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Spot on!

I have been to Travis 3 times.  Every time I had been dealing with a life issue.  Travis was caring and compassionate and every time he was spot on. He does not ask leading questions. He is genuine. I would highly recommend him! Every time I go I feel that I was supposed to be there to get his guidance.

What?! How did you know that?

The first thing I noticed about Travis is how friendly he is; very personable.   He explained his process, how the reading would work, then immediately started to describe things about my grandmother; none of which he could have "Googled".  It was amazing!  Then he described my mother & was able to provide insight as to things that happened before she passed.  The whole process was so helpful & healing & elevating to the Spirit, like going Home to take a rest from all the "muck".  Thank you Travis.  I look forward to future readings.  Many blessings to you.  May you always have the protection, guidance, & love you need. 

Always such a treat to see Travis =)

Travis is always so wonderful....I love his amazing energy that I can feel every time I see him. He leaves me surprised every time, and I can see how much he keeps growing and developing because his readings are deeper and more profound every time..It helps my personal spiritual development to visit him...This time was my own birthday gift to myself to have a reading with him and I loved every second...So did my 7 year old daughter even though she didn't stay still Travis was so patient with her...We love you Travis...See you again soon..


To start of, I would like to say Travis is absolutely amazing. I was somewhat of a skeptic, but after losing my husband recently at a young age, I was desperate for answers and closure. I went into the session honestly not expecting my husband to come through, but Travis was able to communicate with my husband on the other side and validated what he was saying by bringing up details or certain things no one would know, and Travis was very specific with each detail. I know for certain he was communicating with my husband on the other side and I got all the closure and answers I needed so badly. Through this tragic event in my life, Travis was my savior and has helped me heal a tremendous amount knowing my husband is in a good place and kisses my daughter's cheek at night when she is sleeping. A big thank you to Travis for changing my life and outlook on my situation, he is brilliant and the real deal. 


I always feel better after i see Travis,  he is always right on.  It is always comforting to see him and makes me feel at peace.  Can't wait to see him again.  

My Birthday

I had a session with Travis on June 12, he connected with my Father.  In the session Travis said that my Dad wanted to give me a gift for my birthday and Travis said that he saw a bird white or gray, and he saw feathers...and to know that if I saw feathers from a white or gray bird it was a gift from my Dad.  When I got home, I was in the yard working around my pool and on the ground was a white and gray feather. I was very grateful for my session with Travis. It put my mind at ease and totally gave me the comfort I needed. Thank you Travis, I will see you again soon.

Fabulously Amazing AND the Real Deal

Had THE MOST AMAZING experience yesterday. Accompanied a dear friend to see Spiritual Medium Travis Hill for a reading. It was truly the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed, EVER. Travis​ is absolutely amazing and everything he said and that came through him was spot on and absolutely consequential and truly beautiful. I am in awe of such an amazing gift as his, absolutely. If you are thinking about seeing a Medium for any reason, if you wish to hear from your departed loved ones or to receive helpful guidance from your angels, Travis IS caring, kind, AND the real deal, not to mention a truly beautiful soul. Namaste', Travis, and I thank you so much more than words can say. 


Travis is the best.  He was right on with everything and i felt i had a real good reading.  I felt better about my mom who had passed on.  I would recommend Travis to anyone, he is way good.     

Most Beautiful Experience

Travis was amazing, hit everything right on!  I said nothing but my name, and he was able to guide me through my own validations that was much needed, and helped me connect with my deceased mother for Mother's Day.  I will definitely see him again.  Worth every penny!  


I don't even know if I can put into words the impact that seeing Travis has made on my life.  My darling son tragically passed Easter last year, I was devasted and completed broken. I decided to see Travis as I was desperate to understand why this happened and at the time I did not think I was going to survive this loss.  I honestly feel that Travis's gift saved my life and my family.  He allowed my son and I to connect, I actually had a conversation with my child. he explained things to me in specific detail that only my son could know. My son and travis showed me that HEAVEN IS REAL!!!  I am a transformed person, I have found healing and happiness again and I am able to connect with my sweet boy almost daily myself. It has made my life better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Travis!!! My "SideKick"  lol.... The whole family has been to Travis including my 3 young child my husband and my Mom. we all have been blessed to connect with my Stu. Travis is a miracle worker.  I look forward to seeing him for years to come.

Absolutely Amazing

I have never been so impressed with an experience like this.  I did not believe that this could be true.  I was able to talk to my Mom and Dad, my ex-husband and to my grandson Stu Killian who dies last year.  I was told so many things that Travis could not possibly know.  My heart was filled with love and light.  I will work hard to have the funds to go to Travis many more times.  I cant say enough how wonderful this time was.  I am still glowing from it.

Great Insights

thank you Travis!  I am at awe that you know my questions and answers before I even ask.. Can't wait to talk again!  You are Very talented Real Psychic!  Anna

spiritually enlightening

I saw Travis for the first time last week. He made me feel comfortable and helped to guide me in my life. I had many questions as to my life path and how to improve my meditation. I feel a more enlightened and am excited to have another session with Travis in the future. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for spiritual guidance.

Concerned Mother

Travis guided me though some much needed information about my daughter.  She has been struggling.  Travis helped me identify some underlining issues she has with her deceased father.


My sister and I had a reading on February 20th 2015 Travis was very understanding due to the fact we had got lost but he stayed on the phone with us until we could find him. Our reading was so much more then we expected,he really knew what he was doing, he gave us so much insight, we will definitely go back to see him again, he is an amazing person with a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing with us. Thanks so much Jenny Easley and Sheila Shetty


Travis is wonderful. I was nervous and apprehensive about my visit, but he certainly made me feel at ease. Not only with his kind demeanor and personality, but also with the things that came up in the reading. I feel like I have a little more direction in life, and feel very at peace. 

Such a gift!

Travis did a reading for me and my friend Sara a couple weeks ago, and it was an absolutely amazing experience! Travis very gifted and has an acute sensitivity of the messages from the loved ones, spirit guides and angels that came through.  I feel very blessed to have been able to visit him and will making an appointment for another reading soon!

Thanks Travis!!!

Exceeded all expectations

I saw Travis for a reading and energy healing two days ago. Now only did I get to learn about a few relatives, including my husband who passed 4 months ago, and their progression and happiness I learned a lot about myself. I learned things I can choose to improve and/or develop. I learned a lot about my body and how to more effectively go about some changes I'd like to make.  I look forward to learning more about meditation, future readings, and healings.  I thought I was not ready for Travis' class on developing my psychic abilities but since the reading I find I am. I so look forward to these classes.  I highly recommend anyone who is searching for answers, or has that feeling that something is missing in life to pay Travis a visit.  Thank you Travis for so sharing your gifts.