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Karikuy Tours Peru

Alonso del Rincon
Lima Lima , 01

4 day jungle trek to Machu Picchu

Wow! We loved the 4 day Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu and would like to thank Karikuy Tours Peru for making our tour so enjoyable. It was well organised and all the activities were amazing! I would definitely recommend this agency as they are very efficient and helpful. We were taught about the local produce and also about the Inca traditions along the way too! The rafting, zip lining, hot springs and biking were all so much fun and we felt that we had the best of both worlds being able to do these awesome activities whilst trekking to the mountain at the same time!

Amazing day touring Machu Picchu

We had an amazing day visiting Machu Picchu. We were picked up promptly at 2.45am and driven to the train station. Oscar had already met us the night before to debrief us and give us all our tickets so we felt very prepared. We arrived safely at Machu Picchu and had a very informative guide (Miguel-i hopr) and then had free time to eat and drink before coming home. We arrived back in Cusco and were met by Oscar who then quickly drove us home. A long but amazing day, would thoroughly recommend! It was organised and we were supported at each step of the way!! Thank you :)

Four Day Salkantay Trek - AMAZING!

So rewarding and such an amazing experience. Completely loved this adventure and challenge from start to end - the early starts are worth it! Our group was fantastic and everyone really got a long. I felt safe and looked after every step of the way so would recommend.

Four Day Salkantay Trek

My experience taking the Four day Salkantay Trek was unforgettable. Our tour guild was knowledgeable and entertaining, keeping the intense hike fun and manageable. The scenery and places I went to during the trip was amazing and without a doubt something that must be done at least one time.

We had a fantastic time

We really enjoyed our 4 day Macchu Pichu jungle tour it was a great experience from beginning to end.

10/10 would recommend

My buddy and I went on the Salkantay Trek for a college graduation vacation. We had no clue what we were in for, but had several friends say this trek was the best week of their lives so we had to give it a try. Claudia (and all of Karikuy) was a huge help with planning and packing and the trek itself was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The views and stories told from our tour guide were breath taking and the people we met along the way will be friends of ours for the rest of our lives (from 11 different countries too). 10/10 would recommend this tour!

Salkantay 5 day trek

I found the 5 day Salkantay trek very challenging as well as beautiful. Our guides were so well organized. Also kudos to Karikuy who were very responsive to all the questions I emailed them prior to our trip. The ysupplied so much information about the daily activites of the trek as well as what to bring. In all it was a great experience. One thing I should mention is that the literature I received had the altitude in feet incorrect which is important to me but quite a little thing compared to what a wonderful trek this was. Thanks very much

Single day Macchu Pichu tour

We really enjoyed our single day Macchu Pichu tour and overnight stay in Cusco. Our guide was very knowledgeable and helped us to understand the culture of the ancient Peruvian people. Great experience!

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica

We absolutely loved our time at the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonia! From the cabana to the guides and of course the fabulous food! It far surpassed our expectations. Our guide Constantino and our host Sandra were both so professional and knowledgeable, yet very fun to be with. Thank you for making it such a wonderful trip for us!

epiiiic 5 day salkantay trek

Myself, my girlfriend and another 2 friends decided to try the Salkantay trek over the Inka trail. This was a great choice!! The amazingly distinct landscapes you see as part of the harder Salkantay trek are totally worth the added difficulty. Karikuy did a smashing job organizing our trek right from the get-go. Our guides, Jose and Roxanna -- were very well prepared and organized throughout the 5 days. 5 stars!!

Laguna Humantay, Rainbow Mountain, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, etc.

Just got back from my 7 days in Cusco where I squeezed a ton in during my stay. Karikuy was always reliable and there were no hiccups! Oscar my guide and Claudia always answered my phone calls/emails right away. I 10/10 recommend Karikuy to anyone who visits Peru!

Great Macchu Pichu Tour

We really enjoyed our 4 day Macchu Pichu jungle tour with Karikuy. We were given private hostel rooms during the trip and had a great guide (Pablo).

4 Day Inca Trail

My husband, son and I had a fantastic experience. The trip was arranged flawlessly. The guide, Mario, met us in the hotel the night before (we had to change the meet time since we booked a day trip to Sacred Valley last minute, the agency rescheduled the meeting at a later time, everything was done through emails!). He came to meet us in the morning and brought us a bag to put our stuff in for our private porter, and carried our bag to the bus. We met the rest of the group and started the hiking. My husband and I were the slowest in our group (because we were the oldest!), there was always a guide and sometimes both guides staying with us. Mario would stay one step behind my husband to make sure he didn't fall down the steep steps! He offered to hold my husband but my husband insisted to walk by himself. They kept offering me to carry our backpacks and shared their drinks with us.The porters were all nice and amazingly carrying a "mountain load" of stuff and still walked like a puma. In my second day near the end, since we were so behind the group and it was getting dark and cold, two porters walked back to meet us and brought hot tea and sandwiches! I was amazed by the quality and variety of the food they cooked on the way, though most of them was carbs - which I read it should be! The view on the trek was beautiful and people we met were all humble and nice. I feel like I am connected with Peru and the Inka people! Overall, it was a great experience and we all want to go back! Other feedback: I think I read somewhere that the guides are supposed to have oxygen bottles for emergencies, but they didn't. Also it was not clear in the instructions that we have to carry our own pads - they are really light, and it wasn't an issue for us since we hired a private porter. But it will be good if it can be explained explicitly in the instructions. We also didn't know that we can hire porters for a day or two instead of all 4 days -- again this doesn't apply to us as we need a porter for the whole trip -- but it will be good to know the info ahead of time.

4 Day Salkantay Trail

My son and I had the most amazing time on our trek with Karikuy Tours! Everything progressed seamlessly and even when we changed our train times they were so accommodating and arranged for us to be picked up early. I can't recommend enough booking with Karikuy Tours. They provided us with a great trip and were excellent with communication!!

Picture perfect

The Lares trek was absolutely phenomenal. Views were as of they were in a painting and my fiancée and I had so much fun climbing and chatting with our guide. We went in the low season so it was just us on the tour but it was great because we got to go at our pace instead of waiting for stragglers. The trail was well kept (but challenging!) and the places we stayed were great. The food though was fantastic. Our chef (and his wife who is in the picture) were great and made us traditional food that we were definitely impressed came out of the few things he had. It was also great not to have to carry everything we had, but just a day pack which was a benefit to the Lares trek. The train ride was interesting as well and we got to learn a lot just from sitting in the train. But all of that doesn’t compare to the tour we had from our guide inside Machu Picchu. We got to see a double rainbow over the ruins and we learned so much about the Inca people. The whole trip was amazing!

Fantastic Inca Trail

My son and I had a fantastic time on our 4-day, 3-night Inca Trail Trip with Karikuy Tours. The guides and porters for our trip were great, always keeping us on schedule, setting up camp for us in spectacular locations, and preparing wonderful meals. We felt especially privileged to have two strong, capable female guides to lead our group, and we were fortunate to share the whole experience with a friendly and adventurous group of fellow trekkers. The whole experience exceeded our hopes and expectations. Attached: (1) Picture of my son (Jeff) and me (Bill) at the top of Machu Picchu Mountain with Machu Picchu in the distance below. Best wishes, Bill Pech (Inca Trail Trip, Dec. 21-4, 2017)


First of all I want to guarantee that my review is REAL. I had the opportunity to enjoy their services and I have to admit they made a really good job, the best ever. In particular Claudia who is kind, available, and prompt in her replies. Everything was perfect, the timetable, their tips for a perfect trip, the accommodations were gorgeous, and their services flawless. I am really satisfied with this 15 days trip so well organized in every step. I truly suggest this company for their services. I am used to travel a lot and I have to admit I have never found such a good TO. I'd like to compliment you Claudia and your staff for the great job you have done with me. Definitely the best value for money you can have in such a beautiful country as Peru. Thank you for a most lovely and memorable experience. If I have the opportunity to come to Peru again, I'll use your service again. If I have friends who want to come to your country, I'll definitely remember your company. Thank you again for providing such a memorable experience. Ciao!

2 Day Tour of Machu Picchu

My husband and I went on the 2 day tour of Machu Picchu, with a sunrise climb of Waynu Picchu (pictured). Karikuy Tours took care of us from start to finish. They came to our hotel in Cusco about 6pm the night before to meet with us in person and answer all of our questions about what to bring and what to expect. They also give you all your tickets for the multiple buses, trains and entry points you go through and explained each one. I was pretty nervous catching the multiple buses and trains and finding our accom so I really appreciated this level of service! About 5am the next morning, a tour shuttle bus came to our hotel and picked us up. It took about 3 hours to drive to the train station. It took a bit of time to pick up all these other people from their hotels (which frankly is very annoying, long and tedious but it happened on every tour I went on so I think this is the standard in Cusco). From here, we boarded the train. We sat in economy but honestly I was super impressed with how clean and comfortable the train was. The ride to Aguas Calientes (the town at the bottom of Machu Picchu) was gorgeous and there’s windows on the roof so you can even see up! We were served drinks and snacks (all included) on our train ride. There was some confusion when we got off the train. Our guide was late to turn up so they sent someone else who spoke absolutely no English. Downloading an app onto your phone that works without wifi is a MUST. Fortunately, we managed to peek over this girls shoulder and see our names were written down on a piece of paper - sheer luck! Once our English-speaking tour guide turned up 15 minutes later, things got much easier. He arranged for a person from our hostel to take all our luggage back to our room (remember to lock your bags and keep all your valuables on you, I got to the hostel to find my bag completely open but nothing taken thankfully - but it’s not worth the risk!). Our guide then escorted us through Aguas Calientes, showed us the location of our hostel, and then took us to the bus that would take us up to Machu Picchu. He even told us the best side of the bus to sit on for the greatest view! The buses are comfortable and it takes 20-30mins to get up narrow winding roads. Our guide then accompanied us through the gate to Machu Picchu, showing us what tickets we needed to be scanned. It was pouring rain when we arrived and a complete whiteout. Despite this, we had an amazing time with our tour guide. We had a guide all to ourselves - just the two of us! He spoke amazing English and answered all our many questions, he was incredibly knowledgeable. You cannot go to Machu Picchu without getting a tour - there is soo much to learn! If somehow you find your own way to Machu Picchu, there are plenty of guides waiting outside the gates who speak great English and you can book on the spot. Our guide took us to get our passports stamped with the special Machu Picchu stamp! After our tour, he then left us, but not before explaining when and where to use all our remaining tickets. So helpful! Fortunately the whiteout cleared after 4 hours, and after exploring the wonder that is Machu Picchu by ourselves, we took the bus down the mountain and walked to our hostel. I don’t have high expectations for hostels, but no one in the hostel spoke English (this is when that app comes in handy!). Our bags that they were holding were also unzipped. The next day we took the bus back up the mountain ourselves to climb Waynu Picchu. We had much better weather this day and the view was simply amazing! However, when it was time to head down, all the bus drivers had gone on strike! We didn’t get refunded for our ticket, and my poor husband had busted his knee during the climb, so he had to hobble for over 2 hours down the mountain. There were loud protests in the square of Aguascalientes when we got to the bottom, but they weren’t violent thankfully. We ran to our hostel, grabbed our things, and just made the train with 5 minutes to spare. At the train station, a man from the tour company was waiting for us to drive us back to our hotel - thank goodness there were no other people in the car or multiple hotel stops, we were exhausted! All in all, the tour company were great compared to going it alone, but there were still a few cons. 3.5 stars.