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Testimonial #94

I have to say, I had the most incredable reading tonight and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to speak with u. You hit everything on target. Thank u so much and I will be calling u again. Love and light.

Testimonial #93

Angelique has a true gift. I had a reading with her and from the get go she was soothing and gentle. She has a very easy going approach to her readings that makes anyone feel comfortable with her. Above all, however, are her messages, which are rich with information and very insightful. I highly recommend her!

Testimonial #92

I just had my first reading with Angelique, and I'm so glad I booked time with her. She was incredibly accurate in terms of assessing where my life is at and what some of my past experiences have been. She honed in areas that I need to develop and provided very specific guidance (even homework from my guide!). The amount of information she was able to deliver in an hour was astounding to me! She has a very special gift, and I already know that I'll book future readings with her.

Testimonial #91

Angelique is extremely gifted. She accurately describes what you're going through and draws information from a higher source and perspective so that the information received can be used to change the situation should you choose. Her guidance and insights are truly a gift and her delivery is clear, honest, kind and compassionate. I've had 2 sessions from Angelique and will have many more as the need for guidance arise in my life. Each reading has brought me a feeling of peace and confidence to know that I am the creator of my life. Thank you Angelique! 

2nd Reading

I just had my 2nd reading with Angelique and it was just as amazing as the first one and it completely resonated with me once again.  She is so very gifted and shines a  beautiful light on life,  Thank you again Angelique !


A pleasure speaking with Angelique as she's patient explaining and delivering her messages. also motivated me to have a reiki session when I felt off balanced in life. I'm much more inspired and motivation after both sessions. Highly professional and gifted messenger. Namaste

Thank you! :)

I was one of the blessed people to have received a free reading from Angelique and oh how beautiful it was. The guidance I received left me awestruck in how true and aligned it was with my life, but what added to the charm was Angelique's soulful voice that was filled with compassion and kind words even during the trickiest messages. The reading resembled and felt so much like a meditation and I felt compelled to listen to the reading over and over again to soak in the wisdom I received through her. It was a heart-warming experience and I look forward to connecting with Angelique soon :) Thank you so much Angelique!

Testimonial #87

Hi Angelique,your reading told me exactly what I needed to hear.I loved your calm and serene approach to delivering the message and I look forward to more readings for the future.

Testimonial #86

I had my first reading with Angelique on May 9th 2016 and, it was amazing. She told me things I needed to hear which gave me hope for the future. Angelique is truly a gifted soul. I cant wait to experience the predictions she told me and, look forward to her reading me again. Thank you Angelique for your insight!!!!!!

Beautiful Reading

I had my first reading with Angelique today and I am in awe at how accurate it was! It has really helped me understand my situation more and I'm very thankful to Angelique for her wonderful messages she has provided for me through divine guidance. Thank you so much and many blessings to you x

Wonderful and Truthful experience

I had my first reading with Angelique, and right off the bat i'm able to say that it won't be my last. I heard a lot of things i wasn't expecting (some of them i didn't particularly like) But everything resonated with me in a very magical way. Now i know what i need to do to finally achieve happiness and fulfillment in my path, and its all thanks to you Angelique. God Bless you.

Testimonial #83

I had my first reading with Angelique today and she is Amazing. I will definitely come back for another reading . there is no doubt that she is the real deal plus the insight on how to achieve all of your blessings is beyond great! I definitely recommend her to anyone that needs positive insight and guidance. Simply amazing!!!

Testimonial #82

Very intuitive and positive.  Will definitely recommend for a reading

Testimonial #80

I had a reading with her today and she was amazing.  I almost lost faith about my work situation, but she gave me guidance and positive messages.  That all made me feel that I should not give up and not compromise.  Definitely I'll have a reading with her again if I ever need some guidance.  Highly recommended.

Testimonial #81

Lovely reading! Informative and made sense.


I am amazed with the accuracy and insight of my reading. It has given me hope and a feeling of peace.Thank you so much.

Testimonial #78

My reading today was very encouraging. Angelique provided me with insight, from my spiritual guides in a professional and honest method. The reading today resonated with me on all accords and I walked away feeling content regarding my recent decisions and excited about the future. I will definitely be back. Thank you!

Another great reading!

This is my fourth reading with Angelique. I'm always impressed how she brings forth the most needed messages from Spirit. She delivers her readings in an honest but gentle manner. I'm grateful for the guidance received that will help me embrace the new beginning in my life.