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Hopkins Education Services

Denver Colorado , 80013
United States

A Big Thank You

My daughter and I have been working with Hopkins Education Services for a few years and the team has been great. Recently, my daughter transitioned to high school and we began working with Stephanie. Stephanie has been a tremendous help. My daughter is thriving and it's because of Stephanie!

The 'Special Sauce" in Hopkins

Over the years we have worked with a number of very qualified tutors (retired and active teachers, paraprofessionals, educational specialists, etc.) to help our son with his AD and keeping up with schoolwork. While all were helpful, we finally found the “special sauce” in Hopkins Education Services. Our son has worked extensively with both Corey and Liz and as a result we have seen advancement in his studies and test results. However, perhaps more importantly, we have seen more pride in his work, reduced anxiety and more focus. We believe this is largely due to the unique mindfulness lessons Hopkins uses to empower kids to better understand their emotions around learning. Corey and Liz ask our son probing questions to help better know him and his fears and challenges, as well as helping him identify his strengths and interests. This balanced approach thusly sets the stage for improved learning in a calm state of mutual understanding. Our son has become more empowered working with Hopkins and can now do work more independently without extensive frustration. As parents, we are extremely grateful to have found Hopkins Education Services, not only because the tutors teach skills to address current academic tasks, but because they provide a framework for life-long understanding of learning and how to work through its challenges. The weekly notes that Corey and Liz send summarizing what was discussed and worked on during the tutoring sessions are extremely helpful and detailed. As a result, we feel “on the same page” with what the tutors are doing and are keenly aware of what our son is working on and how he is feeling on a daily basis. Corey and Liz also take a proactive approach to keeping in touch with our son’s teachers. They know what lessons are forthcoming in school and plan their sessions with our son accordingly so he is prepared. Not only do we recommend Hopkins, but we would be happy to discuss parent-to-parent. - P. Wolfe

A Fantastic Job!

Corey has done a fantastic job with my son. He started by working with him on techniques for relaxing and breathing to eliminate fears and help calm him and get him in the best place he could be, mentally, for learning. This foundational work and the subsequent work that Corey did working with him on reading and writing has transformed my boy into a much more articulate communicator in his writing and speaking. I'm now seeing this new love of reading in my son. We are so excited to see where he's going. Corey comes to us - he's done visits at both our house and at the elementary school our son attends. He's very flexible and easy to work with. My son loves his time with Mr. Corey. Thanks for all you do, Corey and Elizabeth!!!

We got so much more!

Liz has tutored our 7th grade daughter for a little over a year. I thought we were getting a writing tutor but we got so much more. Liz took the time to get to know my daughter before diving into the hard stuff. Consequently, my daughter was more engaged and willing to work. She has greatly helped my daughter create good work habits and helped her through difficult assignments. Liz also works with my husband and I so that all 3 of us can be on the same page with my daughter. My daughter doesn't always like that but we do! My daughter's confidence and competence at being a student has dramatically risen. I highly recommend Liz without reservation.

Excellent in many respects

My daughter has been working with Corey since the start of this school year. She has ADHD and developmental delay. He has been excellent in many respects. First, he is pro-active about meeting with her current school teachers and developing a plan that complements that of her school and IEP. He also continues to adapt his plan accordingly. Second, he is prompt with communication and with updates and concerns. It is easy to reach him by email and phone. Third, he provides a mindfulness component that addressed my daughter as a person rather beyond the homework tasks. Overall, I highly recommend Corey as a professional with deep understanding of the school system and a true dedication to working effectively with children who have educational challenges.

Insightful Tutors

Corey is very professional and brings much insight to both his tutoring approach and in sharing how we as parents can be helpful and a part of the learning process. It's been very helpful to our own children's growth and we've seen much improvement in a short period of time. Also our kids truly enjoy their time spent with Corey - they feel he's made them more confident in their learning ability and their school work challenges.

A Lifesaver in time of crisis!

Hopkins Education Services was a lifesaver in a time of crisis! Our middle schooler son, who is very high functioning on the spectrum, was struggling in school. He put a lot of pressure on himself to get good grades, but because of his autism and his concrete thinking, it took longer for him to process the material. The school demands were too great. He shut down and refused to go to school, altogether. Corey's approach to learning, using mindfulness, has worked miracles. Our son is back in school full time (we changed schools) and has the tools to do well. We continue to use Corey for tutoring as he has a unique insight into how kids on the spectrum learn.

Compassion - Respect - Skill

Corey and Liz Hopkins have a vested interest in the success of our son which for us is priceless.  Whether it's mindfulness with Corey or tutoring with Liz  together they collaborate and develop an individualized and targeted plan that ensures growth.  They carry out the plan with compassion, respect and skill.  Because Corey and Liz have taken the time to really understand our son and the challenges he faces they are invaluable when it comes to advocating for him at school.  Corey and Liz are a win win!!

Amazed by their progress!

Our 5 and 7 year old have been working with Liz and Corey for about 8 months, and we are amazed by their progress. Both boys are on the ASD spectrum, and have been working on focus, anxiety, academics, and fine motor skills. There has been tangible improvement in all areas- both boys use mindfulness strategies at home, school, and in social situations. The mindfulness curriculum resonates and stays with them, and simple phrases and strategies help them cope with challenging situations. Math used to be almost impossible, and is now our 7 year old's best subject, and we are tackling reading next. Their handwriting is also much improved! The boys look forward to tutoring every week! I can't say enough great things about Corey and Liz!