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Psychic Harold

Awesome reading!

My reading with him was awesome! One of the realest, gifted people out here. He told me the name of my “teammate” and it blew me away. Harold knew everything from what situation he was in, to the legal document I received that day in the mail. Can’t wait for him to read me again.

Testimonial #223

Testimonial #222


HAROLD IS AMAZING! His predictions are accurate & he even predicted when I will graduate from college! Would highly recommend if you have any questions in mind. 


I have had a few readings with Harold and the experiences have been really good. He is very kind and personable and I just feel at ease when I talk to him. He helped me gain insight and clarity on a difficult situation I'm facing with someone, and gave me advice on how to make this situation better also. I certainly believe the readings are accurate and I would rather go to him than any other psychic out there.

Testimonial #218

Genuine honest

Very genuine, honest and easy to talk to. Thank you.


He is truly a blessing! He's always accurate and right on point. Everything he's ever told me was either true or up and coming. He's my peace of mind and sanity. He's become such a wonderful friend and I will continue to trust him as my Life Coach.


He is the real deal.. you don’t have to say anything he will tell you everything.. he blew my mind he picked up on everything with me and was so detailed and he was so accurate with everything and he funny and so honest and respectful. He’s worth the money you will not be disappointed. I spoke to him for about almost 2 hours yesterday that’s how on point and great he was. 

My Life

I just couldn't believe how accurate my reading was. You are the real deal. There are so many fakes out there but what a God Sent. Thank You.

Psychic Reading

Psychic Harold was very easy to talk to and answered all questions accurately and was on point. He gave positive insight on my spirit guides and help clarify some situations in my life. I highly recommend Psychic Harold to anyone who is seeking the truth all areas of life.

Good stuff!

Harold was spot on.

Testimonial #210

Testimonial #213


He looked right into my history and told me what's going on. He definitely was able to contact my guides and within minutes he was filling me in from literally just asking me to repeat my name. Truly an awesome and gifted gentleman

Great reading

Psychic Harold answered a question regarding my love interest. The reading was accurate!

Great reading

Very accurate reading


Positive and accurate!