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Peru Sacred Tours/Machu Picchu Sacred Tours

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Peru Sacred Tours

I participated in the Rainforest Ayahuasca tour and the Machu Picchu San Pedro tour with Peru Sacred Tours. My trip to Peru with Pierre Garreaud changed my life completely. I quit a job that no longer fulfilled me before I arrived in Peru with the intention of finding out who I was, what my passion was, and where my path would lead me next. I got all those answers and more. I saw a beautiful country with kind and helpful people, amazing Incan buildings and artwork. I participated in healing ceremonies. I hiked the Amazon Rainforest and climbed Machu Picchu. All of this was made easy and SO fun by Pierre. I could not imagine a better guide, healer or entertainer. He made intense and powerful personal healing a joy to experience. When I return, it will be with Pierre. I highly recommend joining one of his group tours.

Mayantuyacu and Machu Picchu Retreat

I experience impeccable medicine from the shamans in the rainforest at Mayantuyacu. It was so impressive and life changing that I decided to start the Herbalist Shamanic Apprenticeship program. It was very safe and fun.  The shamans in Machu Picchu were amazing and authentic, the ceremonies were so beautiful. I am very grateful to Pierre and looking forward to continue working with him again. I will continue to travel with Pierre and Perú Sacred Tours.

Soul Journey with the Twin Shamans_Testimonial

There are no accidents in the universe. I met Pierre less than 2 months ago, when he & the Twin Shamans of Peru came to Maryland. Skeptical, yet out of desperation I went to 2 San Pedro ceremonies, one with a group and the second an individual healing with the Twins. I am a hypnotist, and had helped many people overcome addictions, specially smoking. Yet, no one had been able to free me from my own addiction to pot. The Twin Shamans cast out the negative energy ( Entity attachment ), as they described it to me later. Although I have had few dry periods in my life, I was never truly free from addiction to pot. 
What they did caused me to want more REAL HEALING from/through them. So I decided to visit them in their own clinic/home in Peru and talked to Pierre Garreaud from Perú Sacred Tours. He arranged a WONDER FULL journey / tour of Peru with the Twin Shamans, as well as a few days in the deep forest of Amazon for Ayahuasca treatment, something I had always been curious about (guess the jungle was calling me ).
There are truly no words that can describe my gratitude to Pierre Garreaud, and how great he had arranged everything for me. I had a guide/driver at every stop waiting for my arrival and giving me a VIP treatment.Thanks David and Nestor. From Lima, to Pucallpa, to Mayantuyacu, to Cusco and the Machu Picchu, and finally the TWIN SHAMANS home at Chiclayo. Of course everything has a price, and this was a well worth investment on my own self and well being. I always look for improvement. But, in this trip the coordination was so perfectly done by Perú Sacred Tours, I highly recommend Pierre, his work and his entire Team at Perú Sacred Tours. He is a big part of the MIRACLE that is me TODAY. 
I am always available to share my experience with Perú Sacred Tours at 202-607-7808 in more detail if needed. If you are reading this, you have come a long way to reach your goal/dream, Just do it, you will be happy,happy, happy, as the Twins always say....
Thank you Pierre and all those who are in your team in Peru. May God bless you and your work even more!!!

April 2015 & 2016 Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Lake Titicaca

This Tour was fabulous. Coming with Janice and Pierre under Machu Picchu Sacred tours is way above what I ever expected to experience! Great Healing sessions and visits to sacred sites with authentic shamans, lots of spirituality. Well Worth It!