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time: bump & beyond

I'm now ready to embrace birth.

I had an amazing massage with Terri on Thursday and it really made me feel relaxed and ready to embrace birth. Terri is very knowledgeable, speaks slowly and ensures you understand everything. She made me feel comfortable, I would highly recommend her. Thanks so much xx

Most relaxed I've ever felt

I met Terri at a Mothercare event and had been looking for a good pregnancy massage. I am very fussy with massage and I train a lot so have plenty of knots. Terri was amazing! She paid attention to all the areas that really needed working into, she helped me to fully relax with a breathing technique and made me feel super comfortable. It's the most relaxed I've ever felt after a massage and I will definitely be going back. I also got lots of extra tips for throughout my pregnancy and birth which was a bonus! Highly recommended!!

Friendly, Cozy, Informative and Inspiring

I was honoured to be chosen by a friend to accompany her to the Hypnobirthing course with Time Bump & Beyond. From the minute we arrived for our sessions Terri put us at ease and made us feel so welcome. 
The room was so cosy and really calming with the beautiful fragrance of aromatherapy oils and a roaring fire warming the room. The sessions were broken down into easy-to-listen-to and take in sections. The resources Terri provides are top quality and she delivers the sessions with absolute professionalism but retains the warmth and kindness of a good friend. The way Terri teaches is inspiring, with so much positivity and passion. The new skills have led to a heightened sense of enlightenment and this will certainly change the course of my friends birthing experience and actually the way my friend will go forward as a new mother. 
I for one feel so empowered to support my friend and be an excellent birthing partner. Thank you so much, Terri, for the knowledge you have provided and thank you, Kate ,for choosing me to be there with you, to watch you grow with confidence has been so inspiring. 
I wish Terri every success and I would recommend the hypnobirthing course to anyone (not just birthing partners) supporting a pregnant mamma.

Amazing Hypnobirthing Course

I attended the amazing Hypnobirthing course this weekend. 
Admittedly being a bit naive, I assumed when I went into labour the midwives would just tell me what to do and I’d just go along with everything. After attending the course I realised everything is totally up to me and how being in control will make for a much easier delivery.

Terri taught me so much about how understanding your body and what it’s doing makes for such a better birth and how you can use your mind to control your body.

I feel so much more prepared, and able to make choices on what I want. I’ve realised the fear of birth is not needed, because really it was a fear of the unknown. Big thanks to Terri, and if there’s any other expectant mums out there, I’d really recommend this course x

Perfect gift for mum-to-be

I had the Bloom & Blossom pregnancy heroes kit shipped to a friend in Ireland as a gift, arrived within two weeks as promised and they were delighted with the set. Reports back are the products feel and smell amazing! Perfect gift for mums to be.

Terri is a fountain of knowledge

I had my massage with Terri a few days ago. I'm in my third trimester, so I'm extremely achy and very sensitive. I was amazed by how Terri knew the correct amount of pressure to apply. Terri made me so comfortable. Terri is a fountain of knowledge and delivers a really outstanding service. She is such a kind, warm and friendly lady. I would highly recommend Terri. Hands down, best experience

100% Recommended

I came into the salon on Tuesday for a pregnancy massage as a surprise from my bf. I am 34 weeks pregnant & have been experiencing a lot of lower back and leg pain throughout my pregnancy, so this pregnancy massage was absolutely perfect! 
Terri has so much experience with pregnancy and caesareans, as well as massage techniques. I've not had any pain since. I 100% recommend this service!

Excellent Customer Service

I recently bought a massage as a gift my sister in law. Excellent customer service and fantastic massage!! Very professional and friendly all at the same time

Fabulous Pregnancy Massage!

What a fabulous massage I had his evening. Terri explained everything she would do and why, helping me understand more about our bodies whilst pregnant. I feel fully relaxed and calm and did throughout the whole session. Terri is knowledgable and lovely so made the whole experience calm, chilled and relaxing!
Thank you very much!

The massage was exquisite!

I've been struggling with things through my pregnancy and Terri at 'Time' was recommended to me for a pregnancy massage.  I went this morning and all I can say is Thank you! The massage was exquisite, but not only that, Terri gave me advice and made me feel relaxed and important.  
Highly recommended xx

Can't wait for my next appointment

I had the most amazing pregnancy massage today with Terri. Her knowledge and explanation of the massage were outstanding, as was her care and understanding. I simply floated afterwards.
Can't wait for my next appointment!
Thank you x

Best massage I've ever had!

I’ve just been to see Terri for a pregnancy massage, hands down it was the best massage I’ve ever had. She’s a very skilled and experienced masseuse and has all the knowledge of how pregnancy changes our bodies and how massage can support us to grow healthy babies. It’s unusual to find someone with expertise in both areas so I instantly felt at ease. If all that wasn’t enough, she’s a really nice lady too. I’ll definitely be back for more and will be signing up to the hypo birthing classes.

My Rock!

Terri was my absolute rock when it came to breastfeeding. Not only did she encourage and lift my spirits when I was feeling down and alone, she was also my guru on the positioning of the baby, how to increase milk supply, nipple creams and much more. I couldn’t have carried on breastfeeding for as long as I did without Terri’s constant support and telling me what an amazing job I was doing.

Terri is a wealth of knowledge

Any of my pregnant or soon to be pregnant friends, don't while away your pregnancy using social media groups, on apps or googling everything and anything about your little bean... it won't prepare you  Take time to prepare, to feel better and to look after yourself... enjoy it! Take a look at this page, mark it for later or whatever... Honestly, Terri's a wealth of knowledge and able to offer bespoke, qualified care throughout pregnancy and in the early haze of new born 'bliss' x

A true professional

Terri is a true pro with a real warmth in the way she works. She is a dear friend and always focused on achieving whatever she sets out to do. Innovative and determined I find her to have always been a great source of inspiration!

Endless support and understanding through my pregnancy

Time supported me endlessly during pregnancy and throughout my feeding journey with my little one. Some may say I'm a little bit of a worrier, so I knew I had to get this pregnancy malarkey sussed in my head, so I could stay positive. Terri was so knowledgable and with the use of her hypnobirthing advice, gave me the skills to stay positive and focussed during my labour. I was so overwhelmed by the amount information and conflicting advice you get given during pregnancy. Terri always gave great advice and the pros/cons for each treatment, this empowered me to make my own decisions. She gave evidence based advice on everything from growing pains, stretch marks right down to essential oils and pregnancy massages.

Breastfeeding wasn't an easy journey for myself to begin with. I very nearly gave up before I even left hospital. Terri supported me at a low point where I felt like I was failing my son. I never felt like I was being judged, she gave practical and easy advice in such a positive way that made me feel like I could carry on. Great advice was given on skin to skin, eating the right foods, milk production, correct positioning of baby and myself and different feeding positions.

I could write reems and reems but the main point is that Terri was absolutely amazing during pregnancy and way way beyond and I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you so much TIME x x