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Axiom Eco Pest Control

Very professional and they got the job taken care of.

My experience overall went very well. The ants are now gone. They also came to do a follow up spraying. The previously used another company who could not get rid of the ants, but this company was able to take care of the job.

Amazing company, amazing job!!!

They've been performing a quarterly pest control service for us since August 2011. We are 100% pleased with Axiom. We had a terrible infestation of odorous ants inside and outside our house and detached garage. The day I first called them I'd found the dishwasher swarming with ants. Disgusting. They came out right away, did their magic inside and outside the garage and house and also sprayed a garden strip beside the driveway when I asked about a couple webs and they thought they could be hobo spiders. The product(s) they use are eco-friendly; they never bothered our cat in the least, and they don't have any sort of lingering smell. I was wondering about the bird bath but they said the spray doesn't bother birds and that definitely seems to be the case. They answer any questions I might have, are very friendly and pleasant, and the one time I had a complaint about the fellow who came out, it was taken very seriously. They always call to say when they're planning to be here and to see if we have any particular concerns or feel extra treatment might be needed anywhere. They usually just have to treat the outside now, but are happy to treat indoors if I've seen any critters. At one time we seemed to be getting spiders inside every now and then. I'm spoiled by this spider- and ant-free existence now, so I phoned when that happened and they were out in no time -- no extra charge. I should also note that the woman who makes the appointment calls and answers the office phone could not be more friendly or pleasant. All around, it's a great company with truly exceptional people, and we're happy to have found them.