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Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Allie is a dynamic presenter. She incorporates the multiple roles she's had within education to create specific educational experiences that meet the needs of each learner in the room. Whenever I am building a conference or convening, Allie is one of the first people I reach out to.

Former Principal

Allie is a wonderful consultant and presenter who brings engagement to her sessions and enthusiasm to her work. Having co-facilitated with Allie in the past, I can attest to her dedication to tailoring presentations to the needs of her audience. Allie is a well-respected leader in the national education community, and she is someone who can inspire positive change in your organization.


Allie is an outstanding teacher and leader who is an expert in educational reform, teacher leadership, and differentiated professional development. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and can connect with any group. Her abilities help her help teachers improve their practice.

Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services

Allie and Krista did a fantastic job facilitating professional learning around Growth Mindset. "Interactive," "engaging," and "fun" are three words I would use to describe the day. Very rarely have I experienced so much laughter and joy in a group that is growing and learning together.

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Allie serves as a consultant to our middle school staff on project based and personalized learning. She is very customer service oriented, ensuring the professional learning she provides meet the staff where they are and takes them to the next level. Her training and resources are second to none!

Education Consultant

Allie takes extreme care to develop workshops that engage all types of adult learners and include experiential activities designed to really emphasize active involvement and best practices.  It is clear that participants of her presentations feel comfortable sharing ideas, collaborating, and taking safe risks when engaging with a group of educators they have just met.  This is a true testament to the pro-social and positive learning environment Allie creates within a short amount of time.

Education Consultant

Allie is passionate about ensuring teachers and leaders receive practical and personalized professional learning experiences to support their continued growth. She is committed to helping school and district leaders move beyond managing schools to leading learning organizations. To that end, Allie exhibits goal-clarity based on a targeted professional learning initiative or metric and capacity to grow people based on those goals.