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Exodus Physiotherapy Pte Ltd

1187 Upper Serangoon Road #02-08 The Midtown
Singapore Singapore , 533971

During our assessment and training sessions, the physio was very helpful in finding my weaknesses and areas of improvement both for performance and also injury rehabilitation. We went through many exercises and stretches and I was always given a list of "homework" to proactively work on. He was also always helpful whenever I am unsure of exercises that I need to do and very responsive. Thank you!

got my physio handled by Joanna after my ankle ligament and bone reconstruction. She is very experience, not only thought me on getting my ankle back to full strength but also back to full mobility. Within 6 months i'm back to my usual sports.

I have been seeing Joanna with regards to my lower back problem since September 2018. I like how she always insert the whys in every movements, exercises and stretches that she prescribed to me. I got to bring back a whole lot of learnings and knowledge in every session. I learned so much! With all the sharings that she empowers, I am now pain free and am more conscious about my posture, and know how to better take care of my body. It helps too that she is friendly and easy to talk to. The condition of the clinic is fab! Clean and fully equipped. These guys know their stuff and I hope they continue to spread the greater good in the physio world for a very long time.

The physiotherapist was very detailed and accurate in assessing my condition. He was very patient and encouraging as he went through the exercises with me. His clear explanation also allayed my anxiety and was assuring. The exercises helped very much and my lower back (sharp) pain was gone in two days. Thank you very much!

I’ve undergone an ACL + Meniscus surgery about 7 months ago and my road to recovery haven’t been really smooth sailing. There were many complications post-surgery and I have also switched between 3 to 4 different physiotherapist who could not seem to assist me in getting my strength and range of motion back despite being diligent with rehab. It was until I met Song Choon, I started to get myself back on track with his endless dedication and vast wealth of knowledge. Song Choon is very patient and meticulous in his assessment of my condition. He would very often go the extra mile to ensure that he could accurately identify the root of the problem through experimentation and detailed analysis of my condition before recommending specific exercises. He would also spend time to answer my questions and importantly he doesn’t just ‘smoke’ you. Furthermore, he also consistently monitors my progression by performing a series of test at each phase of rehab and provide prompt feedback for improvement. As his client, I can attest to his passion for physiotherapy and for helping his client to get back to pre-injury state or even better, as evidenced by the professionalism he consistently displayed throughout the past months. Thank you for everything and I could not have asked for more! - Julian

our physiotherapist Joanna is really nice, they have a nice, clean center and very accomodating to my 5yo child. very approachable that kids dont feel scared doing their therapy

Song Choon is exceptional in his knowledge of physiology and injury rehabilitation. Furthermore, it is his ability to communicate and his bedside manner which is world class. Highly recommend Exodus Physiotherapy in terms of expertise, accessibility and level of service.

Song Choon is proficient at his job. He is patient in thoroughly examining the sources of my pains and the causes, and comprehensively explaining them to me after. Patently a passionate physiotherapist. I approached him regarding my Powerlifting injuries(5-month patella tendinopathy, 3-year hamstring tendinopathy). They hurt a lot. With the help of Song Choon, I was given a recovery regime which I would progress every week to help alleviate the pains. After several sessions, the pains were brought down to around 1/10. Honestly, I am taken aback. When I first came to Exodus, I was doubtful of recovering. I couldn't believe how a 3-year pain could actually subside... but it did! A reason why I chose Exodus is because of his Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach certificate, unlike many other physiotherapists out there. With that, he has a deeper understanding of my case of lifting injuries. Secondly, Exodus provides 50% off if you have a CHAS card. They do this on their own will, which is very benevolent. I was skeptical about physiotherapy, thank you for changing my mindset.

Song Choon is incredibly patient and super knowledgeable. This is the place to come and learn more about how to fix your body mechanics etc.

Joanna has been helping me recover from my knee ligament sprains. She has been v professional and effective. I felt significant improvements in terms of pain & mobility after just the first session. Also appreciated her patience in explaining my condition and the rationale behind the exercises. Will definitely recommend her if you require physio...

Recently I picked up regular running again after a long stop since my schooling days and I have been experiencing sharp, intermittent pain in my left knee after a few fairly long distance runs. Feeling slightly concerned over the on-and-off, irritating pain that I have been feeling every time I take the steps thereafter, I decided to visit Exodus Physiotherapy upon recommendation, and I was really impressed with the patience, professionalism, and enthusiasm displayed by the Physiotherapist who assessed and advised me. In her initial assessment, my Physiotherapist gave a pretty detailed, clear breakdown, in layman terms, of what could have possibly caused my pain in an attempt to help me draw relevance to my injury. She was then professional in her assessment/interviews during the root cause analysis for my possible ‘injury’. Upon having a better understanding of the situation, she patiently and professionally performed several exercises (including stretches, needling etc) to help me alleviate and resolve the pain. While the impact of the exercise (stretching and needling etc) were not immediately felt, I certainly felt more equipped in knowledge, in terms of a much better understanding about the cause of pain, and knowing the right stretches and proper postures to adopt. My knee pain subsequently subsided gradually as I continue to monitor it under the guidance of my Physiotherapist. I am glad to have visited Exodus Physiotherapy and it has been a really pleasant experience; they are definitely recommended! - GC

I had total a knee replacement about 8 weeks ago in China, the physios in china (Expats) could only get my knee to bend 60 degrees (after many therapy sessions). After only visiting Exodus twice in Houganag they have managed to get my knee to bend 75 degrees. Amazing!!! they are so professional. As soon as you arrive you know you have made the correct choice to choose exodus for treatment. Rather than have my therapy in China I have decided to wait until I’m next in Singapore to visit Exodus for my therapy . They are so so much better!! Exodus definitely worth a visit!

I tore my acl in may 2018. Going to exodus physio after my acl reconstruction, has helped me get better by a lot. And my goal is to go back to playing Basketball, and in a few more months I'll be confident enough to go back to sports with the help of exodus physio.

The care that I have received here, for post-operative physiotherapy, has been nothing short of excellent. The physiotherapists here are altruistic and affable. Highly recommended!

Recently, I hurt my back while carrying a heavy box and sought treatment at Exodus Physiotherapy. The physiotherapist was very quick to respond and I am very impressed by his dedication to his profession. He was able to accurately identify not just the problem at hand but issues that could potentially lead to more problems in future. He also provided treatment that was helpful and advised on exercises that could help with my condition. I will definitely highly recommend anyone who requires physiotherapy to Exodus Physiotherapy!

I would like to highly recommend this place for anyone having nagging muscle-related pain. My mother was having lower back pain that was not going away with time or painkillers, she was attended to by the dedicated physiotherapist here and the physio managed to identify exactly the points of weakness and the origins of the pain. After a one hour focused session, amazingly my mother was pain free by the next day! Did not expect results to be so instant, but that is just a bonus! But beyond the good results, I can see the dedication and heart of these physios who truly are passionate about seeing their patients get better. I am in the medical profession myself, and back pain can be the hardest thing to treat, effective physiotherapy is the way to go, and this place offers effective physiotherapy with a heart

I had a nagging shoulder ache and constant pain on my left arm all the way to my fingers. 4th finger felt numb on some occasions. Visited Exodus Physio and after some assessment, I realised it was my constant bad posture from nursing my newborn that led to the pain! My nerves were injured over these few weeks. I had some needles to relieve the pain, and the physio taught me some simple exercises to do at home daily. The pain has gone away now and I am more aware of my own posture whenever I nurse my newborn! Highly recommend as the physiotherapist is friendly and patient, who spends a good amount of time checking on my daily habits during assessment, which to me, is very important as it helps me be aware of myself.