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Karikuy Tours Peru

Alonso del Rincon
Lima Lima , 01

Picture perfect

The Lares trek was absolutely phenomenal. Views were as of they were in a painting and my fiancée and I had so much fun climbing and chatting with our guide. We went in the low season so it was just us on the tour but it was great because we got to go at our pace instead of waiting for stragglers. The trail was well kept (but challenging!) and the places we stayed were great. The food though was fantastic. Our chef (and his wife who is in the picture) were great and made us traditional food that we were definitely impressed came out of the few things he had. It was also great not to have to carry everything we had, but just a day pack which was a benefit to the Lares trek. The train ride was interesting as well and we got to learn a lot just from sitting in the train. But all of that doesn’t compare to the tour we had from our guide inside Machu Picchu. We got to see a double rainbow over the ruins and we learned so much about the Inca people. The whole trip was amazing!

Fantastic Inca Trail

My son and I had a fantastic time on our 4-day, 3-night Inca Trail Trip with Karikuy Tours. The guides and porters for our trip were great, always keeping us on schedule, setting up camp for us in spectacular locations, and preparing wonderful meals. We felt especially privileged to have two strong, capable female guides to lead our group, and we were fortunate to share the whole experience with a friendly and adventurous group of fellow trekkers. The whole experience exceeded our hopes and expectations. Attached: (1) Picture of my son (Jeff) and me (Bill) at the top of Machu Picchu Mountain with Machu Picchu in the distance below. Best wishes, Bill Pech (Inca Trail Trip, Dec. 21-4, 2017)


First of all I want to guarantee that my review is REAL. I had the opportunity to enjoy their services and I have to admit they made a really good job, the best ever. In particular Claudia who is kind, available, and prompt in her replies. Everything was perfect, the timetable, their tips for a perfect trip, the accommodations were gorgeous, and their services flawless. I am really satisfied with this 15 days trip so well organized in every step. I truly suggest this company for their services. I am used to travel a lot and I have to admit I have never found such a good TO. I'd like to compliment you Claudia and your staff for the great job you have done with me. Definitely the best value for money you can have in such a beautiful country as Peru. Thank you for a most lovely and memorable experience. If I have the opportunity to come to Peru again, I'll use your service again. If I have friends who want to come to your country, I'll definitely remember your company. Thank you again for providing such a memorable experience. Ciao!

2 Day Tour of Machu Picchu

My husband and I went on the 2 day tour of Machu Picchu, with a sunrise climb of Waynu Picchu (pictured). Karikuy Tours took care of us from start to finish. They came to our hotel in Cusco about 6pm the night before to meet with us in person and answer all of our questions about what to bring and what to expect. They also give you all your tickets for the multiple buses, trains and entry points you go through and explained each one. I was pretty nervous catching the multiple buses and trains and finding our accom so I really appreciated this level of service! About 5am the next morning, a tour shuttle bus came to our hotel and picked us up. It took about 3 hours to drive to the train station. It took a bit of time to pick up all these other people from their hotels (which frankly is very annoying, long and tedious but it happened on every tour I went on so I think this is the standard in Cusco). From here, we boarded the train. We sat in economy but honestly I was super impressed with how clean and comfortable the train was. The ride to Aguas Calientes (the town at the bottom of Machu Picchu) was gorgeous and there’s windows on the roof so you can even see up! We were served drinks and snacks (all included) on our train ride. There was some confusion when we got off the train. Our guide was late to turn up so they sent someone else who spoke absolutely no English. Downloading an app onto your phone that works without wifi is a MUST. Fortunately, we managed to peek over this girls shoulder and see our names were written down on a piece of paper - sheer luck! Once our English-speaking tour guide turned up 15 minutes later, things got much easier. He arranged for a person from our hostel to take all our luggage back to our room (remember to lock your bags and keep all your valuables on you, I got to the hostel to find my bag completely open but nothing taken thankfully - but it’s not worth the risk!). Our guide then escorted us through Aguas Calientes, showed us the location of our hostel, and then took us to the bus that would take us up to Machu Picchu. He even told us the best side of the bus to sit on for the greatest view! The buses are comfortable and it takes 20-30mins to get up narrow winding roads. Our guide then accompanied us through the gate to Machu Picchu, showing us what tickets we needed to be scanned. It was pouring rain when we arrived and a complete whiteout. Despite this, we had an amazing time with our tour guide. We had a guide all to ourselves - just the two of us! He spoke amazing English and answered all our many questions, he was incredibly knowledgeable. You cannot go to Machu Picchu without getting a tour - there is soo much to learn! If somehow you find your own way to Machu Picchu, there are plenty of guides waiting outside the gates who speak great English and you can book on the spot. Our guide took us to get our passports stamped with the special Machu Picchu stamp! After our tour, he then left us, but not before explaining when and where to use all our remaining tickets. So helpful! Fortunately the whiteout cleared after 4 hours, and after exploring the wonder that is Machu Picchu by ourselves, we took the bus down the mountain and walked to our hostel. I don’t have high expectations for hostels, but no one in the hostel spoke English (this is when that app comes in handy!). Our bags that they were holding were also unzipped. The next day we took the bus back up the mountain ourselves to climb Waynu Picchu. We had much better weather this day and the view was simply amazing! However, when it was time to head down, all the bus drivers had gone on strike! We didn’t get refunded for our ticket, and my poor husband had busted his knee during the climb, so he had to hobble for over 2 hours down the mountain. There were loud protests in the square of Aguascalientes when we got to the bottom, but they weren’t violent thankfully. We ran to our hostel, grabbed our things, and just made the train with 5 minutes to spare. At the train station, a man from the tour company was waiting for us to drive us back to our hotel - thank goodness there were no other people in the car or multiple hotel stops, we were exhausted! All in all, the tour company were great compared to going it alone, but there were still a few cons. 3.5 stars.

Salktantay Trek

Our 5 day trek to Salktantay was incredible. Our guide, Mari, was excellent and did an awesome job at handling the 13 of us... Even when we were perpetually late and trying to get lost. The views were incredible, the company was even better, and the food was among the best we had on the entire trip. Highly recommend!!

Machu Picchu

My boyfriend and I did the sunrise 2 day tour of Machu Picchu with the second day morning hike up Huayna Picchu. I cannot imagine with the lines and number of people doing this tour any other way than having someone arrange all the various transportation, know when to get into line and what to expect. My only criticism was the lodging. They put us in the Denny's hostal in Aguas Calientes that for one of the two days had NO RUNNING WATER> Not ideal after a long day of sunshine, sweat and crowds. But overall, good experience.                                                                                                                                         Karikuy's Response: Thank you for the review! Unfortunatley Aguas Calientes suffers from water shortages, all hotels and most hostels store water for emergencies but if the hotel or hostel is full these only last a couple hours. We apologize for the inconveniance, it is not a situation we can control and is up to the local government and utility company to remedy.

Great Tour - No Issues

I just returned from Peru, having finished the 4 day/3 night Salkantay Tour. From start to finish the tour was flawless, obviously meticulously planned out. The staff was excellent and the meals were more than adequate. Our lead tour guide, Nealto (or Neil, or "Coach" - sorry for the bad spelling) was a standout. He was very personable and extremely knowledgeable about the trail as well as local and historic Inca customs. He also demonstrated that he genuinely cares about each individual person's needs and treated every single person with the utmost respect and kindness. I hope that he receives the recognition that he deserves.

Very organized company

I was trying to set up the train, van , bus and hotel and tickets to go to Machu Picchu and after a month I realized that's really complicated. After a research I found Karikuy, and they do everything for me. Everything that they offer is 100% real. They help , explain, guide and communicate to you all the time. Amazing Team . I Loved and enjoyed Machu Picchu - Thank You Karikuy

Jungle Inca Trek

Traveled to Peru this past May for 9 days and was the best adventure trip I've done so far. I attached a video of my whole trip including the 4 day jungle inca trek and Rainbow mountain tour I booked via Karikuy. I love the tours. The guide contacted us the day or night before to let us know what we needed. I recommend the Jungle Inca Trek to Machu picchu to anyone who not only want to hike the inca trail but also experience adventure along the way. Cycling down a mountain was amazing, water rafting in Class IV was no joke either, and ziplining in the mountains in 5 different positions was both scary and exciting as well. Best of all, the 16 mile hike may sound so intimidating and impossible but it was the best part for me. Going thru mountains, jungle, river, meeting locals, learning about inca culture. It was the the most amazing time of my life. Finally, the Machu Picchu itself was a whole new world, truly is majestic. Its my first wonder of the world and it absolutely encouraged me to travel and see the other wonders of the world. And the cherry to the cake, we had the best guide Jhimmy!!! He is the funniest and nicest guide ever. Our group will never forget him.

Salkantay Trek

We had an amazing time! It was a difficult trek, but a really rewarding one. We were so happy with our guide, Nilton, who made all the difference in our journey. The views were astounding and we couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Jungle Inca Trek

I was worried about going with this travel company since they weren't on trip advisor or any big name websites like many other companies but I loved their purpose. This was the best gamble we had ever taken! We were fully prepared with the information they sent and couldn't have had a better experience. You will rough it as far as the accommodations go but they are completely up front about that. They don't try to hide anything and the tour guides are AMAZING. Would 100% recommend this company.

Wonderful Staff

Thank you Karikuy Tour for your wonderful staff on their professionalism and concern for safety. They made it enjoyable!

Will book again!

The trip was excellent! As a yoga retreat/trip planner, I needed a company that I was confident in booking with. Karikuy was professional and organized. They met the standards that I hold for my business and I was grateful for the ease and convenience they gave me for a cost that I could afford. I will definitely be booking with them again!


Absolutely the best trip of our lives. Completely new to traveling to South America, and the assistance and advice to preparing for our destination of a 4 day Jungle Trek was perfect. The operation never missed a beat (very knowledgeable and professional staff) and our team leader was VINCENT! Obviously passionate about his field and territory, and positively a joy to share the experience with. My lady and I felt completely safe with his leadership even though the adventures here were FAR out of our comfort zone...never once were we made to feel anything other than welcomed and inspired. I would do this trip again in a heartbeat. AMAZING! Thank you Claudia, Vincent, Hector, and Karikuy Tours. We will be back.

Trip of a Lifetime

Booking my Salkantay Trail travel through Karikuy was seamless and done with ease. I expected a long line of to-do tasks prior to the trip and I was pleased to find that the company's process ran efficiently. The price and the reviews are what drew me to Karikuy. I was disappointed that the Inca trail was booked but it turns out that I absolutely loved Salkantay trail. It was cheaper in price which was wallet friendly for me personally! My best girlfriend and I are travel buddies and decided to do this trip last minute. We had never hiked before in our lives. The guide was super helpful and full of history. It was an emotional, spiritual and life changing experience. Trip of a lifetime.

Machu Picchu Inca trek

Had a once in a lifetime trek with amazing guides and a great group. I can’t wait to come back to peru!

Amazonion jungle tour

When I booked with Karikuy I was pretty hesitant because they didn't have much reviews on TripAdvisor. I booked my tour to Amazon Jungle departing from Cusco and returning to Lima with transport in cusco and hotel in Lima and transport to/from airport in Lima. Everything turned out just fine. The lodge in the Amazon and the guide were great for the value. The pickup were all on time except because my flight delay to Lima the pickup didn't wait for me. I would imagine they would check my flight status. However they did refund me the cost of the taxi. I couldn't get in touch with the tour company immediately when I need help but i usually get a respond within 20-30min during business hour.

Epic Jungle Trek

I went to Peru in August and went on the Jungle Trek with 15 others, that I didn't know and became close friends with all of them. Rene, our tour guide was amazing leading us through the 4 days to Machu Picchu, When you are spending 4 days 3 nights with 15 others, you get to know them quite well and leaving them after the 4 days was tough to do. We all enjoyed each others company and still are staying in touch. Claudia from Karikuy did an excellent job of communicating with me the plans around this trip from the beginning to the end of the trip. I would say it has been my most memorable and amazing adventure trip I've ever had in my life. Thank you Claudia and the Karikuy organization for making it so memorable for me. If I go back to Peru, I will definitely be using Karikuy to set up my tours.