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1900 Jefferson Street

They cared about me and my business

When we first met Preferred Merchants we had no intention of switching processors, but when we started having problems with our processor and couldn't get any help we decided to call Preferred Merchants. They were so great. They helped us even though we weren't one of their clients. I'd recommend them to our friends.

Saved me a ton on my processing.

I get the calls every day promising to save me money on my credit card processing but these guys delivered.

Finally a local company that's honest.

Our old processor promised to match any competitors rate or waive our termination fee, but when we showed them the rates from Preferred Merchants they said they couldn't even match the rate. So glad we switched.

Great people

The people at Preferred Merchants have been so nice. Whenever I call them they are always eager to help and go the extra mile to make sure my needs are taken care of. Good jobs you guys.

Finally got a Fleet account

My repair shop was fortunate to win a government fleet contract, but we had a terrible time trying to find a processor that could give us access to Fleet without gouging us. I was so surprised when we found Preferred Merchants and they were able to get us set up on their wholesale plan with Fleet. It's great !

Love our new POS

Our deli has been using a cash register since we opened. When Preferred Merchants came in and offered us a new POS system, we were reluctant but now that we're using it I'm so happy we did it. Thank you guys.

Finally !

In the last year I've been with 3 processors and each was worst than the last. I feel foolish because each of them suckered me into leasing equipment. What a scam. So last week my current processor cancelled my account because I refused to pay the lease and I had no way to take payments. Luckily I was referred to Preferred Merchants. They came out the same day and had me processing that day! And they gave me a free terminal. I'm so happy.

Works just like they said.

We've had so many other processors, but Preferred Merchants is different that any we've used. Their staff has been so helpful and attentive, we love it.

I'm getting my money the next day

As a small business, we're always trying to find ways to get our money quicker. Until I met Preferred Merchants it would take 2 or 3 days to get our money, and American Express was even worse. Now we get all our money, even American Express, the next day. Thank you.

Great service

I was with the same processor for over 10 years and had what I thought was a friendship with the agent. When I met Preferred Merchants they said they could save me over 25% on my bill, but I didn't believe it because I thought my "friend" was taking care of me. I made the switch and the savings is just as they said.

I love my mobile swiper

As a mobile repair company we needed to take payments while we are in front of the customer. The Preferred Merchants mobile processing has been exactly what we needed. It even gives us the ability to track clients and inventory and send receipt by email. So cool.