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International School of Clairvoyance

United States

Reading with Natalie

Natalie's reading was wonderful! By the end of the reading I was calling her the Brililant Angel Nature Spirit. She was insightful and kind and went out of her way to fully answer my questions - she also gave me an out of this world bonus healing! I've never had a reading quite like it. Natalie is truly gifted. Thank you!

Reading with Debra

Debra's reading was extremely relevant - every single thing she said. I have had several readings with different psychics over the last couple years, and only two have proved themselves to be legitimate. Debra is one of them. What a gift! Thank you, Debra! I look forward to reading with you again! Thank you!

Testimonial #57

I had an amazing reading today with several very, very gifted readers in the practice group.  I was shocked and amazed by their accuracy and would highly refer anyone to these gifted angels. 

Testimonial #57

I had an excellent reading with Natalie today.  I highly recommend her.  

Testimonial #55

the reading i had from debra's students (courtney, trish, nancy and heather) was nothing short of remarkable. they were each incredibly open and surrendered to whatever was coming through -- an act of pure love. they were all dead-on accurate with what they were perceiving and extremely committed allowing the message to complete, anytime they had one. i can't thank or recommend them enough.

Best way to end this year!

I had a reading with Debra's practicing students, and they were amazing! Very professional, accurate in their readings and with a big heart. They were very patient with my difficulties while speaking English and did their best to talk to me. So, if you are reading this, and you are not a native English speaker, do not worry about it, it won't be a problem. I felt like home, speaking to old friends. I gave five starts because it is the maximum, I would like to give 10!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Wow.  Five stars is simply not enough.

I have both had a reading from Debra and her students (group practice readings), am currently in her Level One Clairvoyant class and have also read all three of her books (You Are Psychic, Extraordinary Psychic and Freeing the Genie Within).  Guess you could say I'm a fan!

Though this review is for the school I do want to say that my reading with Debra (as well as the reading with her practicing students) was AMAZING.  She operates from the highest level of integrity and happens to be incredibly gifted as well as very humble and funny.

Over the years I have read several books on developing intuition and, while some of them were good, I personally felt I would do better learning in a group with a mentor.  A friend told me about another school so I started taking classes and while there were good things about it I felt frustrated by too many other things.

That frustration brought me back to Amazon which is when I discovered Debra's books.  I was barely 20 pages into the first one when I ordered the other two!  I googled her website and booked a student reading.  I was amazed by how accurate they were and wondered if I would ever "get there" myself (I had so many doubts despite Debra's insistence that everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition and has the ability to do readings).

The class has been an incredible experience.  The other students are all really nice, cool, curious and down to earth.  It's a great vibe.

As a teacher I can't say enough wonderful things about Debra.  She has a way of making the most esoteric things understandable and approachable.  I feel totally supported, encouraged, inspired and motivated to do the homework.  She is gentle (as noted by another reviewer) but doesn't let anyone hide so you will benefit from the class even if/ when you're struggling.

The class is well structured and it's such a relief to be able to ask questions (which were discouraged in other classes I've taken).  They're recorded so you can listen if you miss one and/ or go back to review.  The lessons are easy to follow and would not, IMO, conflict with anyone's (moderate) religious views as it is about working with energy and spirit.

As for my own development, I'm really happy with my progress.  In the other classes I took I never felt like anything clicked (they ranged from a few weeks to a few months.  And, yes, I did the homework).  After studying with Debra for only a few weeks I have started to have and remember meaningful dreams (I rarely remembered dreams in the past and they were usually a weird jumble of things that didn't make any kind of sense to me).  

We also practiced on a student and I ACCURATELY PICKED UP ON INFORMATION!!!!!!  I'm sorry for yelling but I was just so amazed by myself!  While I've had moments of intuition in the past I never reeeeeaaaaaaaaallly believed I could learn it- until the Debra.  

If you have any desire to work with your intuition, whether for professional or personal reasons, I HIGHLY recommend The International School of Clairvoyance (and other intuitive gifts are explored so if you're on the fence I would encourage you to email the school and ask questions).

Testimonial #52

Thank you so much for this detailed reading and healing from the group. I was really moved by the depth of information that came through and the compassion and loving energy I was able to feel from all readers. It was really amazing. A lot of it was spot on and I would like to thank every single reader for their time and dedication. I learned a lot about myself and how to move forward and also on letting go of the past. I learned about areas that I am a bit stuck and how to bring in more flow. I am so glad I signed up for the reading! Lots of love, gratitude and blessings to all readers! 

Testimonial #51

Hi I apologize for taking so long to write my review I always like to integrate the information that came, I have to say the class reading was totally amazing and how each person connected in their own way yet all saying the same thing....I would definitely recommend anyone to enjoy a reading with this class of students ❤️


Debra is an incredible teacher.  I had serious doubts about whether or not I would be able to develop my intuitive gifts and studying with Debra has definitely changed that!  She is a generous and wonderful teacher, I felt totally supported, encouraged and guided throughout the course and really enjoyed the other students.  My gifts are expanding, which is wonderful, but the best surprise is how my day-to-day life has been impacted.  I feel more clarity and am able to release things that don't serve me MUCH faster.  I feel more confident about certain choices I'm making, despite some of the challenges, because I'm able to "check in" with myself and trust I'm doing what is in alignment with my highest good.  This is one of the best classes I've ever taken, I *highly* recommend it.

Two Life Changing Experiences

I had a reading first with Debra during a difficult time. The accuracy and detail she is able to provide, not to mention depth of healing intention is unmatched. Debra is an incredibly gifted clairvoyant- she was even able to see physical details about ME without ever meeting me or seeing a photo. I referred two friends to her who were equally astounded by the insight she provided.
I later booked a student reading to learn more. I experienced a team of incredibly talented and diverse readers who, although saw very different images, were all discussing the same themes in my life. This helped me to see my life through different perspectives to see which resonated. They alerted me to several blockages and helped me in my process of moving forward immensely. 
Both readings felt guided and part of my journey- without these people who I consider angels and their healing and insights, I would have had many delays to my growth. 
Grateful from the bottom of my heart. You all helped me so much and undoubtedly bring so much light into the world.

Testimonial #47

​Had wonderful experience with my reading and found most everything of value. especially when Amouri mentioned my three values being, family, work and sacrifice. This really helped me to see why I have such a hard time moving forward with my soul's evolution. Other things mentioned about feelings held back with my adult thinking also spoke to me. Taking baby steps to move forward and also letting in the light into my meditation is something I can start with in order to move forward.

Insight into my own soul

​Debra gave me insight into my soul and it's purpose. She touched on things I felt would help take in the direction I need to go and things about myself that could change to help grow into a more successful person and spirit. I recommend her to anyone who would like guidance in certain areas of their life.

Amazing and Heathful!

My experience was fabulous! Michelle was a great leader/coordinator, and Stacy, Josh and Naomi were amazing! I will type my notes and forward them, along with my responses. Thank you SO MUCH for offering such a marvelous service!

Unbelievably Appreciative

​Debra is an exceptionally talented woman with a warm and genuine spirit. I am so grateful for the time I had with her. She not only gave me an excellent reading but when she found a couple of interfering energies she did some healing work as well. I immediately felt an emotional release and then a freedom from something that had been holding me back. She did some really powerful work and I am extremely grateful for it.

Grateful and Inspired

​My experience with the practice group was very helpful and accurate. All three students had different pictures that they intuited, but all tied into one big theme, which was exactly the confirmation I needed to move on and let go of the past. Erica, Dennis, Juan and Debra were spot on! Thank you again for nudging me out of this old way of thinking. Highly recommend this to anyone seeking guidance in improving their life!

Accessing the core of an issue

I appreciate how practical Debra is. She gets down to the core of an issue, and it often has aspects leading into it one wouldn't expect. Her fresh perspective and confidence are edifying, and it's wonderful how suggestions she offers are delivered with heart and compassion. I like her quiet manner and her strength. It feels as if both are foundational to the ways I want to grow. Am happy to be a students of hers.

Words of wisdom

Debra gave me extremely valuable insight into my life's purpose. She was able to elaborate in depth on the meaning behind all those challenges I'm facing at this moment in my life. She described my situation and my feelings with perfect accuracy. I was able to confirm many of those thoughts and hints that have been popping up lately. Debra even answered questions I had without me asking them. I'm extremely grateful for your wisdom on taking those steps towards that change I'm needing so much. It was hard to realize with tears in my eyes that all this time my soul has been so neglected for nurturing and love. To start making the things I really want, to be in charge of my life, to not be afraid, to let the real me express herself and shine, and leave behind all those limiting apprehensions I grew up with. Thank you Debra, this reading has changed my life and given me the much needed insight and guidance for making that change once and for all. Thank you!