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Travis was amazing he got everything right on. I would recommend him to anyone who wants clousure 

Super Sweet

Thank you soo much!  The time i spent with you was so uplifting and confirming.  Travis has such a pure kind beautiful powerful connection to Spirit.  I was so deeply touched.  I crave to go back, it was sooo insightful & helpful.  Thank you for sharing your gift, you make such a difference! < 3


Travis is so amazing.  I was in need of guidance and clarity. He was on point and very caring. I can't wait for my next reading.I would definitely recommend him to all. Travis your so awesome. 


From the very first time I heard Travis on KBER 101.1 i was blown away by his abilities. He is 100% the real deal and so amazing. We had an incredible session the other day fo my first ever reading with him. It was a marvelous mixture of hilarity, sadness and compassion. He is a true healer and spiritual guide. I can't wait to go back.

Beautiful Experiences

I have now had 2 readings with Travis that were so very special and brought me messages I was in need of hearing. I, also, just completed a 6 week  Introductory Evidential Psychic/Medium Development Class that completely changed my life. I can't wait for the intermediate course next year. Travis is a true gift to us all!

Truly Inspired

Travis was amazing! He was able to pick up on things immediately that he in no way would know unless he was truly guided from the other side.  The information he gave me from my angels has truly helped me with regards to my family.  It was wonderful to be able to hear from loved ones who have passed and to laugh with them and remember their fun, joking personalities that I have missed so much!!  I can't wait to go back to Travis!!  I feel so connected to Travis and he made the appointment so comfortable, fun and easy.  He truly is amazing!!

production worker

I had such a wonderful experience with Travis, I needed to reach out to my mom, I miss her so much! Travis is exactly what I needed to be able to do that! Her fisty personality came through just like her! I didn't want to leave, so I guess I'll be going back to Travis! Thanks Travis, luv ya

I Believe!!!

Travis is the real deal, our session was enlightening and healing. I recommend him highly. My session with him has changed my life and made me a believer


Travis is the best!!  My readings are always so helpful and make me feel more positive.  Thank you!

Right on target

I just happened to come across a business card in an odd random place, and i looked at it and it happened to be for Travis Hill-Psychic Medium.  For some strange reason i decided to make an appointment.  I have to say the reading was so accurate it was amazing.  Its like he could read my mind and could tell what was weighing so heavily on my mind.  The angels gave me excellent guidance and my grandmother stepped forward to give me some advice too.  I wish i could go every week it was so helpful and has changed my life.  It gave me the confidence and ability to trust the direction in my life and also to see what i needed to change.  I highly recommend Travis.  He is the best.  


I have had several phone reading with Travis over the last couple of years.  He has guided me through health issues and the loss of a loved one.  Something guided me to Utah.  My sister and I flew to Utah for the Intuitive Energy Work and a Reading.  Knowing that we were guided to Utah was validated through our reading.  As always he was able to give me messages from the Angels, Spirit Guides and my Mom.  Meeting Travis in person was awesome, it was like meeting an old friend.  I feel very blessed to have him in my life and trust him completely.   ***A message to anyone that needs answers or guidance; TRAVIS IS GIFTED AND CAN HELP YOU!! *** 

Halfway there...

The reading that I had the other day was very helpful, just as I had said before..But as is often my Initial reaction, I seemed hesitant to say so because I received so much information at once it takes time for me to process everything. I hope to be able to go over particular points in the letter with Travis that was highly suggested that I write and get clarification on other things that I have yet to understand... perhaps because they haven't happened yet.

Spot on!

I have been to Travis 3 times.  Every time I had been dealing with a life issue.  Travis was caring and compassionate and every time he was spot on. He does not ask leading questions. He is genuine. I would highly recommend him! Every time I go I feel that I was supposed to be there to get his guidance.

What?! How did you know that?

The first thing I noticed about Travis is how friendly he is; very personable.   He explained his process, how the reading would work, then immediately started to describe things about my grandmother; none of which he could have "Googled".  It was amazing!  Then he described my mother & was able to provide insight as to things that happened before she passed.  The whole process was so helpful & healing & elevating to the Spirit, like going Home to take a rest from all the "muck".  Thank you Travis.  I look forward to future readings.  Many blessings to you.  May you always have the protection, guidance, & love you need. 

Always such a treat to see Travis =)

Travis is always so wonderful....I love his amazing energy that I can feel every time I see him. He leaves me surprised every time, and I can see how much he keeps growing and developing because his readings are deeper and more profound every time..It helps my personal spiritual development to visit him...This time was my own birthday gift to myself to have a reading with him and I loved every second...So did my 7 year old daughter even though she didn't stay still Travis was so patient with her...We love you Travis...See you again soon..


To start of, I would like to say Travis is absolutely amazing. I was somewhat of a skeptic, but after losing my husband recently at a young age, I was desperate for answers and closure. I went into the session honestly not expecting my husband to come through, but Travis was able to communicate with my husband on the other side and validated what he was saying by bringing up details or certain things no one would know, and Travis was very specific with each detail. I know for certain he was communicating with my husband on the other side and I got all the closure and answers I needed so badly. Through this tragic event in my life, Travis was my savior and has helped me heal a tremendous amount knowing my husband is in a good place and kisses my daughter's cheek at night when she is sleeping. A big thank you to Travis for changing my life and outlook on my situation, he is brilliant and the real deal. 


I always feel better after i see Travis,  he is always right on.  It is always comforting to see him and makes me feel at peace.  Can't wait to see him again.  

My Birthday

I had a session with Travis on June 12, he connected with my Father.  In the session Travis said that my Dad wanted to give me a gift for my birthday and Travis said that he saw a bird white or gray, and he saw feathers...and to know that if I saw feathers from a white or gray bird it was a gift from my Dad.  When I got home, I was in the yard working around my pool and on the ground was a white and gray feather. I was very grateful for my session with Travis. It put my mind at ease and totally gave me the comfort I needed. Thank you Travis, I will see you again soon.