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Holly Powers Matthews - Int'l Psychic Oracle

3120 Carefree Hwy. Ste. 1-777
Phoenix Arizona , 85086
United States

Amazing experience!

What an amazing experience it is in the crystal healing chamber! I absolutely loved it! I will be making another appointment soon. Just in Awe after my session. I showed up a tad bit nervous and left with the biggest smile on my face as I danced in my car all the way home. Thank you so much Holly, you are one of a kind and I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart! You always go above and beyond my expectations and I thank you so much! :))))))

Amazing medical intuitive session with Holly Powers Matthews!

Holly tuned into many facets of who I am that I had no idea about. She also knew what the causes were for many of my physical ailments and shared what I need to change to restore my health. That is very exciting! She also made me feel like a million bucks about myself! I am so very appreciative for all the positive feedback. And intuitively, I felt it was coming from her heart. I highly recommend Holly's medical intuitive sessions. She truly knows how to tap into what is going on with your body and spirit to help you become healthy both physically and emotionally.

Oracle Reading

Great to connect heart to heart with Holly! Her guides led us through a discovery that clarified for me what I needed to know. So much healing energy! Thank you so much!

Crystal Chamber

Wow! Just...Wow! My session in the Crystal Chamber was simultaneously subtle and sweet and powerful and profound. Between Holly, the beauty and charge of the Crystal Chamber, and the guides and energies that came forward to assist with clearing, healing, and upgrading I felt very Divinely connected and loved. While words seem to fall short of the experience I had, I can equate my session to a homecoming of the highest order. A beautiful, deep remembering of who I really am and my purpose on the planet at this important time. Holly....thank you for your love and stewardship! I am already looking forward to my next journey in the Crystal Chamber.

Tachyon Chamber Experience

Hi Holly I very much enjoyed the session in the portable chamber. Truthfully I could not tell much difference from the professional chamber. The pain in my leg is almost non-existent today. I have decided to go ahead with purchasing a portable chamber...

Always a pleasure

We are both thrilled our Holly is back in action helping all of us be the best we can be. Once insight is given, we can grow. Thank you, Holly, for all you do. Your generosity is limitless. We can hardly wait for our next special visit with you.

Amazing Reading as Always

Holly is an amazing individual and her readings are invaluable. I've had multiple sessions over the years, but the experience in the new crystal chamber was amazing. If you're considering a reading I highly recommend it, you won't regret it!

Incredible Experience

Holly is the most genuine, loving, and gifted being you will ever meet. Her channeling abilities are incredible. She helped me understand who I really am and answered so many questions I had. I would 1000% recommend her to anyone looking for assistance.

Definitely worth it!

I got a basic psychic reading and an advanced psychic reading from Holly and she was incredible! I am so glad I decided to visit her because I could tell that she gave me the most accurate reading possible. I look forward to meeting with her again!

Well worth the time and money...

Very thorough and pleasing: Holly touched on all the things I wanted to know about and more... she is very insightful and well worth the time and money. Very happy with the answers provided, as well as the reassurance in following the path I am on. Will be seeing her again!


My reading with you a couple of days ago was spectacular, and talking with you and hearing your insights is incredibly healing for me. Thank you!

Absolutely Incredible

Thank you so very much for today, it was absolutely incredible to finally connect with you. I will definitely be reviewing all the material, and moving forward with your suggestions. I've already re listened to part of our discussion tonight, absorbing the message.

Blessed me 100 times over...

I wanted to tell you that I've listened to the audio (of our session) over and over and it has behond blessed me a hundred times over and comforted my soul, and it has brought me great peace. Your gifts are priceless and you are truly a very special with a heart of gold. Thank you so much! Hugs...

Lost without Holly

Lost without Holly: I have known and worked with Holly for four years. As an empath it was very important to have a reiki master who understood the sensitivities of empaths - Holly exceeded all expectations. Over the years I have had multiple reiki treatments LaHoChi and 12D treatments. I have never had a psychic reading per se; however, Holly picks up on things that are bothering me and tells me all will be "well". She is my Dr., counselor, reiki master, and friend. Try her - she's for real.

Changed my life!


What I needed to hear...

Psychic Reading: As usual, Holly was amazing. She does an excellent job of passing along the messages I needed to hear most.

Dual Past Life Reading:

This was my first time doing a dual past life reading with a dear friend of mine. Holly, it was truly great meeting you. The energy in the room was wonderful and your reading was spot on in regard to different aspects of our friendship. You were able to gather everything into one "big picture" for us and give us some amazing insight. I look forward to seeing you again. Thank you! :)


Psychic Reading: The energy is great and it is always a pleasure to see Holly. Informative, pertinent and exclusive. Questions were answered that weren't asked only thought of. Inspirational.