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Thank you

I have had a handful of readings from Travis and I always walk away with a sense of peace each time. The messages he shares from angels and loved ones are done with love, respect and professionalism. Thank you for the recent enlightening and healing session.

Testimonial #136

I had a reading with Travis on July 9, 2016. That reading was 100% correct. What he shared with me is such a blessing. He recorded our session and now I listen to it to remind me of my reading and the right path that I'm on. Travis is real. He has such a beautiful gift that I will never forget. Thank you Travis!!!

Thank you Travis

My daughter and I arrived to our appointment with Travis with heavy hearts due to the recent loss of my Dad. Within a few minutes we were certain that my Dad was present. Travis was able to relay little quirks that my dad did as well as little comments that my dad used to make. It was simply amazing. We left with our hearts filled with love and a renewed faith that my Dad was still with us.Thank you so very much Travis. God bless + Love and light,Angie

Testimonial #133

I walked into a session with Travis being open... no agenda, no questions... and what was relayed to me by him thru his guides brought me to a place of utter peace... on the mark, and given with such love and insight that even I was taken back by the details of what was revealed... what a gift this man has.  truly an amazing experience of unconditional love.... from the other side.

Testimonial #132

Travis thank you so much for such a beautiful reading for myself & Brent. You are truly so gifted. Angeles all around you and heaven in your heart. God bless bless. Angeles all around you and Dennis. Much love. Denise

Testimonial #131

I was so honored to have Travis come into our home and do a reading. His energy is beauitiful to be around. He did a beauitful reading for my husband that needed some closure. Travis is very gifted,pure at heart and soul fantastic.Thank you for your light & love. Angeles all around you heaven in your heart & starlight in your soul. Namaste.

Testimonial #130

I met with Travis for the first time yesterday (June 15, 2016). I didn't have to tell him ANYTHING but a name. He was able to connect to my energy. It was very intense. I could feel the connection immediately. Not a usual feeling of this dimension. I went in knowing what I wanted to have validated - not sure that I would hear anything about it - and left with validation and KNOWING that I was life purpose lies within my natural gifts that have been for years misinterpreted as a psychological disorder. I am extremely grateful to Travis for taking time to connect with me, and help me connect - legitimately - to my loved ones. It's okay to have questions ready. I didn't ask much because I was afraid I would interrupt the energy or flow of information...but wow, was I touched. I am so thankful to have gotten some serious validation, with VERY specific details, about things Travis couldn't have known - even if he had known me. Some of the things that came up were not on my mind...I wasn't "meaning" to seek out some of the answers and guidance I got - but I'm already ready for more. I cannot wait to attend the Psychic Trainings! Thank you, Travis. I have a feelings I'm going to get to know you a lot better. Your advice will forever change my life. Sending you and yours peace, love, light and health. Thank you for sharing your gifts with those of us who just need a little nudge! < 3

Fantastically Gifted

I brought a family member to meet Travis for general life guidance as they were interested in seeing what it was like.  This was only the second time I have met him (I first met him 6 months ago).  Once again, his ability to connect with the other side was incredible.  Before the session he knew NOTHING about my family member and almost NOTHING about me - yet once again, without him being told ANYTHING by my skeptical family member he identified and hit right on many key issues and areas that could benefit and enhance his life.  From the beginning of the session and for most of the hour you don't need to say anything to him.  The entities on the other side already know what you need to a large degree, and what will benefit you.  To me - a highly analytical yet spiritual person - this is a big key to how gifted someone is, and Travis is truly gifted with a miraculous gift.  I have felt nothing but light and love from him through both sessions I have sat in on.  Thank you Travis once again.  Some final thoughts - from my experience how much you benefit from a session with Travis depends on how truly open and willing to receive you are.  Always confirm everything that's suggested with your own heart.  And remember that Travis has to attach words to the knowledge he's getting and his choice of words my not be perfect, but I've found the idea or concept he's trying to convey almost always is right on.  Example - if he talks about how the arts could help you meditate and unwind and he focuses a bit on drawing, but you feel inclined towards playing music instead, know he got the concept right (the arts) but might not have used the right word (drawing instead of playing music).  If he says you won't have to worry about money or payments, and asks you what's an "a" word in regards to that - help him out and say "alimony"  (which was the case with us) and see if that's what he's trying to express (it was).  Again, he's trying to attach words to the knowing he's getting and it's not always a perfect process.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND going and seeing Travis if you are open to receiving help or want comfort from the other side.  RECORD THE SESSION - YOU MAY BE TOO EMOTIONALLY OVERWHELMED TO REMEMBER MUCH OF IT AFTERWORDS!  It amazes me how we have miracle workers right in our midst and yet they are so overlooked and sometimes sneered at.  Travis, I love you - keep up your great work!


Travis always amazes me with his incredible gift and talent. I would not have healed so much from my husbands death if it were not for Travis. He is incredibly caring, genuine and is a true healer. Travis has brought much needed closure and peace in my life when I needed if so badly. He is one of a kind and the best!


I do not think i could have made it through this last year without Travis.  He helped me so much.  He gave me hope and i knew things would be okay after our sessions.   I think he is a wonderful person and i appreciate him more than he knows, such a great caring person.

Testimonial #126

I received the messages exactly what I wanted with my reading with Travis. He is so good at what he does, I would suggest him to anyone and everyone.

Testimonial #127

My daughter & I went to see Travis - I was hoping he could help her feel some peace after she lost a couple of friends, unexpectedly. I wasn't sure what to expect, going into our session... but, our experience with Travis was incredible! He is truly a gifted and kind person. Travis relayed information that no one else cold have known, and... even more importantly, my daughter left the session with a greater understanding and peace of mind knowing her friends' love lives on. It was a unique, amazing experience - I would recommend Travis' services to anyone seeking guidance or closure.

Wonderful Session!!

Travis brought through a grandfather I'd never met.  It was especially touching.  The things he said to me about caring for his son brought a healing I needed.  He also brought through my dad and a former love who had us both laughing.  He is very accurate in his descriptions, mannerisms, and character of the loved ones he brings in.  I highly recommend Travis.  He is very kind and gentle in his delivery of messages.  Thank you so much Travis!!!!

Healing & Comforting

I first visited with Travis about 4 years ago, shortly after my husband passed away. He was able to connect with my loved one and relayed information that left me in no doubt that it was him.  It was so comforting to hear from him and know that he is okay.  I recently returned for another reading and was able to reconnect with my husband as well as with other departed loved ones.  His messages are extremely comforting and provide closure where needed.  Thank you, Travis, for providing that healing connection.

Testimonial #124

He is the most amazing person I have ever met. I love meeting with him. He is like a ray of sunshine. He has helped me so much since my parents passed away. He has showed me the true meaning of existence. He always has so much love to give. I love his energy, his smile and laugh. Thank you so much for helping me getting where I am now on my spiritual path. Can't wait to meet again. I feel really blessed to have met him. 

Real deal

Travis Hill is the real deal.  His medium abilities are spot on.  I have met with him several times and he is beyond words gifted and unique.  

The Best Experience

Travis is truly gifted. I have been seeing him semi-regularly for about 2 years now. Not just for sessions but also for his excellent energy work. I always know that I will leave my session with a weight taken off my shoulders, and better attitude and look on life. Not only is he so gifted, he loving and caring spirit is so contagious. I have brought many friends and family members here as well (some are skeptics) and they have all fallen in love with the experience as well. Truly nothing like it whatsoever.

Truly amazed

Travis is simply amazing. Went to a reading for my birthday gift to myself. Was definitely looking for some guidance and healing and wow was it amazing. Everything was right on. I would recommend Travis to anyone. I know I will be returning in time for another reading.