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Paul Premack, The Premack Law Office

8031 Broadway
San Antonio Texas , 78209
United States

Who ever thought you could enjoy working with a Lawyer?!

We enjoy working with Attorney Paul Premack and his office staff! Sometimes we did not like what he said - but we needed to hear it. 
Thank you again for all of the expert and kind legal help you have extended our family over so many years. 


My parents thought the world of Paul Premack.

Mr. Premack wrote a Living Trust for my parents. My daddy died in 2017 and my family and I were able to use Premack's Living Trust and figure out to do things by ourselves. My mommy died in 2019. Between my family and I we can use the Living Trust ourselves. Thank you.

I feel so much lighter after working with Paul Premack

I have been working with Paul Premack for years. My life changes. Sometimes family issues get heavy. Premack helps me put the heavy issues in perspective and helps to update my legal documents to make me feel lighter. Bruce G.

Premack is worth what he charges.

Ok. I am new to working with Paul Premack. When my 1st parent died, I went to a less expensive attorney. Two years later, when my 2nd parent died, that 1st attorney was still charging me and had not completed the 1st probate.
I searched and asked around and found Paul Premack to do the probate of my 2nd parent. He charged me a flat rate. He cost more than the 1st attorney but his expertise was worth it. He had me in front of the Judge within a month and had all the legal work done within a few months. He would not help me with the mess from my first parent's probate. But I am so glad he helped me with the 2nd probate. I hired him to do my own estate planning. It is so nice to work with a caring lawyer and his caring office staff. 
I even liked that they use voice mail. I know when I get the return call they will be prepared and I will get 100% of their attention.  

Paul Premack stands out from other attorneys

Recently, I was searching for an attorney to help my wife and I prepare a will and get our estate together. I found Attorney Paul Premack, who I felt stood out from all the other attorneys. He was not only a highly rated and well known local attorney, but he has also been nationally recognized for several years. What moved me the most was that, from my research, he seemed to be an advocate for the elderly for most of his career. As a senior citizen, I was very comfortable that I had found the right attorney for us.

Best office of lawyers in town

I have worked with your office for years. I have worked with other attorneys. Everything from the phone calls to the greeting at the door, to the way the attorney works with me is amazing. I am amazed. He is the best lawyer in town for the type of work you do.

Special Attention

I came to Mr. Premack with the knowledge just that I needed more than a straight will. He walked me through living trust, living will, medical Powers of attorney, durable power of attorney, the will itself and other documents that would be necessary towards the end of my life and for my children. He even helped with no hesitation the addition of a special bequest just in case I wasn't able to make it to a certain period in my children's life. With his help I know that my family will be well cared for if something happens.

Letter of Recommendation

This letter is to recommend Paul Premack to anyone who is seeking professional Estate Planning. I felt very comfortable with him, because he was meticulous and patient with my several questions. He has an outstanding experience and knowledge in every aspect of Estate Planning. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul Premack for your legal advice concerning your Estate Planning. 

Top notch legal assistance

Mr. Premack has been fantastic to work with during a stressful time for my family. He is clearly the best attorney I have ever worked with; very patient, professional, and helped us in record time to replace parental wills, POAs, etc. I highly recommend him if you need assistance or just have questions on elder law or estate planning. I will return to him as the “go-to” attorney in this field, His office manager is also extremely professional and kind. Thank you for all your help, my family is most grateful. 


Paul Premack is an exceptional attorney. He helped us update my mother-in-law's will and more. The knowledge he has is incredible! I highly recommend him for your senior planning needs!!

Last Will and Testament

Paul Premack did a thorough and profession job transposing our wishes into a Last Will and Testament. He explained each provision and reviewed the document before having the signatures witnessed. During this process, he was personable and friendly -- an important component when discussing personal matters.

Top Tier Legal Services

The Premack's provided a fully satisfying experience from beginning to end. Their offices are secure and the atmosphere set by Ruthie is inviting and comforting. Her in-depth knowledge of their services indicate she and Paul are clearly aligned with their knowledge, and applications of the law with respect to not only elder care law, but general law as well. They collect the details of your needs prior to meeting to ensure your time with them is fully utilized to achieve the tasks at hand and they are punctual meeting set appointments and timelines for delivery of legal services. Paul displays a level of meticulous attention to detail that is unsurpassed. We needed several legal orders executed quickly to include general power of attorney, medical power of attorney, medical directive (formerly living will), last will and testament, and legal guardianship for my Mother and each was executed to perfection. They will even ensure your pets (by name) are included in your estate if you desire. The detailed explanation by line item for each document executed was thorough and at an understandable level so no one left wondering, "What the heck did we just sign?" Follow-up post provision of services again ensured we were comfortable and knew what we needed to do next. I provide my strongest personal positive endorsement of their services. 

Quality Estate Planning, Reasonable Prices

My husband and I always encounter two comforting situations upon entering Paul Premack's office. Ruthie Premack, Paul's wife, is a very warm, friendly and genuinely positive person who greets us on our arrival. She invites us to sit in the very comfortable and inviting waiting room which makes my husband and me feel like we are visiting a neighbor's home. More often than not, I'm disappointed that Paul is so punctual. I enjoy Ruthie's uplifting personality and would like to visit with her longer.

What I find unusual is that Paul comes out to the waiting room to greet us. He addresses each of us by name and then escorts us to his office. My first impression is always, what a neat, organized and clean desk. Not cluttered with legal papers, awards and pictures. As business is conducted, Paul may mention my deceased family members by name. They were the reason my husband and I originally consulted with and hired Paul as our estate attorney over 12 years ago.

We always have the impression that we are Paul's only clients. He takes a very personal interest in our legal welfare and always gives advice based on the most current legal statutes. He knows his stuff, translates it into language we can understand and patiently answers all of our questions. All costs are discussed up front. After reviewing our case, Paul outlined how much it would cost to complete the necessary documents along with his consultation fee. He listed and reviewed the specific work required to revise and update our estate documents. We were pleasantly surprised at the cost of his legal services. It is evident that Paul is more concerned about offering quality estate planning at a reasonable price than refurnishing his office.

In the past 12 years of our client-attorney relationship, my husband and I have always left Paul's office feeling secure in knowing that our estate planning is up to date and will survive frivolous legal challenges upon our incapacitation or death.

Once I went to probate court with Paul representing me as my attorney. It was an honor to have him as my counselor. I could tell by the way the judge related to him that he is a highly respected attorney. Paul and Ruthie are not only warm and friendly but knowledgeable, efficient and highly ethical. My husband and I recommend their services without hesitation or reservation.  

Estate Planning and Elder Law

Paul Premack has been my family's legal advisor and estate planner for several years. He answers all of our questions and broaches further topics relevant to our evolving financial status, age, and physical and mental health. He always ensures that our legal documents are appropriate and current. His manner is consistently professional and patient. The office itself is comfortable and secure rather than intimidating and is most ably run by Office Manager Ruthie Premack. < br/> Mr. Premack’s experience and knowledge are well-known as evidenced by his book, The Senior Texan Legal Guide, his column in the San Antonio Express News, and his speeches/presentations. We had the privilege of attending one of his presentations at a local community; it was truly informative and extremely well received. It was a talk that not surprisingly prompted a lengthy, lively Q&A period. We plan to continue seeking counsel and guidance from Mr. Premack for the foreseeable future. We would recommend him to anyone in search of an excellent professional in elder law. 

Family Estate Plan Updates

Paul Premack's review of and update recommendations for our estate plan were positive and professional. He listened to every detail we presented and then followed with clear and concise guidance for what we needed to do to satisfy our plan goals. Just a few days after the initial consult, our revised documents were ready for signatures. At that meeting, we were impressed with Paul's personal attention to every written detail. His knowledge and presentation style left us comfortable and confident that we had selected the right attorney. Also, Paul's home-like office environment added to our overall satisfying experience. Further, the office manager's personal attention to our comfort needs was definitely appreciated. To add to our already great experience, as we prepared to leave the office, we were advised that the Paul Premack Law Office had made a donation for a tree to be planted in our name at a habitat protection project--nice touch! Well done Paul Premack Law Office, and thank you. 

Elder Law, Estate Planning

I found out about Paul Premack doing a search for elder law + trusts. In there I found his writings on elder law and trusts in which he writes a column for the San Antonio Express News. I chose him as my attorney because I felt I knew him after reading his columns and purchasing his book, The Senor Texan Legal Guide Texas Elder Law. He is highly experienced and did very well in communicating with me without making me feel inferior. He explained and cleared up my confusion on certain terms. I was very comfortable in his office and his business manager built a rapport with me. It is all about building a relationship with clients. I would definitely recommend this high caliber, knowledgeable and experienced attorney. I rate Mr. Premack as a 5 STAR (Excellent) 

Excerpts from "Nice Things People Say" "My husband really understands his documents."

12/3/15 “Mr. Premack: You are a very patient man” “My husband really understands his documents” Thank you. MCH
12/3/15 Paul Premack: I just wanted to call to thank you for helping with my mother’s legal documents through her life; and for your work for us after she passed. it was very helpful. AC
12/2/2015 “It is always a pleasure to come to your office and to work with Paul as our attorney, and with you. Even in the worst of times, it is a pleasure to work with you both.” BB & JB
12/2/15 Said, I have been so happy working with Paul Premack over the years. He came highly recommended years ago. I am so glad you are not retiring. I look forward to working together for years to come. BL
12/1/15 I am moving to San Antonio. I need to update my estate planning. I did my research. I was given the names of 2 attorneys in San Antonio. I wanted a CELA, I wanted experience. I wanted expertise. I wanted my attorney to know the answers to unexpected questions. I wanted my attorney to be up to date on all laws pertaining to estate planning. I wanted to be able to understand my attorney and the documents I buy from him. I bought books. Paul Premack’s were the most comprehensive and clear. I read on the net, found his articles in the San Antonio Express-News and saw how he could clearly answer the questions of many types of people. After weeks, maybe months, of searching I decided to work with Paul Premack. Best decision. LD
12/1/15 Your office is so comfortable. Inviting. Pleasant. Not at all like a law office. I feel like I am at home with the interior design and the art. LD

Excerpts from "Nice Things People Say" Archive "I met with Paul Premack, all my stress is gone!"

Here are more excerpts I had time to record:
11/10/15 You and your office are very nice and courteous and very helpful. Paul told me things I did not want to hear. But he and they helped me. NW
11-10-15 She is coming to the appointment with her parents and asked if i was Mrs. Premack? When I said I was, she said she had looked at the website, before calling, and was impressed by what i had done, the awards, and what I continue to do. She said It was obvious, to her, that I was not just "the wife" but instead, right up there in the office team, and integral part of it. KC
11-3-2015 It is a pleasure working with you and Paul! CM & VM
10/22/15 You and Paul have been a great help! NM
9/1/15 Thank you for being so organized. I feel so good. HWH
9/1/15 “Oh, my life is so busy and I have been taking calls all morning. It was so helpful to have the “target time” for your return call. Excellent idea. Your office is very organized. I was able to stay off the phone and accept your call. Thank you” SP
8/26/15 I wanted to write you a note, but decided to talk on the phone to tell you everything Mr. Premack wrote for us is rocking along smoothly. Our daughters are very happy with his work. Working with you both was delightful. We enjoyed it all! Who expects to say that about their lawyer?! SS for S&FS
8/10/15 when making their appointment He said: wow, thank you for all the information. you covered everything I did not even know I needed to know to make the appointment. Outstanding. BK
8/4/15 Oh! I was under so much stress. Now, that I have met with Paul Premack, all my stress is gone! I feel so much better! PDM