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Amazing experience!

What an awesome experience! I recently had a personal reading with Travis, which was amazing, so when I saw the notification for a group reading I knew I had to go with my mom and sister. Travis is such a genuine person, and even though in a group setting, he made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. He did a beautiful meditation to begin with and everyone received a reading. It was wonderful to see release and healing take place in a community environment. Travis is truly a gem and you will leave him feeling more grounded and guided than before. His ability to connect with your higher self is both empowering and helps hold you accountable for your actions. I am so appreciative of his gifts and the work he’s put in to share them.

Such an amazing experience!

Travis was absolutely wonderful. Not only did he blow me away with his talent, but he brought issues up that I didn’t know were there. I have gone to talented mediums before but he blew me away. If you are looking for guidance or a sense of direction he is your guy! I highly recommend him.

Travis is an incredibly sincere human, and his readings are inspiring!

Travis is so so so kind! I am not sure if anyone could be around him and not feel comfortable. I can assume how much dedication and devotion he has put into his craft, and relationship with Spirit, because it is obvious in every way. I have never been to a medium that has the type of beautiful connection with Higher Selves the way he does. It was such an honor to be able to have access to messages from my Higher Self via Travis, and I received so much enlightening advice on many parts of my life, some I had inklings about, and many just helped open my heart and my mind almost instantly, on things I had been working to release for years. Thank you Travis for such a loving experience!

The real deal

Travis is the real deal. I’m skeptical by nature but Travis is able to tap into your higher self and relays messages that there would be no way for him to know. His approach is loving, kind, and he has a thoughtful delivery. At first I went to Travis after a woman on an airplane mentioned to me that I “MUST” get a reading. So I thought, what do I have to lose? I gained so much insight and if anything, it’s a really good therapy session. I’ve referred a handful of people to contact Travis, and they have all come back to thank me. So many psychics or mediums will convince you that you need to be healed and they try to upsell you by way of fear. Travis never does that. He guides you. He told me reiki would be very beneficial to me and suggested I should find someone locally, even though that is a product offered through his site. It’s not about the money with Travis. He’s a good human being and I’m grateful I stumbled upon his name. If you’re feeling reluctant, I’d say it’s worth a shot. It’s affordable enough so that anyone can get a reading and it’s cheaper than a therapist. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Travis. I feel so grateful for you and your gifts. I well up with gratitude. ♥️

Much Appreciation

I love the clarity, highly spirited, and commitment Travis Hill brings to his readings and intuitive reiki sessions. He brings a high level of integrity and honoring to the psychic/medium world. I am conscious and intentional with who I choose to sit with, there is never a hesitation to sit with Travis. He truly cares about empowering others in living their best lives. Travis Hill is the real deal!

Genuine and loving reading

What an incredible experience. Travis is such a genuine spirit and his loving energy makes you feel comfortable immediately. His messages are clear and concise, and his focus on communicating with your higher self is empowering. He was able to speak directly to situations going on in my life and offer guidance on healing them. You will leave feeling lighter and that the universe is on your side. I can’t wait to go back and keep making positive changes. I’m so grateful to have met Travis and appreciative of the work he’s put in to share his gift.

I saw Travis Hill and it was one of the most amazing, moving experiences of my life. This was my first experience with a medium and Travis made me feel comfortable and made sure I understood his process. I felt that this one session has helped me heal more than two years of therapy has. Travis is an amazing human and I would highly recommend him to anyone who was interested in a session! Thank you Travis!

I have had several readings with Travis. Some of them with an exact purpose and some for no reason-which he always soon discovers! He is absolutely amazing! He is so sweet and welcoming- I don’t want to leave! I recommend Travis to everyone for everything. He’s always right on with so many things -and the comfort of “speaking” with a passed loved one is unexplainable! Travis is an absolute gift and a blessing! Can’t wait to schedule my next reading!

Thank you Travis!

I had a reading with Travis on May 30th as a combined Mother's Day/birthday gift from my son. It was over the phone because I live so far away. I was very nervous but Travis put me at ease right away. He was wonderful! He brought through five of my family members who have passed and each had a special and important message for me. When communicating with my higher self, he was able to answer all of my questions and confirmed some things for me that I needed to hear and know at this time in my life. Thank you so much Travis. You have such a special gift.

Travis was great.

I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Travis. We even had a friendly chat afterwards. I went to Travis for spiritual guidance needed at this point in my life and not provided by therapists who seem to often speak in platitudes. I was able to communicate with GG and Frank Sr. and have many questions answered by other connections Travis made during the session. I left feeling confident and assured of the choices I had made in the past and the life ahead of me. Travis is truly blessed with an ability to help others with an innocence and kindness that is extraordinary.

Travis is a truly gifted guide to the spirit world and the higher self, and has a wonderful loving energy. The reading really lifted my spirits, and brought many insights into my life situation as well as assisting with closure to my recently deceased grandmother. He communicated with her on the other side while conveying descriptive information that confirmed to me this was real. The interactive quality of this communication made it feel as though she was right there in the room, which was very powerful. I've shared this experience with others in the family which has brought comfort to them as well during this time. The reading was like receiving a special gift, one that I'll never forget. Thank you Travis!

Life Changing

I've seen Travis three times now and each session has had such a positive impact in my life. I've been able to move from the past to a bright hopeful future. Travis is one of the most genuine souls I've ever been in company with. Thank you Travis for sharing your gift with me!

Reiki Energy healing

Travis, I just want to thank you again for all you did for me in my Reiki healing. It’s been days since the healing. I feel sooo much lighter and have much more direction and clarity of where I’m going in my life. I went through sooo much in the last 4 months, that it had me in dark place. Thank you for helping me see that light again! And helping me release a lot of stuff! Your gift is sooo awesome to help others. I am so grateful for that! I send you much love my friend! Thank you ❤️😘❤️😘

I had such a wonderful Reading with Travis yesterday! He channeled several loved ones that had passed over. And was spot on with sooo many things going on in my life! I thank you sooo much Travis! I especially want to thank you for the most awesome experience I had with the Reiki Energy Healing!!! I knew I was going to experience something I’ve never felt before, as soon as I felt your hands heat up! I felt sooo good after the healing! Thank you sooo much Travis! Much Love to you❤️❤️❤️

Most loving reading

Travis has a most loving, gentle and angelic presence when reading. It was my first time reading with Travis, and he connected to my loved ones on the other side and passed along messages from my dear ones in very much the way they would have spoken to me, along with their humor and funny personality quirks. I loved having Travis pick up messages on my behalf to help guide me along my path, and to also validate that I am on the right path on the physical plane, with blessings from my departed family. Thank you Travis! You are an angel on this planet! Faye

This was my very first reading ever and I loved it. Travis is very professional and puts you at ease. As he gave me information he was spot on-most things I had not told anyone and the facts were exactly what I remembered. He did indeed help me achieve closure on issues I had been struggling with for years! I Highly recommend Travis-provided an exceptional experience!!

Great reading, I loved it!

I had a wonderful reading with Travis, he provided a lot of evidential information that made me confident I was connecting with my loved ones and presented it to me in such a fun yet loving way that I was relaxed all the way through and able to enjoy every minute. Any questions I started out with were answered before I could ask and really feel like I got to spend a little time with family who have been gone a long time. Thankyou Travis, it ment the world to me.

Travis was great, I was very nervous and kinda had some doubts but he made me feel better and also helped me get some closure with a loved one in heaven. I will definitely be coming back and recommend him! Not only was he comforting but very uplifting!