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Natural Solutions Plus

2505 nw 23rd street
Oklahkma city OK , 73107
United States

Highly Recommend

This product is the only thing we found that worked. One month since our treatment, We haven't seen one bug, Let alone a bed bug.

works great, have purchased 2 times.

this product works amazing and this company is locally owned and operated and they are very friendly and helpful. makes house smell like pine, not chemicals.

It works

I went to his store on north west 23rd street. I spoke to the owner about the problem I was having with bed bugs. He helped me to understand what I was dealing with it took 2 applications and I have not seen any bugs so far.I enjoyed talking to you, you have a passion for your products and it works. Thank You.

Thank God!

I can't explain the feeling of relief seeing all of these bugs dead.


Amazing products, excellent customer service. I would highly recommend this business to everyone I know! I had bed bugs and it was the WORST. I ordered their bed bug eliminator and it took care of my problem. I will order their products for any future pest problems I may encounter. Thank you Natural Solutions Plus!!

This stuff is Awesome!

I live in Wichita KS and have been battling bed bugs that kids brought from a sleepover. I have tried what every product on the market and then a friend referred me to try Natural Solutions Plus Bed Bug product, and it works! I'm so thankful for a product that works like it says. Love it! Thank you Natural Solutions Plus!

Bug free

Something that actually works!

It worked without any problems!


The owner gave us his undivided attention, What he explained to us was mind blowing.
Awesome Customer Service & Wonderful product.

Thank you!!

I'm so grateful I found you guys seriously saved my sanity