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FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers of MetroWest

251 W. Central Street, Suite 30
Natick MA , 01760

Post-Op ACL Repair

When I came to FYZICAL I had just had ACL surgery. I was (barely) walking with a brace. The doctors here have helped me get my strength back with exercises and positive encouragement. I feel today like I could run out on my last day. A very positive experience and a big thank you to all the staff!Christina

Total Knee Replacement

Coming here after 2 knee surgeries, I had high hopes for resolution of my aches and pains. Despite the limits of my age and previous issues with my ankle, I have made great strides, with more to come, I'm sure. Cheryl's kindness, talent, and positive attitude toward my progress certainly kept me from walking away and just giving up; that would have been very easy. I don't want to be tied to a cane, or worse, a walker. She has pushed me when I felt I couldn't go any further, but she was right - she does know more than I do, after all. I will be ever grateful. This was my second "excursion" with Cheryl's facility - she's the best!


I was in Florida on a fishing trip and I experienced a severe case of virtigo. After seeing my doctor it was suggested that I start PT and Dr. Cheryl was recommended. When I started PT I was very dizzy and concerned. Dr. Cheryl made me feel at ease and gave me homework excersises. After seeing her for several weeks, I feel much better. All in all I cannot say enough good things about my PT experience. Thanks!!!

Fractured Ribs and Back Pain - Car Accident

My experience here has been great! Everyone, including Lauren at the front, has been very helpful in every way. My pain has pretty much subsided in all ways. Every exercise that I started with has gotten easier along the way. I feel 100% better than the day I started, thanks to the great staff. I would highly recommend FYZICAL to anyone! Thank you all!

Rotator Cuff Tear

I was at the doctor's office and I lost my balance, falling to the floor. The nurse helped me up by pulling on my right arm. That caused pain and I went to Dr. Weitzel to see what was happening as the pain wasn't resolving. Dr. Weitzel said the rotator cuff was torn and I was sent to PT.I came back to see Dr. Cheryl for this injury. She helped me regain the range of motion and strength as well as help manage the pain. I can now reach overhead to shampoo my hair, get clothes out of the bureau and make meals. I know my strength will keep getting better and better!

Post-Op Knee Replacement

While recovering from right knee replacement surgery, I strained my hamstring and IT band. I couldn't bend my knee and it was sometimes painful to make certain movements. After coming for PT at FYZICAL for two weeks, my mobility improved to the level before the strain. After 5 weeks, I have no pain and can move in any direction - basically I have my life back.

Hip Pain

Big improvements over the course of therapy - little discomfort or pain with leg movement since beginning of sessions. Very pleased with outcome. Therapists were terrific - attention to my condition and the attention during the sessions were outstanding. Feeling ready for hip replacement surgery.The courtesy and accommodations by the office was very good and easy to work on scheduling or changing appointments.

Shin Splints

I had a great time. It really help on stretching the muscle. Before I had a hard time walking/running now it is easier to run/hurdle. After it feels great no pain.

Hip Pain and Surgery

I started with Dr. Cheryl in August for my hip and she knew right away what it was. SO she sent me to Dr. Healy for a right labrum repair. Before I couldn't hike, walk long distance, walk on the beach, and I even had to use crutches at school. I can now do those things with less pain.

Trigger Finger

I love this PT center. The doctors are great. They really care and listen to every story of limitations and pain. I had trouble closing left fist and pulling middle finger back. I have noticed an improvement with the stretching and massages they have done. There is more range of motion.

Knee Arthritis

While in the middle of a 10 mile race, my left knee suddenly did not want to run anymore. Fast forward 5 weeks of seeing the Professionals @ FYZICAL and working at home on the carefully selected exercizes, I can move freely and comfortably and am looking forward to running again! Everyone I had contact with here was kind, encouraging, and clearly very knowledgeable. Thank you!

Shoulder Pain

When I first came to PT, I had trouble with certain movements, using my shoulder. These included putting a shirt on over my head, opening my car door and using my left arm in general. Eight weeks later I have learned how to strengthen my muscles to help with my shoulder injury. I feel better physically, but more importantly, I feel more confident that I have made good progress and will continue to do so. My outlook is so much more positive! I have learned so much from the FYZICAL staff. Thank you!

Vertigo & Balance

I was quite dizzy with benign positional vertigo. The exercises I received were great. I feel much better balanced than I was prior to coming to FYZICAL. Dr. Abelow was fantastic.

Back and Knee Pain

When I 1st came here, I had pain in my back, shoulders, hips, and knees. Each time I came here I could feel myself getting stronger in those areas. After a few appointments I had little to no pain thanks to Dr. Cheryl and Dr. Alicia's help. Also Slinky and Lauren always brought a smile to my face every time I walked in. Thank you all for all your help. I can finally go through my day with no pain.


After only a week here, I have noticed a big difference. I got headaches everyday due to neck tension, and the visits alone helped loosen up my neck. Outside of the visits I have been using the exercises I was given, and so far I rarely have headaches during the day.

Shoulder and Neck Pain

I was referred to FYZICAL PT by my PCP. I was experiencing constant shoulder and neck pain when I started at FYZICAL. I was taking pain relievers every day to get by each day. After the initial assessment at FYZICAL we realized that most of my pain was being caused by my work chair being too low and the arm rests too high. After getting a new chair and adjustable height desk and with the strength exercises that the physical therapists showed me, my symptoms and pain started to go away. Today I no longer have to take pain relievers for the pain. The staff at FYZICAL was wonderful!

Shoulder Pain

When I started PT I could not get through a day or night without excruciating pain in my arm. Getting through work was difficult and sleep was impossible. The Drs. here have managed to get me back to almost normal. They gave me great ideas for things I can do at home to help and they gave me the best possible care while at my appointments. This is my 4th time coming - for various ailments over the years. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

When I first came into FYZICAL Therapy I could not jump of the ground single legged, jump or skip. I had trouble lunging and had pain in my hamstring and the back of my knee that prevented me from running, jumping, and returning to collegiate soccer. Now I am back better than ever. I can squat, squat jump without pain, lunge, kneel down on the ground, skip, and do an agility ladder. The muscle atrophy in my right leg has decreased immensely and my legs are looking so similar now! I now have leg muscles! And calf muscles as well! I feel so much more confident in my strength and my ability. I can now return to activities that a normal college student and athlete can do! My time here will be missed dearly. The staff I cannot thank enough! They made me feel welcomed and cared for!