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Karikuy Tours Peru

Alonso del Rincon
Lima Lima , 01

the Karikuy experience - the ultimate gateway for all that is Peru

I had the unique experience of participating in the Karikuy Volunteer Program for a solid 4 months, during which it became apparent to me that this was not your average volunteer experience. The program offered me the unique opportunity to explore this beautiful country from a safe and welcoming home base filled with warm people, delicious food (which at some point became addictive) constant support from Julio and the other volunteers and of course genuinely good fun. The program has challenged me and what I thought I knew about myself, the world and the people in it. And now, having recently returned to Canada, I can definitely say that I've been motivated to continue my exploration of Peru in the near future. This would not have been possible without the Karikuy experience - the ultimate gateway for all that is Peru :)

I told my friends

Thank you and your guide in Cusco Oscar for good organized 1-day Urubamba river rafting tour on the 18 of September 2010. I am satisfied with your rafting. I told my friends and display photos of your rafting tour. Special thanks to Oscar for help with tickets to Machu Picchu and the detailed information given me in Cusco.

Comfortable and truly memorable.

My experience volunteering for Karikuy had a lot of firsts. First time traveling to South America, first time visiting a Wonder of the World; Machu Picchu, and most importantly first time writing for a published blog. I really appreciated the chance to start to make a name for myself with travel blog writing and my experiences traveling through Peru has fueled the fire for additional trips to South America and worldwide. Julio and Karikuy made my stay in Lima, Peru comfortable and truly memorable. When I think of Peru I will always have great memories of the delicious food, the amazing nightlife and the breathtaking views while hiking in Huaraz.

An excellent program run by an excellent host.

An excellent program run by an excellent host. Julio, the founder of the Karikuy organization and his family made me feel right at home during my time volunteering with the organization. Julio went out of his way to make sure I was able to have a genuine Peru experience. He opened up his home to myself and the other volunteers allowing us the opportunity to assimilate into Peruvian society. A truly wonderful experience and one I would recommend to everyone interested in seeing this stunningly beautiful area of South America.

What impressed me more was the well planned trip

Our trip to Peru has been an extremely enjoyable one thanks to Karikuy. Julio (founder of Karikuy) has been warm and welcoming, giving us a slice of Peruvian life with his hospitality. What impressed me more was the well planned trip that ensured we had someone to take us around at every city in Peru, since we do not speak Spanish. Thanks Julio, Peru had been an awesome trip!

Julio and his family were extremely welcoming

Volunteering for Karikuy was an eye opening experience, one filled with good people, good food and excellent opportunities to explore Peru like a local. As a volunteer I was able to gain more experience in travel writing, make new friends and satisfy my globetrotting tendencies. Julio and his family were extremely welcoming and made you feel right at home with their own brand of Limeño hospitality. From finger licking Peruvian hamburgers and ocean fresh ceviche to all night Peruvian dance fiestas and Machu Picchu jungle treks, you'll get to learn and love all this beautiful country has to offer just as I did.

They were Fantastic.

It was hard to find information on this tour agency before we booked them so we weren't too sure if they were legit or not when we booked them. But I can now confirm for anyone thinking about booking a tour through them they were fantastic. And one of the cheaper tour agencies around. Cuzco Explorer I think was the actual company we went with in Cuzco but we booked through Karikuy. Price at the time I think was around 320 or so dollars for the classic (Inca) trail. Apologies to them for leaving it so long to getting around to doing this, but better late than never.

Thanks for the wonderful experience.

I fell head over heels for Peru. The country is beautiful in so many ways. Volunteering for Karikuy allowed me to experience this in ways I would have never been able to myself. As a dancer, I researched social and performance dance in the country for the website. I was amazed to see how dance was a such a huge part Peru. Everyone dances from age 2 to 80. It was so much fun to dance from Peñas to festivals. I learned some moves from Julio's family and hiked till I couldn't hike no more. Thanks for the wonderful experience. And try the ocopa arequipena!

It was an amazing experience & I couldn't have done it without your help.

Your company was very helpful from booking the tours & the tour guides that took us through it all. It was an amazing experience & I couldn't have done it without your help. I survived the Machu Picchu mountain climb. Thanks again for everything.

A memory that I will remember for the rest of my life thanks to Karikuy

Karikuy's Jungle Inca Trek to Machu Picchu was probably the highlight of my whole four month trip through South America. We biked, water rafted, hiked and ziplined through this bug invested jungle for four days, dripping sweat and barely breathing at that high altitude. Our days were spent waking up before sunrise to hike up and down steep and scary cliffs for up to 8 hours a day (while holding all our belongings on our backs!) We got to see monkeys and other jungle animals, paint our faces with a natural red sunscreen of berries, dress up in traditional Indian costumes, swim in waterfalls and relax in natural hot springs. On the last day of our trek we woke up at 3:30 am so we could climb up the 3,032 rocky steps to Machu Picchu. The view was truly magnificent! We definitely left this Wonder of the World in awe! It is a memory that I will remember for the rest of my life thanks to Karikuy.

Why Volunteer? I’ll Tell You Why

Waterfalls, mountains, canyons, volcanoes, religious locations, festivals, cities, tombs, mystical Machu Picchu, concerts, hiking trails, hamburger man…the list goes on. Not only are you able to see just about anything you want in the country, but you get you write about them for Karikuy. To me, the blogging was a type of journal for my adventure and the Perupedia was just researching my interests. And I’m pretty sure nobody knows more about the entire country of Peru more than Julio. On top of that, he has family nearby and across the country that welcomed us with open arms. For that month of volunteering, we were a part of the family. This experience was so great that it is almost depressing because I’m not sure anything will live up to this again! Seriously, person-to-person, volunteer. ☺

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe our trip

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe our trip to Machu Picchu or our experience with Karikuy. From the minute we started planning our trip Julio did an excellent job of working with us to make sure that our trip was everything we wanted it to be. Machu Picchu has been a place I had dreamed of going to for years and with the help of Karikuy it was even better than I imagined. Everything was taken care of for us from beginning to end and it was great to know that we were in good hands along the way. The Jungle Trail package was fantastic and I can't imagine a better way to experience Peru and arrive at Machu Picchu. Karikuy helped us pick the very best way to see Peru and ensured wonderful memories for years to come. If I ever have the chance to go to Peru again I will definitely use Karikuy again. Thanks Julio!

It was an absolute pleasure

I worked in Peru as a blogger from August 2009 to September 2009, to use the word "work" loosely. By that I mean it was an absolute pleasure to spread the news and entertainment of this growing, secure and overall wonderful nation. In my time there, Peruvians never failed me when it came to providing fascinating subjects to blog on during the week and explore during the weekends. I totally recommend this experience to all interested in life, period.

I highly recommend Karikuy

First and foremost, I highly recommend Karikuy. Obviously Machu Picchu in particular and Peru in general were amazing, but the experience provided by Karikuy, from the planning stages through the execution, was top notch. The price was incredibly reasonable and they literally took care of everything for us (minus the flight down there). This included picking us up from the Lima airport at midnight when we landed, and dropping us off at 10:00 p.m. on our way back to the States. Karikuy planned a trip for us and we kind of tweaked it based on what we wanted to do. We did the "Inca Jungle Trail" to get to Machu Picchu - and if you're thinking of hiking to Machu Picchu, I'd recommend doing that trial rather than the actual Inca Trail because we heard a lot of people complain about the length/pitch of the Inca Trail, whereas the Inca Jungle Trail was hard enough that you were definitely working to get to Machu Picchu, but not overwhelmed.

This has been the experience of a lifetime

This past month and a half in Peru has been...indescribable. I have had an incredible time; I've done and seen things I never dreamed of doing. And Julio and the Karikuy Organization made that all possible. I can't thank you enough. This has been the experience of a lifetime.

Julio has an indispensable Knowledgebase on modern and ancient Peruvian culture.

I'd been traveling through Argentina, Uruguay and Chile before working as a volunteer in the Karikuy volunteer writing program. In the time that I spent in Karikuy I felt a lot more about the local way of life, traditional and modern than in the rest of my trip combined. Julio has an indispensable Knowledgebase on modern and ancient Peruvian culture. To that end, he's also full of interesting and varied anecdotes. Big props to him overall.

We did some amazing travels...

In August I volunteered with Julio for a month. I decided to volunteer because I wanted to stay longer in one place and that way get to know real Peruvian life - and thanks to Julio and his family I learned a lot about Peruvian culture, life, food, birthday parties, clubs, anticuchos etc...:)! I enjoyed Peru a lot - we did some amazing travels to Machu Picchu, Nazca, Huacachina, Marcahuasi, Arequipa and Puno. Peru is a beautiful country with a lot of interesting history - let's go and look for the "El Dorado", Julio:)!!! Bueno, muchas gracias por todo. Saludos tambien a Karikuy - el gato LOCOOOOOO.

An unparalleled experience.

Volunteering for Karikuy has driven my interest to return to Peru and pursue future projects. With the environmental research I did for the Perupedia project, I am able to walk away with a depth of knowledge about a country I don't normally have when I travel. And with the volunteer project I was able to plan and take trips around Peru to get to know the culture and beauty of its diverse geography. Living with a Peruvian family, eating Peruvian food and residing in one of Lima's oldest neighborhoods offers an unparalleled experience. Get used to counting your expenditures with Peruvian hamburgers and learning to live with your heart wide open.