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Personalized Parent Coaching

Testimonial #4

"Working with Wendi was such an amazing experience – I cannot say enough good things about the process as a whole. I KNEW I needed help with so many things, but I just wasn’t sure what was realistic to expect – Wendi’s process helped break down all of my questions and concerns in to smaller, manageable “chunks” that we could address one by one. And she helped me realize that you don’t need to change everything overnight – or even change BIG things to get BIG results. We identified small, easy pieces that we could change or even just tweak – one at a time – and I was AMAZED at the differences we saw right away. Wendi is so skilled at honing in on individual needs and opportunities – whether they are for you as a parent, your family as a whole, your household, etc. But even better, she really helps you recognize and celebrate the POSITIVES too. I told all my friends and co-workers that Wendi wasn’t just a parent coach, but really more like a “Life Coach” because she gave me so much confidence in myself in general – and my whole life benefitted, not just things related to my kids. After a few weeks of working with Wendi, my husband was so intrigued and amazed by the increase in mood and energy in our house that he said, “Whatever you’re paying that Coach… it’s worth it!” (Which is really something, coming from my husband!) I would never claim that the process to improve or change your life is “simple” by any means – but Wendi gives you the tools to recognize what you can change, and the encouragement to actually see it through. We had some stumbles along the way – and that was actually great too, because Wendi helped me recognize this is normal and ok, and we focused on what to do when that happens. So now I have all the skills I need to recognize when things become too much, and I know what I need to do to get back on track. Even better, I feel comfortable giving myself permission to not be perfect all the time – which is so essential for busy parents!"

Testimonial #3

“I can’t say enough good things about the work Wendi did with me and my family.

​”She not only brings her intellectual skills but her life experience and that so often was just as important and impactful. What worked so well for our family is nothing she suggested was a drastic change; they were all minor changes that made sense for my family. The changes were small and slowly laid in one by one so my boys weren’t completely disrupted by a lot of changes at once. They were so minor that they hardly noticed they were happening and then all the sudden the problems weren’t there anymore!

“She also doesn’t just give you solutions to fix your current problems but instead talks you through ideas and helps lays a foundation that you can turn to any time a new problem shows up.

“I can say without a doubt that my time spent with Wendi has made me a more confident, patient (and productive!) mother and she’s helped our family come closer together.”

Testimonial #2

“What is a parent coach? To me, a parent coach was someone that had access to "the book of parenting". I thought I was going to be taught all the secrets on how to become the perfect parent. If you've ever had the opportunity to work with one, you will know that my idea of a parent coach was totally off. After working with Wendi, this is my definition of a parent coach: Someone who encourages you as a parent to reach into your strengths as a person and parent, to become the best version of yourself.
“Has anyone ever asked you to evaluate yourself? Ask you what your strengths are as a person? When Wendi asked me these things I didn't know how to answer, and when I looked at the list I questioned my strengths... was my list accurate, am I really good at these things? Then the magic happened! Over the following weeks, Wendi would constantly point out where I was currently using my strengths and even suggested where I could use my strengths in other situations.
“When I started working with Wendi, I told her I wanted to eliminate negotiating with my son (William). At the time, it seemed like every time I asked William to do something he wanted to argue about it. He had his own idea of what he should be doing. I struggled with this because I wanted him to feel like he had a voice, but I also wanted him to know that I was in charge. Wendi helped me realize that I was allowing William to make decisions all day long; that I gave him several choices to make throughout the day (do you want this or that, play here or there, eat this or that...). This was just the beginning of a wonderful partnership that would lead to changes in my parenting that resulted in a happier home for everyone involved. Throughout my time with Wendi, my husband and I have: set clear expectations for our son, determined punishments/consequences that were meaningful to him, implemented structure, and changed the way we communicated with our son.
“Wendi was really good at asking the right questions to help me find the answers within. She made me think outside the box, and constantly gave me the opportunity to feel good about already knowing what to do, just having someone guide me through the process and encouraging me to make the change was so helpful and uplifting. I never felt judged or that I was doing anything wrong, in fact, I felt like during our time together I was the best parent I had ever been! A lot of times, as a parent we second guess ourselves and feel like we are alone in the process. Having a parent coach is so rewarding. They are there to guide you wherever you want to go, help you achieve your individual goals and goals as a parent. By having a parent coach, you are investing in your well-being and that will result in being the best parent you can be.”

Founder and Director, Parent Coaching Institute

​“Wendi brings bucket loads of skills and strengths to her parent coaching. Compassionate and non-judgmental, parents immediately trust her, knowing they are in expert hands attached to a big, open heart. Utilizing a natural growth mindset Wendi has a unique gift of helping her clients hone in on what is key for effective change, making the coaching process streamlined, energized and creative for the parents fortunate enough to work with her. Expect positive results every step of the way when Wendi is your parent coach!"