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"Providing a service far greater than helping people pass their PMP exams"

"Vets2PM, thank you for what you do and how you do it. Knowing I needed a change but somewhat directionless on how to make that happen, your course provided the focus I needed. You're providing a service far greater than helping people pass their PMP exams. You're providing an environment in which veterans can truly see the tangible skills they've earned throughout their military career. It also lends confidence to the knowledge that their value to society is far from over after taking off the uniform. Well researched, well taught. I cannot say enough great things about this course."

"Best money I spent for my retirement transition!”

“I wanted to say thanks for all you and your team did. Best money I spent for my retirement transition!”

Excellent Discussion!

“Excellent discussion and training lifted the curtain on how to understand more completely the PMBOK”. 

"Loved the class!"

“This has opened my eyes to a whole new set of opportunities.  I usually don’t bother to leave serious feedback [but] this course has affected me to such a degree that I couldn’t wait to comment on the quality of this experience!”

The Missing TAP Class

Your presentation definitely comes across as a concerned veteran and not a salesman!  I was half expecting a long sales pitch, not the depth of instruction you provided tonight!  I especially feel this class would benefit officers both in the active service and those transitioning.

The Vets2PM PMP course was very well done!

It was very informative, put together, and presented in an understandable manner and well worth the time.  Thank you for your passion and willingness to work with each student; you are providing an excellent service to our service members and veterans.

Kelly, Director of Client Services, is Awesome!!!

Thank you Kelly for your exceptional and professional guidance. You have been my go to person during my experience and have always gotten back with me promptly and with courtesy. I wanted to recognize you publicly to let everyone know what a great experience I have gotten with the administration of this company. Thank you Kelly for setting the bar high!

Best Group to Help Transitioning Vets

The PMP Boot Camp course is a must take for transitioning vets who want to pursue a project management career. Vets2PM breaks down the civilian language barrier and translates the terminology so vets will better understand the processes. Beyond the course, these guys really go the extra mile to help.

Thanks Again!

Thanks again for everything the Vets2PM team offers.  I definitely feel the personal connection which I think is rare compared to all the other PMP prep courses.

Highly Recommend Vets2PM!

I highly recommend Vets2PM to any transitioning military member seeking an edge in the job market.  The Vets2PM staff does an outstanding job helping translate current military experience into civilian project management experience and delivering world class training to prepare trainees for the PMP Exam.  In addition, their resume writing assistance is exceptional.  Bottom line, the Vets2PM course is an absolutely superb value for transitioning military or any veteran seeking a PMP Certification.  It's a great way to start a second career!

Immediately Apply PM Thought Process

I took the course to prep for the PMP cert, but what I found is that I have been able to immediately apply the PM thought process to what I'm doing in my current job.  As you know, PM is what we've been doing our entire careers -- now I'm able to articulate it within a recognizable and repeatable construct

Vets2PM Course Improves Operations!

I have served as both a nuclear powered submarine Commanding Officer and a Commander at the Battalion level in Afghanistan. Most everything we do in the military is about projects. The Project Management principles taught by the professionals at VETS2PM are directly related to accomplishing projects or missions in the military. The instructors have extensive military and corporate experience and are very proficient at translating corporate best practices into military day-to-day operations. Whether you are looking to obtain your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification or desire to improve efficiency within your military unit, VETS2PM is a lean, cost effective solution. With no prior corporate experience, I passed the challenging PMP exam within a month of completing the VETS2PM course and have utilized this knowledge to improve operations at my command. 

I took the PMP Exam today and Passed!

I want to first say thank you very much for the opportunity to be apart of the Vets2PM program.  The instruction and professionalism were absolutely superb, and I 100% could not of done this without your instruction or the Vets2PM program.  I have no doubt this will help me achieve success in my transition from being a Officer in the Army to the launching a successful career in the civilian work force.

True to Form Taking Care of Vets!

Last year in March 2015 I took the PMP test.  I was around question 103 on the exam when the computer shut off rebooted and it took at least 10 minutes to get to another computer up and running for me to finish the exam.  As you could imagine I was a little stressed at that moment and unfortunately, I failed the examination.  At your suggestion, I contacted PMI and told them about the incident, they verified with the testing center and sent me a pro gratis examination (no fee required for the retake).  I had just started my new job and was unable to retake the test right away so I needed to wait and schedule the re-exam at a later date. I contacted Vets2PM in January 2016 to see if I could sit through the class again as a refresher for my test date which was the end of February.  True to VETS2PM's word I was able to sit through the course again as I was within the year window.  Today I passed the exam!!  I cannot thank VETS2PM enough for the support, the superb training and their loyalty to their students success.  Amazing company, course, instruction, staff and core belief in taking care of our Veterans.   Semper Fidelis,   Steven E. Sprout LtCol USMC (Ret)        

Resume Assistance From Cathy

Dr. Wright, I would like to extend to you my appreciation for having Cathy on your staff to assist with resume preparation and revisions. I provided her the resume that I had been working with for the past 9 months and received the assistance of other on-base professionals with preparing.  She was impressed and felt that I had about a 90% solution, but she took it further.  We had a one-hour long phone conversation (initially planned to be about 15 min) where she helped me remember what I had accomplished in my 15 year career that I hadn't fully quantified or communicated on my resume.  I was selling myself short. She took copious notes, asked rightfully intrusive questions, and further translated information from my fitness reports. I am very pleased with what she transformed my resume into and look forward to submitting it with my applications to PM positions. Thanks very much for putting your program together and making the time to take care of transitioning Marines looking to apply themselves to the world of Project Management.

They have been in our shoes.

Vets2PM knows what it's like to be on a curvy bumpy road and not having the guidance to get where we all want to be and that’s to be a Project Management Professional (PMP). They were very passionate about sharing their knowledge and how it connected to being in the military. Once I got the training and shared knowledge from them, my curvy bumpy road to becoming a PMP became a freshly paved straight Highway. The reason is because I was given tools to use that made my Transition from the Marines a successful one. Thank you so much Vets2PM Team.

Perfect Prep

The instructor was well organized and well prepared. The course structure was easy to follow and presented in a logical manner. 

PMP 4 weeks after course!

Great course to quickly obtain the required 35 hours of instruction and get a solid knowledge base of the material. The course was also beneficial to obtain best practices for completing the seemingly daunting PMP application using military based experience. All VETS2PM instructors are very proficient at translating the PMBOK foreign language into understandable concepts related to the military. I enjoyed the interactive participation which facilitated live questions and answers during the training presentations. Even after the course was complete, they promptly answered a ton of my questions via email while I was preparing for the exam. The on-line tools in the training portal including presentations, previously recorded sessions and sample exams were also very useful preparing for the test. With no training or knowledge prior to the VETS2PM training curriculum, I passed the PMP exam 4 weeks after completing the 2 week course. I strongly recommend VETS2PM to all veterans who have or will be transitioning to the corporate sector.