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Psychic Harold

United States of America

Testimonial #206


Psychic Harold was very friendly, kind, understanding, comical and last but not least of all very accurate.

Testimonial #201

I just did a reading with Harold and all I can say is man is he great! He was able to pick up a lot just from my energy. He knew what areas of my life were bringing me down without me telling him. I definitely will be back. Thank you!

A must call

Read my energy and situations very well. He  was very soothing and calm. Very encouraging and I'm looking forward to things coming this year and 2018. I will call him again in the future!!!! 


I felt very relaxed with psychic Harold. He gave me insight on my situation and helped me understand what's really going on. I will definitely be calling him again real soon.


I was impressed by my reading and loved the style that Harold uses. I am experienced with speaking with psychics in my past and by far he is the real deal with fair prices. I will be booking my next appt very soon. Thank you Harold!

My first reading.

One of the best. Didn’t tell him much but he knew everything! I’m eager for another reading already. 

Testimonial #197

Very surprised, not to bad at all. 

So glad I found psychic Harold

The reading was straight to the point. Harold is very sincere when giving a reading. I had a great experince. He is really gifted. Harold knew things that are going on with me and I only gave him my name. He also gave me great advice. I will definitely be talking with him again soon. I am going to recommend my family and friends to talk with him as well.

Nothing short of amazing

I appreciate the words, the gift, and experience. I took notes. there were just so many things in the conversation that absolutely confirmed your gift. My heart was put a little more at ease then I was prior to the conversation. Many Blessings !!!

Nail on the head

I've had many psychics read for me but none like you! You literally touched basis on things I never told you. Thank you so much.

Nail on the head

Omg! You were so accurate! I kept saying that is true the whole time. You picked up on things I've never said. Thank you so much!!!

Testimonial #191


Very patient. Constantly making sure I understood and that it was relevant to my situation. Picked up on every detail of my relationship. 


You were right on the nose about everything... It makes me happy to know that I have my spirit guides that are in my corner, God bless you my friend


Always awesome!


Harold, thx for the reading! You are gifted! I’m telling you that Harold’s predictions are  very accurate. He’s very funny and friendly. You won’t be disappointed. 

A wonderful psychic

It's been a while since I contacted harold, the last reading he gave me was superb, the reading was accurate, and he was on point. I just paid him 20 dollars and he gave me the best reading, I was so happy to talk to psychic Harold because he is on point, very kind, funny and overall knows all.