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Spot on

Angelique's reading for me was the reassurance that I needed. The messages that my guides gave her were so spot on, I KNOW she truly does connect to spirit. She was so easy to talk to and answered any questions that I had. I highly recommend a reading with her. I know I will be scheduling another appointment with her in 6 months! :-)  Thank you so much, Angelique!

Perfect and divine messages

My session was exactly what I needed to hear from my guides and the universe.  Change and transition is usually not comfortable, but necessary.  My takeaway on this is to not fight it.  Support and embrace this energy and it will pass more quickly.  Things happen for a reason, to rebirth you into a new energetic being that's more in line with your life path.  Release old energies of lack, fear, not being good enough, and self sabotage.  The universe doesn't make mistakes and knows your potential.  Lastly, whatever you are going thru, don't stop believing in yourself and your higher purpose.  Your break thru is a lot closer than you realize and can happen very quickly to transform your reality.


This is my first reading with Angelique. I have had a number of readings and experiences with other Psychics and Mediums over the years however Angelique was the most thorough and professional I have had the pleasure of receiving. Her presentation, her tone and her insight are compelling and enlightening. I am at a crossroads in my life with soon to be 60 yrs experience, and her guidance is most welcome.  The rest is up to me.  Namaste  JG

You gave me hope!

Thank you Angelique! Your reading brought so much to light for me - things that I knew but did not want to acknowledge because the ties run much deeper than my current situation.  I SEE now where I have to do the work!  You gave me hope in the end knowing that there is divine timing! As I listened I continued to hear "be still" - I so appreciate you Angelique.  Namaste.  


Wow Angelique! thank you thank you! You are very much spot on with my situation. I really do appreciate the guidance, coaching, and insights! I will listed to this audio over and over again. Thanks again!


I received my first reading from Angelique this week. What she told me gave me insight to what I am currently going through. I love the way she speaks with softness and compassion and her style resonates with me. I would recommend her to anyone that seeks clarity in any situation they are going through. Thank you Angelique! xoxo

reading with guidance

I just had my first message with coaching from Angelique and feel clearer and hopeful! She really has helped to bring perspective to my situation and in a very grounded, honest,  and heartfelt way. Her connection and approach are truly a gift and I think I may seek her out for some Reiki healing next.Many thanks and much love Angelique!

Amazing reading

I had my first reading with Angelique. It was amazing. She read my situation beautifully and really made me feel at ease. I first found her on youtube and fell in love with her general reading so i decided to get a personal reading from her.WOW cannot begin to describe what a beautiful reading she gave to me. I appreciate every moment of it and will return in the future.

Inspiring and Supportive!

I truly appreciated the support and guidance offered here! Her emphasis on free will and the divine was much appreciated and I would highly recommend her! Love and peace!


i just received a spot on reading from Angelique. I was for love/romance and i also noticed that my Mp3 reading was 16:16 minutes long. so i looked up angel number 1616 and this is what it said"Angel Number 1616 may also be suggesting that a new relationship is imminent, either with a newcomer or through reignited love in your existing relationship/s. Be open to giving and receiving love and do not fear the ‘new’ entering your life."  WOW Angelique THANK YOU LOVE YOU.


I really enjoyed my reading with Angelique.  She was able to give me a broader view of all the events in my life which brought me great peace of mind. Her ability to identify with all of the energies around me has been a big help in my decision making, and seems to have given me more direction.  She was able to communicate with my deceased father and I can't even express how wonderful that felt.  Thank you so much Angelique! 


Thank you Angelique, for my first reading!!  You surpassed my expectation and enlightened me in a big way!!  Looking forward to incorporating this reading into my life as I move forward!!  It is so uplifting to have some guidance & direction to help with whatever you we may be experiencing in life!!!  The reading made a lot of sense to me and will definately be reaching out to you in the future!!  Thank you again!!  A Hopeful Client


Iv'e had many readings in the past and i have to say angelique's have been the most beautiful, clear and accurate readings i have ever had. Even just on her youtube readings i find are accurate to me which is what led me to purchase a reading from her and i was again amazed by how much it made sense to me. Thanks angelique!

2016 messages just for me!

This is my 2nd reading with Angelique and it is again an awesome reading.  It continues the messages from the first reading with more in depth and detail as some of the things may be happening closer now.  I am very satisfied with her service and messages and highly recommend her.  Many Thanks, Maria 

Grateful client

My life has been changed by Angelique's readings. I was about to go one way on a matter but changed direction after my reading and I am extremely grateful I did. She is truly talented and shares her talent with warmth, wisdom and compassion. My second reading was as accurate as my first, and I hope to be a client for a very long time. I highly recommend her services. 

Relationship Coaching

Angelique is warm, soothing and "spot on" with the energies she receives from her spirits and guides.  Everyone has a choice to make.  You cannot force a person to do something even if the energy is right; But with her guidance into the situation,  you can make your choice and feel better about any situation you desire as well as have a better understanding in order to think positive instead of negative. Thank you Angelique for all you do!

Intuitive, Authentic & Caring

I just experienced my first phone reading with Angelique, who I have been following for several months on-line.  Firstly, I really like how she conducts the session - laying out the reading first and then asking for input. Things really expanded when we talked and I received extreme clarity on a big fear.  Something I had been stalling on and avoiding.  After the reading, I was liberated to BEGIN what I had dreaded.  You might be wondering......I wrote a book and have been frozen about starting a screenplay version.  Following the reading, I wrote the opening of the film. And it flowed effortlessly.  I believe the reading "released" my resistance and utter fear.  I plan to return for another session and explore more questions.  Angelique is a lovely, utterly sincere and very gifted spirit.

Relationship Coaching

This reading was very insightful and helped me gain a new perspective and understanding of relationships in my life . Thank you so much Angelique you are an amazing soul:)