emails. Thank you for scheduling the multiple appointments and checking in to make sure that everything went well. We really appreciate your time and effort and advice. Thank you and wishing you the very best in all you do.

Excellent Service Michael Hoosein!

Thank you Michael and team for all your help & professionalism. I would highly recommend this lawyer

Thank you Michael Hoosein

Big thanks to sir Michael Hoosein for helping us out in our case with my wife. Very professional and very approachable person.

Excellent and Amazing Service

Would like to thank Mr. Alan Brackett for his excellent service and professionalism. We appreciate all the time and effort helping us and would highly recommend James H Brown.

Very appreciative for your time and expertise!

Thank you David Sowemimo for the excellent experience. I would highly recommend James H Brown and associates to my friends and family. My settlement exceeded my expectations.


I was minding my own business,
Driving down the road
When suddenly a gravel truck
Carrying a load

Lost control and we collided;He spun me as we crashed.I thought that I'd breathed my last breathAs my life before me flashed. The pain was overwhelmingMy face, arms, foot and chestBut alas, I was aliveAnd realized how I'd been blessed. No injured spine or head,Not even one limb had been severedThe vehicles did not burnSo I was more fortunate than ever. Then every kind of treatmentBut most to no availAnd the Post Traumatic StressStill haunts me without fail. This accident, so horrific,That it's forever changed my lifeAnd since I am a caregiver,It's also changed that of my wife. When almost two years had passed,I chose to seek recourseAnd who should come to mind,But James H. Brown, of course. One quick call to JimAnd we were on our wayTo meet with Rick and TrentWithin just one day. Professional, yet personable,Sympathetic and so kind.They made us feel at easeAnd gave us peace of mind. They were reassuringThat our case could be resolvedAnd gave a detailed outlineAs to what would be involved. English is not my mother tongueSo my wife is the communicatorAnd to handle every detail,She was my administrator. She kept in touch with AndrewOr Cheryl, as need be.Together they handled this caseEver so efficiently. I've heard of legal casesTaking ten years or moreTo reach a settlementTo even up the score. That did not apply to us;There never was a stall.I had a cheque placed in my handIn seventeen months, that's all. The speed of their performance,I did certainly did not expectAnd the other great surprizeWas the value of that cheque! There is no doubt that the accidentHas impacted meBut the amount of this chequeHas done so equally. It's with sincere appreciationAnd with overflowing gratitudeThat we thank everyone involvedFor their compassionate attitude, For keeping us informedAnd their sincerest dedication,We give James H. Brown and AssociatesThe highest recommendation! ALL COPYRIGHTS RESERVED BY AUTHOR