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The Watson Firm

1720 W Fairfield Dr, Suite 100
Pensacola FL , 32501

Review from Facebook #24

Mr. Watson is very professional and courteous. I would recommend him to anyone that is in need of a good attorney.

Review from Facebook #23

He is one of the best lawyers in Pensacola! An all around great person!

Review from Facebook #22

I've always been impressed with Mr. Watson's talent and ability! The Watson Firm is a leader in the Pensacola area

Review from Facebook #21

What can I say to adequately express how Grateful I am for all you and your fellow firm members have done(?)... Im speechless... And about to cry literally... They took a dark time for me and turned it all around! Everyone was confident, reassuring, considerate, patient with me and my emotional state, gave me their undivided attention-- even on the phone, and kept me updated whenever something new happened with my case. And Im not exaggerating!! I could tell they really Believed I was innocent! And I am so grateful to Mr. Watson and Mr. Early for all they did for me.

Review from Facebook #19

Watson Firm... hands down... the best!! This firm offers loyalty, compassion, professionalism, and dedication to win your case! I'm grateful to have been a client. I wouldn't have chosen any other firm!

Review from Facebook #18

"He is the best trial Attorney I have ever worked with and I've been here 38 years!" When I was in a car accident a few years ago I chose a law firm with the reputation as the best in the area and that is when I met Aaron Watson. When Mr. Watson decided to open The Watson Firm I had a choice to make. Do I stay with the firm with the extensive history of success or continue on with Mr Watson? The above quote responding to my query of should I stay or go affirmed my decision to continue with Mr Watson. After seeing his effectiveness speaking on my behalf and life changing settlement I truly believe‚Äč he is the very best lawyer in Pensacola..... Period!!! Thanks Mr. Watson!

Review from Facebook #17

Great Lawyer, and Advisor... Family oriented.... People person, Great Hospitality... Will Refer Mr. Watson to friends and family... May God continue to bless you in your success

Review from Facebook #12

All the employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and very capable. They are willing to assist clients with a broad range of legal issues. When I walk in the office, I know I am going to get excellent advice and representation, at the same time feeling I am with family.

Review from Facebook #11

Mr Watson Made Sure He Stuck Too His Words & Did Exactly What He Said He Would Do. I'm Very Thankful For The Outcome & His Team!

Review from Facebook #10

My Watson Is The Best . They Are Amazing There I Recommend You See Him He Will Resolve The Problem & They Are Pretty Quick In Organized

Review from Facebook #9

After my car accident, Aaron made sure I wasn't left with high hospital bills. I felt confident through the whole process. In the end he won my case and I wasn't left in debt after an accident that was no fault of my own! He is a true blessing and amazing at what he does.

Review from Facebook #8

All I have to say is one word when describing Aaron Watson: Integrity.

Review from Facebook #6

The BEST ATTONERY HANDS DOWN , super Professional superb service handles cases in a timely manner. Keeps in contact with you and gives updates as to what's going on. He's very knowledgeable and treats your case with compassion. Aaron Watson is the Attorney that will get the job done no matter what the case maybe CONTACT the Watson Firm