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International School of Clairvoyance

Testimonial for Debra

I loved my session with Debra , she is absolutely wonderful , with a huge warm heart and piercing , brilliant psychic abilities that she uses very gently . Thank You Debra you have been an amazing help to me today .

Incredible Reading with Student Group

I had the privilege of receiving a reading from the Wednesday morning student group on March 21st, 2018. Over a year later, I still refer to my notes from the reading for the incredible guidance and insights I received. Everything the students (Kristy, Amanda and Courtney) said resonated with me. It truly felt like they were tuning into who I REALLY am, my Higher Self. The information I received has helped me stay grounded and in faith throughout the past year, which has been filled with tremendous changes on all levels. I'm so grateful for my reading with these gifted psychics.

Beautiful Reading

Debra is a very grounded and compassionate intuitive. I have now had three readings with her and they have all been nuanced and accurate and have been very supportive to me. She is the only psychic that I will consult with!

Debra is amazing

I had such a wonderful and satisfying reading with Debra. She really clarified things for me and went into depth to answer the questions I had. She was clear and super friendly and I absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers. I felt so energised and happy afterwards. Really awesome!

very insightful!

the session was great! some advice were an eye opener, made me realize I have much more options than I thought I had. Thank you!

Extremely Helpful!

Following Debra's Book, "You Are Psychic," really helped clarify the understanding for the allowance of visionary freedom and the enjoyment of that freedom that brings exploratory understanding of the imagery and solidification in the imagery. It has helped to uncover truths to emotional situations as well as a basic understanding for energy focus, which is very helpful for the development for psychic protection. The class has also helped me come to trust my visions and to feel a lot more relaxed with myself in the meditational effect that this type of reading will give the psychic.


(Level One Clairvoyant Class)

Very Interesting Topics

The Level 2 clairvoyant training added further depth to the Level 1 training that I already completed, and covered very interesting topics such as Watching the Energy Field of a person, Medical Readings, Readings for real Strangers and Past Life Readings. As usual, during class, Debra was very sensitive to the needs of us students, adjusting the class to meet our needs as we went along. She is very experienced, yet very grounded and always spoke in a language in which we felt was authentic and in a way we could relate to. The practices that I participated to during class make it possible to continue doing my own practice sessions with other students or graduates after class, and there are available after-class groups I could join for more hands-on to sharpen and deepen my skills. It was a worthwhile training.

Changed My Life for the Better

This program has greatly change my life for the better. I've become a lot more comfortable in my Clairvoyance, and have opened up out of hiding in the psychic world. Merging my two worlds has been a challenge, but with the loving support of Debra and my fellow classmates, I've been able to build a confidence and trust I was so desperately looking for, before. I feel secure and prepared in my voyage over on to the "real world". Thank you Debra! Ciao, cheers, and good day!

This Class is Amazing!

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I learned a lot about myself during this 12 weeks! I am more confident in my abilities than I have ever been. I love the fact that she is very detailed and thorough. If you do exactly what she guides you to do, you will definitely open up your gifts. Debra is patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable about this topic. You will graduate with everything you need to become the extraordinary psychic you've always wanted to be. I am very grateful that I attended this program. I can't wait to sign up for Level 2 next year. Thank you Debra for sharing your knowledge about how to develop Clairvoyance with the world. Everything I have learned from you has helped me on multiple levels.


(Level One Clairvoyant Class)

Positive Impact on My Spiritual Life

This program has made a positive impact on my spiritual and daily life. I have learned more about myself in so many new ways, which I’m grateful. I do plan on proceeding in the near future with more classes and hopefully my own practice.


(Level One Clairvoyant Class)

Classes Were Detailed...

I took Debra's class because I'd only been exposed to one other RV teaching method and I wanted to learn about other methods of the skill. Debra's classes were so detailed, with lots of information and practice, that I am now able to fully understand what goes into being a great remote viewer. I recommend this class for anyone wanting to hone their skills in RV.

Absolutely Love This Class!

This has been an incredible informative class, that I have enjoyed. So much information generously shared. The guidance within each lesson just is excellent.

Gained Clarity and Confidence

For the first time I have been able to do psychic reading and discovered how it works. Debra answered several questions that I had about how to get Psychic readings that showed me that I have been getting psychic impressions all along but I have been unaware of it. I found the exercises helpful to gain clarity and confidence of being able to get psychic readings of relationships. This is very helpful especially in your own relationships and relationships with friends to get a better understanding of what is really happening in the relationship rather than guessing and hoping for the best.

Great Program, Great Teaching

I learned a lot different healing techniques to help myself and others

Strongly Recommend This Course

From the ground up, Debra's classes provide a foundation of information and techniques that support, encourage and allow students to find, incorporate and expand on their intuitive gifts. Debra's methodology is practical, kind and always in support of her students' growth. If you are a beginner or someone who is looking for fine-tune your intuitive skills, I strongly recommend this course.


(Level Two Clairvoyant Class)

Confidence and Encouragment

This program has given me more confidence and encouragement to utilize my tools for seeing and understanding clairvoyant symbols. Debra is a great teacher-her equanimity and knowledge make this an excellent class for those who are new to this work or those who have experience and want more clarity!


(Level One Clairvoyant Program)

I Loved the Program!

As a professional psychic already I wasn't sure what to expect. I found many of the tools so helpful! I was also happy to learn a different approach to a few of the tools I was familiar with. Debra was a great and patient intrusctor. I got really sick in the middle of the course and she was so understanding and accommodating.


(Level One Clairvoyant Program)

Clairvoyant Class - What a Journey!

My experience/Journey from taking this class: While and after taking Ms. Katz's class I discovered that I have no reason to whine or complain about any of my issues. The reason for this would be thanks to Ms.Katz. She dedicated her time to me and gave me the right tools to succeed in any life endeavor. The meditations are amazing and you can expect instant results and relaxation. Taking her clairvoyant class has helped me bring about energetic shifts in every aspect of my life. I now know what to do to bring about/Cause changes in my life. Ms.Katz is an amazing instructor and really knows what she is talking about. You can tell from her responses that she has had experience in the field of clairvoyance/Psychic phenomena for a very long time. Ms.Katz has a soothing voice and it can be compared to that of an angel. She talks with such clarity and goes through every topic in great detail. Ms.Katz Will coach you until you absorb the information that she is providing you with. Relaxation is what comes into ones life after taking a class like Hers from my experience. I can now sit down, close my eyes and be shown the answer to any of my problems! Knowing that you have pure wisdom to any of your issues at any times is beautiful! It is something that you wouldn't want to trade for the world. This class has helped me dissolve all fears and limits in my life. Once you take a class like this with Ms.Katz you will realize and discover that you do have the answers to all of your questions. You will open your eyes for the very first time and see the world for the beauty it really is. I can't describe how thankful I am for this gift that you have helped me unveil within myself Ms.Katz. Thank You for being my teacher.....