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Bowen Street
Spring Hill Queensland , 4000

Really different and exciting reading. I really appreciated the reading she did today and will definitely see her again. I highly recommend going to Donna for a reading, it's different and insightful. Thank you Donna!

I really appreciated Donna fitting a reading in for me while I was on holidays. She is a very approachable and warm person, with sensible advice and insight. I'm looking forward to seeing what unfolds in the future!

I’ve had 4-5 readings done from Donna over the course of 3-4 years. I have used different format for delivery recorded reading and live readings over phone call. So, I am a returning customer. Donna Marie is professional, true to spirit, delivers tough messages with clarity even the tough ones. She’s approachable and simple to work with. My vibes sync well with hers and Hers I love her energy Personal recommendation on readings ( not specifically for Donna) :get your readings done when your vibrations are at balance. You attract, what you project.

Thank you so much Donna for your insightful and very helpful guidance. I would highly recommend you.

Twin feathers is amazing she was so accurate and spot on with my daughter I highly recommend

My voicemail reading had me amazed and needing to hear more. Every single detail for each of my questions were spot on and straight away I regretted not booking a longer reading. Will definitely be returning to Donna as soon as possible.

I loved my reading with Donna! The only reason why I gave 4 stars and not 5 is only because I don't know if it will come true. Was she nice, yes, but you aren't paying money to someone to just be nice to you, am I right? That's what friends are for! You want results and you want someone who is gonna give you an accurate detailed, not general reading. Today is April 16, 2019 and I placed my order for a reading earlier in the same day and got my reading 9 hours later. That is fast! I have tried a total of 5 psychics off of etsy and Donna along with one other psychic I tried seemed to be the most detailed in my opinion, not necessarily accurate because that remains to be seen, but detailed and not so general like a lot of others can be. Donna was sweet in that she went over 10 minutes to finish my reading so I really appreciated that. She was sure to answer all my questions and reassured me that everything would be alright. She said she sees me moving to Cali in the future to be with this man that I love. I asked her if I should write a book and she said yes and possibly even a blog. So we will see what comes of everything! Thank u Donna! Your reading gave me hope!

Donna not only has a gift, she is also a calming and positive influence. I wholeheartedly recommend her if you are looking for advice, guidance or help on your life journey.

Donna tunes in to who you are and where you are at very quickly. I was absolutely amazed by her accuracy regarding the present and the past and intrigued with her thoughts around my future. She is completely open to questions and very easy to chat with. Fabulous! Thank you Donna.

Donna is awesome, accurate always right.She did many reading for me and will continue with readings . Everything that she told me came out true,so true . Every single word she said came out that way. Every time I have a decision to make about something or I have question I always talk to Donna first ,and she is always right . I strongly recommend her,she is excellent!!!!! Thank you Donna ,you are awesome!!!!

Very re-assuring - I received some solid direction that I can act on. I felt quite relieved at the end of the session and not so helpless - thank you Donna. I hope everything is going to work out in the next couple of weeks as per Donna's reassurance through her messages.

I have received several readings from Donna. She is an extremely talented and beautiful soul. I recommend her to anyone wishing to seek guidance.

I honestly can’t rate Donna highly enough. She has done a few readings for me now & is truely amazing! Thankyou so much for sharing your beautiful gift X

Spot on Donna Marie! Yes, it did make a lot of sense. Thankyou, much appreciated :)

I had the most AMAZING reading with Donna. She is amazing, truly a gifted reader. I bet she wanted me to hear a "certain message" message but the truth is I wanted closure on a situation I was having a hard time letting go of. and she definitely kept it REAL with me, even yelled at me in a motherly way. It was situation clouding all my senses and my synchronizes. She immediately tapped into a spirit that was around and gave me a clear message even before looking at my questions. even before my questions were revealed the message answered it. It was so impressive Her delivery of the reading was prompt and the reading was very detailed. Donna's natural abilities are the real deal. Everything she said was exactly how I was feeling. I needed her tough love. Can't recommend her enough.

Amazing thank you Donna for what you did, you have gone above and beyond with your service and gift.

Donna is an amazing reader, i have had two readings with her and they have been pretty accurate. I strongly would recommend her, If you are looking for a genuine answers to your questions. Her apporsch to answer the questions is also quite positive. Thank you so much Donna.