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Prisoner Rescue Group


I recently made my Merit Board for Parole. I had already accepted the fact that I was not going to be approved. Then I was introduced to PhilipTeplen by a friend of mine who had just made Parole. Just make the call, I did. After speaking with Philip I realized I Could do it with his guidance and coaching . The best choice for preparing for your Board! The coaching was unbelievable, and is why I made my Board. Would have responded all the wrong ways. Thank You Prisoner Rescue!


I recently told 2 friends about Prisoner Rescue. Both of them were doubtful that they would make their merit board. Phil Teplen helped them prepare a detailed inmate statement, coached them through the whole process and performed a mock interview. They both got approved! Phil is the man! Don’t just listen to your counselor at the jail. Listen to Phil.


I recently worked with Philip Teplen on a successful effort to obtain an early release parole. I am very impressed with Mr. Teplen's professionalism and his knowledge of the system. There is no doubt that Philip Teplen was instrumental in gaining a release for this family friend.


Philip’s knowledge and professionalism was extraordinarily helpful in my successful Parole Board appearance. I could always rely upon obtaining his prompt thoughtful help. I hugely recommend Prisoner Rescue.