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Piano Expressions by Elza

18333 Roehampton Dr
Dallas TX , 75252

Elza is a perfect consolidation of an exemplary teacher and musician. With numerous tricks up her fingers, she is able to make any song sound exquisite, while teaching her students to do the same. Her keen ear for music allows unlimited embellishments to be incorporated into the song, enhancing it infinitely.Thanks to Elza, there is a vast improvement in my piano playing. Thank you so much!!!

My son Lucas started playing piano with Ms. Elza 4 years ago. She is just a wonderful person, and a great piano teacher. Her teaching approach using Simply Music method was more than I could wish for. When Ms Elza introduced Lucas to this method I noticed that he quickly learned how to play the piano. It was truly amazing how easily he picked up the Simply Music method. Additionally, he really had fun playing it. In a most positive way, Ms. Elza was able to make Lucas want to practice every day, even when there were other distractions. Ms. Elza’s encouragement and inspiration is the reason why my son Lucas is still playing today. She is a very professional and dedicated piano teacher that brought the best out of my son. He enjoys playing music because of her and the Simply Music method. I strongly recommend this wonderful piano teacher!

Testimonial #3

My 10 year old has been taking lessons from Elza for 3 months now, I couldn't be more delighted with his progresss!

Testimonial #2 Best piano lesson

I have two children who take lessons with Ms. Elza. My older child took traditional piano lessons before finding the Australian method. She did well with it, but I wanted my younger child to also begin taking lessons. When we found Ms. Elza, my younger child was not yet diagnosed with dyslexia. And by a happy coincidence, the Australian method helped my younger child learn playing the piano in a more natural way. The traditional method would have made learning for him more difficult and frustrating. Now, he also plays percussion in the school band. His lessons with Ms. Elza has helped in him other aspects of his growth development. Ms. Elza is a wonderful teacher. She is patient and at the same time, strict. Watching them take lessons, I am always amazed with Ms. Elza's musical abilities. She hears the subtle nuances of their playing and corrects them without seeing the music. It is a pleasure to watch her fingers touch the piano keys like they have a mind of their own when she demonstrates how to play their music. I highly recommend Ms. Elza to anyone at different ages and stages of learning ability.

Innovative piano lessons!

My son, 8 yo is taking piano lessons from Ms Elza. After 5 months we are totally delighted and amazed with the result. He used to follow classical method with different teacher but we felt that he was not engaged and simply didn’t enjoy it. With Ms. Elza we have totally different experience and we can clearly see that our son likes it a lot.
By now he can play different styles including classical, jazz, contemporary pieces. Overall he can play around 20 different substantial melodies by memory.
The pattern ideas of introducing blues led him understand music very easily. He also loves the wide variety of songs from classic to modern styles.
Ms. Elza has done a phenomenal job with him.
We can't be grateful enough to her and we highly recommend her services as well as the method she is following which makes piano lessons so fun and easy.