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Life Changing

I've seen Travis three times now and each session has had such a positive impact in my life. I've been able to move from the past to a bright hopeful future. Travis is one of the most genuine souls I've ever been in company with. Thank you Travis for sharing your gift with me!

Reiki Energy healing

Travis, I just want to thank you again for all you did for me in my Reiki healing. It’s been days since the healing. I feel sooo much lighter and have much more direction and clarity of where I’m going in my life. I went through sooo much in the last 4 months, that it had me in dark place. Thank you for helping me see that light again! And helping me release a lot of stuff! Your gift is sooo awesome to help others. I am so grateful for that! I send you much love my friend! Thank you ❤️😘❤️😘

I had such a wonderful Reading with Travis yesterday! He channeled several loved ones that had passed over. And was spot on with sooo many things going on in my life! I thank you sooo much Travis! I especially want to thank you for the most awesome experience I had with the Reiki Energy Healing!!! I knew I was going to experience something I’ve never felt before, as soon as I felt your hands heat up! I felt sooo good after the healing! Thank you sooo much Travis! Much Love to you❤️❤️❤️

Most loving reading

Travis has a most loving, gentle and angelic presence when reading. It was my first time reading with Travis, and he connected to my loved ones on the other side and passed along messages from my dear ones in very much the way they would have spoken to me, along with their humor and funny personality quirks. I loved having Travis pick up messages on my behalf to help guide me along my path, and to also validate that I am on the right path on the physical plane, with blessings from my departed family. Thank you Travis! You are an angel on this planet! Faye

This was my very first reading ever and I loved it. Travis is very professional and puts you at ease. As he gave me information he was spot on-most things I had not told anyone and the facts were exactly what I remembered. He did indeed help me achieve closure on issues I had been struggling with for years! I Highly recommend Travis-provided an exceptional experience!!

Great reading, I loved it!

I had a wonderful reading with Travis, he provided a lot of evidential information that made me confident I was connecting with my loved ones and presented it to me in such a fun yet loving way that I was relaxed all the way through and able to enjoy every minute. Any questions I started out with were answered before I could ask and really feel like I got to spend a little time with family who have been gone a long time. Thankyou Travis, it ment the world to me.

Travis was great, I was very nervous and kinda had some doubts but he made me feel better and also helped me get some closure with a loved one in heaven. I will definitely be coming back and recommend him! Not only was he comforting but very uplifting!

I have had two amazing experiences with Travis. He has an incredible gift. HIs energy is uplifting and his laugh is contagious. He knew things about me and my family that he couldn't have known, blown away. Can't wait until next time

Very detailed

I just had my reading yesterday and I so uplifted. Travis gave me a very detailed connection. My Grandma passed 42 years ago and she came through. This was a very professional yet caring experience. I learned about health concerns as well as being able to hear from my loved ones. There were a couple things I didn’t understand and already realize what the message was.

Nov. 27, 2018

My daughter and I had our first ever Medium reading with Travis in Nov 2018. It was far more exceptional, intuitive and uplifting than we’d expected. We each received valuable messages and much-needed info to ponder. Since that reading, I have returned for more help and another of my daughters now subscribes to readings w Travis. He now has a place on our family’s calendar, for sure!

The accuracy is amazing! It gives A world of relief when worry and doubt Hurt you. Know that answers are close By..Therese Sungail

Above any expectation I could have had

Travis is without question.. immensely gifted. Beyond that, his gentleness and care while facilitating great healing is superior! While knowing that I needed closure from an abusive marriage that ended in suicide, I showed up at his office, a complete mess. The thought of connecting to the memory I had of my ex, was frightening. From the warm greeting, I immediately felt safe with Travis. What transpired was remarkable! The answers, the validations, the beautiful memories that I had chosen to forget were brought up to remember. Messages were given that were so personal and impossible for Travis to have randomly guessed. Our session was life changing. I had held the pain of this relationship for almost 20 years and it has stopped me from fully loving others as well as myself. In one session, forgiveness and love! Travis, I am forever grateful for the healing you gave! You are an angel~xoxo

Excellent Reading! Very authentic!

I have now received two readings from Travis. As someone who also performs spiritual services for my life path, I have to say that Travis is nothing short of incredible at what he does. Whether you're looking to connect with a passed loved one, or to receive guidance from your Higher Self, Travis is the guy. He's very kind-hearted, professional, and he gets right to it when it comes to connecting and giving you any and all guidance and reassurance that you're seeking at this part of your journey. I was very pleased the first time, and the second was no exception. I will be continuing to come to Travis when I seek a reading!

Much Needed Closure

This was the most beautiful and enriching experience that I have ever had. I made an appointment because I was holding onto so much guilt and pain from the loss of my beloved grandmother and an unborn child of mine due to miscarriage. The child that I lost came through and I was able to learn that it was a boy that I lost, which was always something I had wanted to know. It was a beautiful experience to connect with my child and know that he wanted to try and join our family again. It brought the closure I needed to move on with my life and look to the future of welcoming him into our family again. When my grandmother came through she let me know that there was nothing more I could have done to make her feel more loved. I was afraid that I didn't spend as much time with her as I should have before her passing, but she said that she cherished every moment with me and that it was enough for her. I was able to let go of my pent up guilt and reminisce about our time together. I wish I could relive this session again and again. I am so happy that I chose Travis to reconnect with my loved ones.

Calm and Relaxing

My time with Travis was very calm and relaxing. He brings you into a small room where he sits on a chair across from you. He meditates briefly while connecting with those on the other side, and then gives you their thoughts and advice on your current life situation. My grandpa, grandma, and an old friend came through and they all knew what I am currently going through and let me know they were there for me. They provided insight on who I am. Then Travis tapped into my "higher self" and was able to give me advice from her...I gave myself advice hahaha :D At one point my grandpa told me that I had a bad pattern with men and that I just needed to stop! and I said, 'Stop, like with men? Should I try girls?" and my higher self said, "Not our path!" lol Travis is a very sweet soul and very welcoming. I've never been to a medium before and it was a great first experience.

Surprising and touching experience

I made an appointment with Travis after two people I knew personally recommended him. Neither of them had used him as a medium, but knew him personally and stated how much they trusted and loved him. He was able to connect to my brother, who had committed suicide a few months prior. My brother had a very quirky and funny personality, and while Travis was communicating what my brother was saying to me, it embodied his quirky personality so perfectly! It was uncanny.  It was a very awesome experience to have that has added to my healing and spiritual understanding. I ended up making another appointment with Travis a couple of months later for connection to my higher self, for life guidance. This was also an incredible experience and I am grateful to him for his patience, explanations, and time. 

Testimonial #147

Amazing experience! It was especially healing for my daughter who's father she never knew came through for her. He took up most of the appointment, but that's okay because she needed that message. I went to mainly talk to my son that recently died. I was afraid we would run out of time or he wouldn't come through. I asked him to come through at the end and he was right there waiting. Travis gave us extra time so I could talk to my son. He nailed my son's personality to a tee and how he died. I always wondered if it was intentional OD and he confirmed this as we were leaving without me asking. After Travis said something about son & suicide, I did ask "so it was intentional then?" and he didn't hesitate to say yes. I wasn't shocked or upset because I already knew in my heart. I'm just glad he's at peace now. All the other people & things he said were spot on. Even the thing about the cake he wanted my son to ask his Dad. His Dad confirmed the cake today. Great job Travis and Thank You. Oh, and when we got home there was a dime on bathroom counter like we discussed. I'm extremely grateful!  Will be coming back with my Sister in June.

Testimonial #146

My husband and I recently had a reading with Travis. I was able to connect with my parents and receive much needed closure in a few areas. We also received guidance on a few other issues. We left our reading feeling lighter and more at peace then we had in years! We will recommend Travis to anyone and everyone!