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Kaizen Physical Therapy

3326 Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard
Durham North Carolina , 27707
United States

Hip and Low Back Pain For 15 Years

My experience with Dr. Nielsen was life changing. He gave me something no other medical professional I had worked with had, a sense of hope and empowerment. When I came to see Dr. Nielsen I was in a place of desperation and fear. I had been in a car accident 15 years ago and suffered from low back and hip pain daily. I had tried pain medications, steroid injections, and chiropractic treatments and nothing was working. I was facing the possibility of surgery and was terrified of the downward spiral that seems to happen to back surgery patients where they just end up incapacitated. Dr. Nielsen put me at ease immediately. He showed me how to strengthen my body and manage my pain. I couldn’t lift 15 lbs or ride in the car for more than 30 minutes when I came to see him. Now I can lift 90 lbs and go on rides wherever I like. I no longer have to feel like a victim of that accident all those years ago. The strangest thing happened once I lost that victim mentality and became more confident in my body’s new abilities, I became more confident in my ability to succeed in other areas of my life. I was able to go back to school to pursue a career that I had thought was unattainable because of my back issues. So thanks to Dr. Nielsen I am no longer fearful, I am fearless.

Shoulder, Back and Hip Pain Lasting For Several Years

I have been ignoring occasional shoulder, back, and hip pain for several years, but this summer it finally got to the point where I was unable to get to sleep because I couldn't get comfortable.  I decided to give physical therapy a try before anything else, figuring it might not help me, but wouldn't have any nasty side effects either.  The results exceeded my expectations.  Dr. Nielsen was patient and knowledgeable.  Within two weeks the therapy and exercises he prescribed had restored my shoulder to a pain-free state.  The hip pain took another four weeks; the back pain disappeared somewhere along the way.  I am able to sleep comfortably and have been able to start jogging, hiking, and gardening again.  Thank you Dr. Nielsen!