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Primal Fix Health & Wellness

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North Charleston SC , 29419

A Busy Mom

As a busy wife, mom of 2 young boys, and a 60 hour a week employee, my life tends to revolve around everyone else. Working with Tom and choosing the Primal lifestyle, I actually did something for myself for once. Tom gave me all the materials I needed, checked in every week on my progress, and provided tons of encouragement. Tom never criticized my actions and always offered healthy options to replace my prior bad decisions with food. He understood how much of an undertaking this decision was, and the challenges faced from outside influences because he has been there himself. I couldn't have been given a better coach and I am forever grateful for his help. I have been doing Primal for about 4 months and I've lost over 34 lbs, but more importantly I feel better physically and mentally. I feel like a better person.

Primal Shout Out

I just want to give a shout out to Tommy for helping me get my eating and diet back in shape. Not one method fits all, and I’ve found that Primal eating is the best fit for me. Tommy is a Primal coach, and I’ve seen the positive results he had, and I’m having very good results myself. I feel better, have more energy, and my conditioning and workouts are benefiting too! Not only do I get good nutritional advice, but also tons of information and positive reinforcement from Tommy every week! If you’re looking for someone to help you get and stay on track to a healthy weight and lifestyle, talk to Tommy!

He Had Me At Bacon

Coming from someone who has been on a diet since they were 12-years old, I can honestly say following the Primal Fix plan has been the easiest, most rewarding health change I have ever made. When people have noticed my weight loss and ask what diet I’m on, I now say “it’s not a diet, it’s just how I live.” I use to be so naive about what I put in my body and was really hesitant to give up certain foods that have been hammered into me as “healthy” all my life. Tommy really helped me understand how certain foods affect my body and brain. Once I started following his advice, the weight started dropping off, my physicals were getting gold stars from my doctor and my thoughts and feelings were much more positive. I love how involved Tommy is in the entire process. He’s encouraging and is constantly sharing his knowledge on how to make improvements to all faucets of your life. Of course, he did have me at “you can definitely have bacon.” I would highly recommend this program and Tommy as a coach!