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Eugene Pet Nanny

Eugene OR , 97404
United States

Tasha is my #1 go t for anytime I need...

Tasha is my #1 go to for anytime I need or anyone else needs help with their furry loved one!!!! Passion + Love + Knowledge = her work! She has come over and given Vet prescribed subcutaneous fluid to our older kitty that is in kidney failure. It was the best loving support I could ever ask for in such a tough situation. Having someone come into your home saves the stress & the trauma on you AND your pet. THANK YOU TASHA- WE LOVE YOU!!!

I've known Tasha about 10yrs

I've known Tasha about 10yrs and she is the most compassionate, and dedicated person I have ever met. You won't have to worry when Tash is caring for your pets. She's the best there is.

She is truly the best!!

She is truly the best!! She attended to each and everyone of my pet's needs and even administered sub Q fluids to my blind elderly beloved cat. She went the extra mile on him and trimmed his nails while spoiling him with a heating pad and some extras! � She gave our dogs special attention as well..... It doesn't get any better than Tasha for our pets needs!! Thanks so much for watching and taking stellar care of the fur babies and providing a worry-free vaca!!

We used Eugene Pet Nanny services on...

We used Eugene Pet Nanny services on our last family out of state trip. Tasha's services were excellent. We have 7 sweet fur babies and she did well with every one of them, from the uber social to the quiet and shy ones. We also have a diabetic cat and Tasha's medical background enabled her to not only do blood sugars, injections and special food, but also to keep pristine records of everything that happened to share with our vet as we adjusted blood sugars. What a lifesaver! What a relief to know our cats were well cared for and to come home to a clean, peaceful home on our return! I recommend Tasha at Eugene Pet Nanny for any of your pet care needs! She will quickly become like a member of your pet family!

It is a privilege to write a review for Tasha...

It is a privilege to write a review for Tasha as she launches Eugene Pet Nanny. We met Tasha soon after we arrived in Oregon. I immediately could tell that she was passionate about animals...and their owners! I needed additional help since my husband had to go out of town for a death in his family. Lucy and Shelby had never been alone and I really needed someone to come and play and walk them daily. She was great. Arrived on time, played and walked with the dogs and sent me a text during their time together. My husband and I can finally take a trip together knowing that Tasha is here. I couldn't be happier for all of us that need a hand with our children-the four legged ones. Please message me if you want any other info on our experience with Tasha!

Tasha is a very caring passionate person

Tasha is a very caring passionate person She has a ton of experience with animals I highly recommend her

Tasha is amazing for any of your pets needs...

Tasha is amazing for any of your pets needs and as a person!!