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Psychic Harold

Amazing sessions

I had a lot of readings with Harold. I suggested a healing to help me stop reliving or remembering negative and traumatic events from my past. It took so much of my brain space and was exhausting I knew I needed to somehow get rid of it. I asked for him to heal the pain and negativity from any of those past events. I didn’t realize it until just now. I am actually barely able to recall the events anymore. That’s when I realized that this is real and the healing actually works. It’s really amazing. It really healed me. It’s been going on for almost two weeks since the healing.

I was very well pleased with his service I highly recommend Harold.

He was really good and really spent a good amount of time with me I am very glad I contacted Harold. Highly recommend his services.

He's the real deal

I was at a low point in my life, and I can attest that he is the real deal. I would recommend and use him!

Awesome first reading ever!!!! Harold is on point loved it....clarity!!!!

Saw things exactly as they were!

I was a little surprised, and that doesn't happen to me very often. He knew everything, without me even telling him things. I was totally blown away. Definitely one of the best!

Very pleased! Will be getting another session.

Excellent Reading

Harold was very patient and gave me affirmation of the choices I had just literally made that morning without even telling him. He touched all the things that were important to me at the time in my life. So far the best guide I have had.

Psychic Harold was very accurate about my situation. I felt like he knew things before I could explain them. I recommend everyone to call or contact him for clarification.

Psychic Harold is the real deal!! Everything he told me was spot on. He gave me positive reassurances regarding a tough situation I’m going through, and he clarified aspects of my future relationship. Really satisfied and will be seeking his insights and guidance again.

Great work

He really took the time to break things down and let me know what was currently happening. I will call again soon

Great reading

This was a great reading. Very accurate. I will be coming back for another one soon.

Highly Recommended!

Harold was very helpful during my Reading. He spent extra time to ensure I came to a clear understanding of my situation. His energy is amazing nonjudgmental and bright. Harold is friendly, direct and very accurate. I highly recommend him for a Psychic Reading{=

Very easy to talk to & perceptive visions.


Very sincere and listened to everything ty very much hope to do this again blessed to be his customer

Awesome, one of the best experiences

He was like a counselor/therapist mixed in with the guidance that is needed for whatever situations you are dealing with. He said some stuff that only my angels/spirit guides would have known. Definitely gifted and much needed. You won't be disappointed.