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Life Consultant International

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Honolulu Hawaii , 96825

I am reunited with my family

Very thankful to life Consultant team. Finally I was able to meet my long separated family after 15 years. Thank you very much for finding them and counselings


小さい時から、両親から虐待されてました。 毎日怖かったですが、それが普通なんだと思っていました。ここの他の人の感想を見て、友達が教えてくれました。緻密な計画を立ててもらって無事安全に脱出できました。初めて自分で決断したり、戸惑うことが多いですが、日々の虐待から自由になれて幸せです。


東日本大震災の後、子供への影響を考え、日本以外の他の国に移住を考え始めました。オーストラリアかハワイを希望し、最終的にハワイに移住できるようにサポートしていただきました。今は家族でビジネスをし、念願のハワイで暮らしています。 ありがとうございました。 (4つ星なのは、アメリカ政府の手続きが思ったよりも長かったからです。)

No more medications for me.

I had a depression for past few years. I saw this website and I took a chance. Make long story short, no longer need meds and totally feel free from worries because I now have someone helps me when I need.

Thank you very much

I received help from Mr. stone for my mother. She took a lot of medicine before her health manage sessions. She was very sick from medicine affect and she needed very much help. She received sessions in Hawaii location. She became less taking medicine and her diabetes condition became better. First we thought it was expensive but if she keep going see doctor and hospital, it cost a lot more and less result or eventually she cut her toe. She didn't need doctor help and now she eat healthy organic food. She is happy now. She can see my new baby coming soon. Thank you very much.

You are the man!

Thanks for your help.  Now I know why I couldn't keep any of my jobs longer.

Great consultation on the phone. I will use those tips you gave me to look for a job.

Once again, thanks a lot!

Thank you very much.

Sorry I write Japanese. まず、実名を出すにはリスクを伴いますので、山田花子とさせていただきます。



You literally saved me and my children's lives.

Thank you so very much. I was suffered from my husband's abuse for years. I didn't have courage to leave him. He started to be more violent and when he threw my 4 year old son, it was time I seriously needed help to save my children as well as myself. People thought we were a perfect couple who has everything-financial freedom, great jobs... but the reality was far from the image. I used my work computer to contact you at first so my husband can't find out I  was seeking for a help.  Anyway, now I live in a new city with my 2 children in a very safe place. You guys really gave us a fresh start and second life!  Really appreciate. God bless you!

Thank you for your help!!!!!!

Just wanted to thank you for all your help. I feel like it was real transformation for me, and my husband made a real effort too!  We now connect each other other in deeper level.  Thank you very much for brightening our family!!!!!

My aunt's health improved!!

Lifeconsultant helped my aunt who stayed on her bed over a year. Doctors couldn't find out what was wrong with her. After 2 months with their alternative sessions, she was able to get out of bed and now, 6 months later, she is able to walk with a cane by herself.  It sounds unbelievable but that's what happened to my aunt because lifeconsultant was  determined to bring my aunt's health back. We really appreciate their dedication. Thank you!!!