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The Pet Spa at Barkley Square

105 N Virginia Ave Ste 101
Falls Church VA , 22046

Thank you!!

Brian and Melissa have been grooming my two large dogs for about a year. I travel from Silver Spring, MD to their location because I am picky about who I leave my children with and have been really happy and satisfied. For me, the peace of mind is worth the drive! I have a chow mix, and a shepherd mix, both senior dogs and they are so kind and gentile with them. Both being rescues, they have spent much of their lives in crates and get very anxious... so finding Pet Spa at Barkley Square has been a HUGE relief since they are never in crates and are able to roam around in the room together. They always call me before they are done so I can pick them up ASAP! THANK YOU, you guys have been a lifesaver!

I took my 16-year-old dog to them today. They were incredibly gentle and kind to her. I highly recommend them for regular dog care and for special cases like my dog.

Cutting my cat's claws is always a painful experience for everyone involved.  Blood, sweat, and tears.  Usually when she's at the vet we get them to do it; she's on her best behavior ( read: paralyzed with fear) and they get it done super fast.  It's nothing like the oven mitt, cat in a towel burrito, 2 man team endeavor it is when we try at home.  Anyhow!

She didn't have a vet appointment coming up and her nails were a teensy bit out of control, so I decided to take the Pet Spa up on their billboard offer and have her nails trimmed for $10.  They were able to take her right away.  Their 2 employee team was efficient and clearly practiced.  One took her out of her carrier and laid her down on her side while the other made quick work of her nails.  The whole ordeal took 4 minutes tops, including parking and payment.  We got home and Pickles in no longer snagging in the living room carpet.  Lovely work. Also, when the tech was holding her down, he was telling her what a good girl she was (dubious but appreciated) and cooed at her soothingly until the traumatic ordeal was over.  Was she soothed?  Probably not but it melted my heart and made me like them a lot.

It's a smaller place but honestly I prefer that to the huge factory setting at Petsmart.

Fiona went on for a simple nail trim (dremel) and came out with beautiful nails, hair trim between her pads, 
new bandanna, and cherry spray (because it is spring!). Meredith really treated her well!! Fiona is not a common breed - wire haired pointing Griffon - so it takes a special groomer to work with a wire hair coat and separation anxiety. Very highly recommend Pet Spa at Barkley Square.

I've taken my mini golden doodle here three times already for a puppy groom! He's excited to go in which is a good sign for me! And the people that work here are very sweet and attentive. I also like that it's cage free & I can pick him up within the hour. They always follow my requests and leave him looking like a little teddy bear!

I took my senior dog there today and everyone was so nice and they did an amazing job.  The place is so inviting and you can tell they all care about animals.  Loved our experience and will bring our dog monthly for a groom.  She has never looked better.

The Pet Spa was great for my golden.  The online appointment system was easy to navigate and the staff is super friendly.  They took great care of my dog and had him bathed, dried, and smelling great in about an hour. Highly recommend this place.

Caring and kind with excellent attention to detail

This place is so wonderful! I take my two
rescues pups here for grooming and nail trims. While we are working on behavior,
they are sometimes nervous, and I was SO impressed with the kindness of their
staff and the skills of the groomer, Melissa. It was so nice to see that the
people who work here are willing to be patient with the animals and that the
staff genuinely loves them too. I loved the heads up notice I was given for
pickup. When I arrived, my scruffy schnauzer mix looked like a show dog,
Melissa is truly talented! The attention to detail of this staff is incredible.
My dogs were so comfortable in this environment, they didn’t even notice me
walk in. I highly recommend this place. 

Kind. Respectful. Accommodating. Professional. Patient. A few examples of words I'd use to describe my experience at Barkley Square Pet Spa. My new terrier rescue is having some separation and fear anxieties causing crazy overprotective growling and they were able to use a soft muzzle to get him into the back, where once separated from me, they were able to get his hair in a shorter healthy state. I will use them again in the future, including switching over my Maltese/Yorker to their service.

Benjamin loves Barkley Square.  Upon arrival, he gets very excited and goes inside full of excitement, tail wagging and greeting everyone.  Your staff is always happy to see Benjamin and gives him ear scratches.  Melissa, the groomer, is wonderful and always makes Benjamin look handsome.  Benjamin and I so appreciate Barkley Square's non cage policy.  That policy makes the grooming experience so much more pleasant.  We are so happy we found Barkley Square.

Wonderful!  My 2 XL breed dogs were in great hands here.  Very caring and friendly staff.  Cage free environment.  I've never seen my dogs so relaxed after their baths.  Thank you!!

My pet gets excited whenever we go, so I know they treat her great. Good job on the grooming.

What a great place. I brought my 8month old golden in. This was his first experience with a groomer. The team took their time, easing him into all the different sounds (blow dryer, scissors snipping, etc). They played with him at the onset allowing him to get comfortable. When I picked him up, he was lovely-looking, and very relexed and happy. The team displayed great customer service to me and my dog. I'm so happy to have found this place.

After taking our golden retriever here for a few baths, we recently took him for a haircut.  Dropped him off and picked him up just over an hour later.  He looked great.  When we arrived, he was playing with his groomer and another dog.  Very impressed with the haircut and service.  We'll definitely continue to bring our dog here.

Very friendly staff and very patient with nervous dogs (and owners). First professional grooming for us...definitely not the last. Incredible job for a reasonable price.

Absolutely love this place! Great atmosphere and amazing staff. I have a shitzu who tends to be very nervous with new strangers. Everyone there gave her special attention, held her and she left with a pep in her step. They styled her perfectly, which can be hard considering my dog only has one eye. She received non-stop compliments thanks to her cute hair cut and bows!

The only place I trust with my furry son Griffon. Was so happy to meet both of the wonderful ladies there this morning - I appreciate you letting me bring him, he's so much happier now! 

We'll be back - as always!

I will say every time; I come here it is a pleasant experience. My dog Layla leaves with a smile and an extra wiggle in her tail I would recommend this place to the world...