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1150 SW 27TH AVE

First time I ever used Amys plumbing, they were fast , courteous, extremely nice and did a great job, I highly recommend their services.

Minor repair to main water line

This repair was the first time I hired Amy's Plumbing. My experience was awesome and the repair was completed to my satisfaction and the workmanship was very professional. The two service techs (Derrick & Arthur) were friendly and a pleasure to have working on my plumbing. In case I ever need plumbing work in the future, I will definitely use Amy's Plumbing again! I recommend this company.

Ken came to our house and fixed our plumbing issues. He was prompt and very thorough.

a helping hand...

This is a very important story. As we mentioned on Saturday, we needed a plumber to come and take a look at our toilets . One of our FB Friends mentioned Amy's Plumbing Corp as a potential company to help. Now asking for services to be performed as a donation is a little scary, as everyone has bills to pay. But as you all know, we don't have an option. I checked out the company and there is nothing but AMAZING reviews. I decided to send an email to Amy's explaining who we are, what we do, and what we need. Literally within 5 minutes, I received an email back with the first sentence stating "I would be happy to help you, as I LOVE ANIMALS and think what you are doing is great". How amazing is that?! I mentioned it wasn't a rush, get to us whenever you have time, we will work around your schedule, etc. and was told that it was really no problem and they were headed to the SNC shortly. Thirty minutes later, the service technician showed up...and guess who it was...AMY herself! Talk about dedication. The owner came personally to help us out. There is obviously a reason why they are rated 4.9 out of 5! Not only was Amy able to fix our problems within a very short time, but she was so sweet and charming and totally happy to help us out. Amy's Plumbing Corp is located in Ft. Lauderdale and services Broward County. They may service Palm Beach County, but you would have to check with them. If anyone needs any sort of plumbing help, do not hesitate to contact Amy's. They clearly care about helping people (and animals). Their wonderful reviews prove that! We can't thank Amy enough!!! Her helping us, ultimately helps the wildlife we care for 💖

Found horrible leak

We had a leak in our condo that the association and their plumbers were saying was from my sink and not their issue, but, Amy's came out and was able to find the break was on the common line and not from my sink after all. I would highly recommend Amy's plumbing and would definitely call them in the future if I need a GOOD plumber

Thank you for above and beyond!

Thank you for not only fixing all our plumbing issues (caused by builder or former repair person), but teaching us how to prevent these in the future. Ken was wonderfully kind, patient, thorough, professional, efficient, and effective, we appreciate his coming to help us on a holiday and doing a fantastic job. We finally found a plumber we can trust. Thank you!


I called them at 11pm with a stoppage that couldn't wait because of the kids and my elderly father. I tried to call a couple other companies that said they were a 24/hr a day company but I got no response, Amy answered the phone and was pleasant to deal with she quoted me a firm price and said she would be on her way

talk about a happy new year

~STOP LOOKING ~ She's the real deal! New Years Eve, a day away ~ It's after Christmas & I'm broke! Then My kitchen pipe splits in the wall! Flood, OMG help! She calmed me down on the phone, assured me it would be ok, She kept her promise! I know I saved a ton of money that another company would have overcharged especially for the holiday urgent need to resolve. Amy's is more than fair and affordable, which allowed me to tip them generously and that made me feel Grrreat!
A true blessing it is that I found Amy's Plumbing! She is a Skilled Plumber ~ an Architect in her Profession ~ Quality work in a Timely Manner! Not only was my plumbing problem fixed quickly and efficiently ~ I have peace of mind knowing Amy will come to my rescue if ever I need them again! Her work ethic is impeccable ~ She "CARES" and the service is "TRUSTWORTHY" ! Thank you Amy & Happy New Year ~ Thanks to you!!