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Satisfied Soul

Travis Hill you are INCREDIBLE ! I'm sure you are aware of how appreciated you are and how thankful people are for you and your work but i feel there are not enough words to to express my deepest gratitude of appreciation i have for what you have done for me! I have been mostly open minded when it came to psychics and mediums but never really 100% sure. Well now, i am 1,000% sure you are the real deal and i am a firm believer. You relayed information that was so accurate and so private and personal how could i not be a believer?! Nobody could have known the detail of information that you relayed to me not to mention the manner and personality in which you relayed the messages were exactly of those whom the messages were coming from. You have helped me know for a fact my loved ones are still around and very aware of whats going on in my life and you have assured me when i speak of them they hear me and that has comforted me and left me with the greatest feeling ever! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you yourself are an angel ! I look forward to our next session.

Travis is AMAZING!

After I lost my best friend I needed guidance. Travis was correct about everything. It has helped me heal knowing the things I do. I would recommend Travis and have recommended him to everyone I can. 

The Real Deal

My girlfriend and I met with Travis for an hour in private session.  We both thought it would help elevate us spiritually to get possible guidance from the other side.  I am very grounded, an independent thinker, quite educated, very meticulous, very analytical, and not prone to blindly accept suggestions from spiritual guru's.  I am also very spiritual due to my own personal experiences with God many years ago that dramatically changed my perceptions of reality.  In a nutshell our session was absolutely amazing, very deep, very on point, very helpful, and an absolutely wonderful experience.  Almost everything he told us my soul KNEW was spot on.  He didn't want us to tell him anything about ourselves or to even ask any questions until the end.  He doesn't need to know anything about you as the angels he connects with already know you, what you need, and even what you are looking for to some degree.  He easily connected with my girlfriends parents, both of whom had passed on, and gave her a wonderful treat as she was able to visit with them and learn more about them and their challenges and how that could help her better understand her own life. (He brought up so much about each of them it was obvious he was talking to them on the other side in real time.) He helped us both better understand ourselves, and each other, in a wonderful way that has enriched our lives even more.  I could write pages about our experience, and it was only an hour.  I so so wish I had brought a tape recorder, which he welcomes. Travis is a beautiful soul, who is full of love, and who has truly been gifted with a real deal connection to the other side.  If you want an experience that is out of this world, and that will help you right now in your everyday life, I'd highly recommend him.  I don't know if it even matters if you're skeptical or not - just be open minded to consider the messages he gives you.  We are the only limiter to ourselves - choose to let go of limiting beliefs and patterns and you will be amazed how your life will blossom.  We will for sure be visiting with Travis again ourselves when we feel it is time.  It's wonderful to know that such miraculously gifted people still exist in this world.  Thank you Travis!!

Helped me with my son

This was my second time visiting Travis.  As like the first time, he was extremely helpful in me navigating an emotional event in my life.  Toward the end of the session, i asked him one small question about my estranged son. Travis gave me great detail on how my son is feeling, thinking, etc.  I went home and texted my son and acknowledged to him what i (now) knew about his feelings and why he wont talk to me. For the first time, my son texted me back and he appreciated what i had to say!  Travis helped me understand my son and what hes going through.   


Wow!  That's one word to describe the experience of working with Travis.  He is truly gifted and sincere.   His reading was very much an enlightening experience.  I would recommend Travis to all of my friends that are open to the possibilities. 

Always an Incredible Experience

I have been going to see Travis for face to face sessions as well as for light therapy for the past year. I was even living abroad and had the opportunity to have a reading over the phone with a great friend of mine. Travis is not only so kind, caring, and considerate, he makes you feel comfortable during your readings with him. Going to a psychic was something that made me nervous, anxious, and I was slightly skeptical. I now go to see him every 3-4 months and I am always excited to go and leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Travis has a truly wonderful gift. 


Travis connected with my husband who had just passed away, and the message of love was healing for both my late husband and myself.  Travis is amazing, and I would (and have already) recommend anyone to go see him.  Thank you so much Travis, for sharing your abilities.


Travis is always so helpful. Gives insight and picks up on deceased relatives that he has no way of knowing. Very in tune and gives great personal advice to questions I have. Have seen Travis 3 times already and will defiantly see him again. 

Owner of Superior Coatings

Travis, Is very intuitive and spot on. He's so very kind and warm. Loved loved talking with him. It was like talking with an old friend. 


Travis is truly amazing. I have had several readings done , have attended three classes and attend his guided meditation classes and he has helped me so much. His abilities are incredible and he really helped me deal with my daughters passing not long ago and I'm always learning from him as well through sharing his knowledge . I really look forward to more readings , meditations and increasing my knowledge of all things possible. Travis is the real deal! 

Wellness Coach

Travis is amazing. Those three words do not do justice. My father passed three years ago. I was able to meet with his spirit and my grandfathers spirit through Travis. Immediately Travis and the Angels gave me reassurance of an upcoming move (that I had some fear in). He was able to help urge my shy father to come forward and be with us. Tears of joy, and gratitude still flow. My father told Travis that he loved me (something that he wasn't able to say much during the physical life because of his mental disorders and emotional numbness due to multiple prescriptions). My father told me he liked my hair short (such simple compliments make a person smile) and that he was very proud of me. Travis also relayed info from the Angels that will help me in my relationship with my husband, child, and mother. Thank you Travis!!! I will be returning!


Travis is the best!  I always have the best readings, He always gives me so much hope.  He has the greatest gift and i appreciate that he has shared it with me.  He has made my life so much better.  Travis has the best soul, a wonderful person.  No one better!!

The Best

I absolutely LOVE Travis. I first heard of him 1 to 2 years ago and have been wanting to have a reading from him for a long time now. I am so happy that I ended up purchasing a session for my husband's birthday. We could not have been more happy with the outcome of the reading. We just had our session and we already can't wait to book another one with him. He has an amazing gift and was spot on with everything right from the start. He is very sweet and makes you feel at home during the readings. You will end up wanting to talk to him all night. If you are looking to connect with loved ones or need some spiritual guidance, we highly recommend booking a session with Travis. I have been to a few mediums in my life and he is seriously the best I have ever been to. He is worth every penny and more. Such a great experience, thank you so much Travis.


Travis is amazing! My session with him went above and beyond my expectations.I look forward to seeing Travis again and feel truly blessed to have met him.


Always on point with feelings, issues, guidance.  It's remarkable how on target and in tune Travis is with his ability to relay information from our angles and/or loved ones.  It's an experience EVERYONE should introduce themselves to. Open yourself up and it will happen.  He is the real deal and a wonderful person, truly gifted!
Thank you, Travis

Business Development

Travis is a gifted intuitive and energy worker.  My session went right to the core of a physical and emotional challenge.  I highly recommend his energy work!

Amazing, I have used Travis' services over and over and every time it has always been above and beyond my expectations.  I have had readings, blessings and even attended classes he holds.  If you have not experienced Travis you are missing out!  Thanks for all you do Travis you are amazing my friend!


Travis is the best he healed alot of us.  And shocked us by what we heard there were nonbelievers who he made believers of.  I loved the atmosphere and the guest can not stop talking about it.  thank you so much Travis you are a wonderful person and we will be doing this again.