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Debbie B-Mewes

117 Mooloolah Meadows Dve
Diamond Valley Queensland , 4553

Absolutely brilliant.

Still getting over my reading last week. Absolutely brilliant. It was so real that I didn't think to actually ask Dad anything. Never mind. You gave me everything he wanted me to know.

Even a couple of things that I thought might be wrong, I worked out later. Cook Islands, Christmas Island, my Polynesian "sister" Bella.

That's not guesswork. Wow again. Thank you.

Healing, humorous and accurate

Debbie connected me with four loved ones and was very accurate in their individual personality traits - including their senses of humour! Plus there were messages for others that I did not understand at the time, but were later confirmed to be true or relevant to the people involved. A lovely reading, and I left feeling calm and comforted. Thank you, Debbie.

Amazing Woman!

Deb is an amazing Psychic & Medium. The things she has told me in readings have been so accurate & provide great guidance and encouragement. The messages from loved ones in spirit have been so special & delivered in such a heartfelt manner.

She is by far the most respectful & ethical person I have ever seen & always delivers her readings in a thoughtful, considered and caring way.

As a trainer and coach she has impeccable standards for herself & her students. She is also an active champion at ensuring the highest standards within the industry. She’s held in such high regard and sought out by many for her professionalism.

Deb is so passionate about everything she does … her private readings, training sessions & mentoring and arranging an array of awesome spiritual events (with local, national & international guests). From hosting international trainers, running Goddess retreats, Master Your Magic Courses & then the Uluru Mediumship Symposium is a perfect example of a large scale international event.

Her connections with the best & most respected people within the spiritual space are a testament to her abilities, conduct & beautiful nature.

Deb is warm & engaging, friendly & down to earth, caring & helpful and has such an endearing & beautiful personality.

Her dedication to spirit is so admirable - she truly is an earth angel who is always shining brightly!


Debbie gave me an incredibly accurate reading, I've had many readings over the years and no one comes even close to how accurate she is with such great insight and guidance. She is so humble, wise and I always feel she wants the best for you - don't hesitate to book a reading with her - you will feel it's the best investment you have ever made for yourself. Anna

Teacher and Mentor

I have attended workshops and mentoring groups with Debbie in different locations and geared to many different learning levels and I have always found her to be able to bring out the best in all her students and make them all feel heard, supported and expanded. I always leave being amazed at what I could do and acheive under her guidance. She is genuine, kind, knowledgeable, giving and simply amazing as well as a true gem to witness when she Demonstrates and connects to the world of Spirit. I cannot recommend her highly enough and the events she organizes are fabulous and informative to.


One of the best readings I have ever had! Thank you.

Debbie mewes - readings

I've had many readings done in my life - but no reading has ever been as accurate as Debbie's, she describes your present situation so well and she for me articulated exactly what was frustrating me but with words that described it perfectly when I felt no one really could understand my issues. I highly recommend her for guidance for mediumship she is a genuine lovely lady who has honesty and integrity and I happily provide testimonial to this and would recommend her to anyone looking for some clarity in their lives through her amazing clairvoyant abilities and her ability to communicate with passed over loved ones.

Truly amazing

Debbie is an amazingly kind person and her psychic skills are out of this world! I have spoken with Debbie many times over the past 7 years and I'm always blown away by how accurately she can see into my past present and future. Also the loved ones she can get messages from are so so special. Thank you forever Debbie xx


I have seen Debbie a few times over the years and every single time she is spot on! Debbie has always know things no one could have know down to personal details of how my son passed away. Debbie is the kindest most loving beautiful person i have ever met and I highly recommend Her you would not regret meeting her!

Oh Wow!!

I first met Debbie 10 years ago and had my first reading which totally blew me away, she was so spot on and told me things that only I knew about and was so precise with the detail it was unbelievable. If there was ever a sceptic, this is the lady to see. I have gone on to have a few more readings over the years and they have all been life changing, she is always one step ahead and has the answers to your questions. I have also recommended her to many of my friends who have also had wonderful results. I can personally guarantee you will walk away feeling absolutely amazed.

A True Talent

I have been seeing Deb since 2010, and she never ceases to amaze me. Whether you are seeking guidance or connection with loved ones, your time with her will be enlightening.

A life-changing reading

Thanks again for your supportive reading, it truly was life changing for me, and gave me the confidence to trust my intuition, and it proved true.

Debbie you have done two readings for Alan and I and you have bought us both so much comfort. The first was a few months after our son Shane had been murdered, you knew things nobody outside of the family would have known even down to the name of the person that did it. To know he was happy on the other side eased our pain a little. The second one was only a couple of weeks ago and that reading was so accurate as well. We will be eternally grateful to you Debbie and your amazing gift it has helped us so much. Anybody who seeks a reading with you will not be disappointed and we highly recommend it if you want to connect with a loved one in the spirit world. We love you Debbie xx

Not a sceptic however I have never had an accurate reading before. Debbie told me things she could not possibly know and with complete accuracy, none of this 'could be' or 'maybe'. I arrived feeling very deflated and not having much drive for life, I left a completely new woman with drive, strength, self worth. Thank you Debbie, you truly opened my heart to endless possibilities and best of all accepting myself. Thank you with heart felt sincerity.