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Great Insights

thank you Travis!  I am at awe that you know my questions and answers before I even ask.. Can't wait to talk again!  You are Very talented Real Psychic!  Anna

spiritually enlightening

I saw Travis for the first time last week. He made me feel comfortable and helped to guide me in my life. I had many questions as to my life path and how to improve my meditation. I feel a more enlightened and am excited to have another session with Travis in the future. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for spiritual guidance.

Concerned Mother

Travis guided me though some much needed information about my daughter.  She has been struggling.  Travis helped me identify some underlining issues she has with her deceased father.


My sister and I had a reading on February 20th 2015 Travis was very understanding due to the fact we had got lost but he stayed on the phone with us until we could find him. Our reading was so much more then we expected,he really knew what he was doing, he gave us so much insight, we will definitely go back to see him again, he is an amazing person with a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing with us. Thanks so much Jenny Easley and Sheila Shetty


Travis is wonderful. I was nervous and apprehensive about my visit, but he certainly made me feel at ease. Not only with his kind demeanor and personality, but also with the things that came up in the reading. I feel like I have a little more direction in life, and feel very at peace. 

Such a gift!

Travis did a reading for me and my friend Sara a couple weeks ago, and it was an absolutely amazing experience! Travis very gifted and has an acute sensitivity of the messages from the loved ones, spirit guides and angels that came through.  I feel very blessed to have been able to visit him and will making an appointment for another reading soon!

Thanks Travis!!!

Exceeded all expectations

I saw Travis for a reading and energy healing two days ago. Now only did I get to learn about a few relatives, including my husband who passed 4 months ago, and their progression and happiness I learned a lot about myself. I learned things I can choose to improve and/or develop. I learned a lot about my body and how to more effectively go about some changes I'd like to make.  I look forward to learning more about meditation, future readings, and healings.  I thought I was not ready for Travis' class on developing my psychic abilities but since the reading I find I am. I so look forward to these classes.  I highly recommend anyone who is searching for answers, or has that feeling that something is missing in life to pay Travis a visit.  Thank you Travis for so sharing your gifts.


Truly an authentic experience.  I have seen Travis a couple of times now. His guidance and ability to bring through the loved ones whom have passed has been so comforting. Each time he has been able to give me specifics of who was coming through without a doubt. I have been able to make peace and heed some amazing guidance with Travis' help. Travis has a beuatiful gift!

Thank you so much!

Group reading was so much fun(:

I had travis give a group reading at my birthday party with all of my close friends. It was really fun and amazing to hear about all the people he connected to. There were a lot of funny and emotional moments throughout the entire session(: I would reccomend Travis for any type of reading! I really enjoyed the private reading with Travis after the group reading as well, the detail that comes through is truly amazing. Thank you again!


Travis is exceptionally gifted. I learned a lot from my spiritual guides and heard from my step-mom who passed away last year. He described how she looked when she was healthy. He also told me that if I saw hunting birds, she was close by. Since the day she passed, there has a been red-tailed hawk living in the tree behind my house. I always thought of that bird as her and I had named it after my step mom. It was confirmed for me by the reading with Travis, she is with me still. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us Travis. 


I want to thank you soooo much my dear friend Travis, for the awesome reading yesterday! It was the best birthday ever! You have such a wonderful, true loving gift that you share with everyone. I felt so much love from the other side. And sooo much validation of my path in life from my spirit guides! It was the best reading ever!! I was feeling the love all day! I am so truly blessed to have you in my life my dear friend. Thank you for all you do for so many people. Love and light, Namaste


I went in to see Travis with an open mind but still skeptical. There were unanswered question I had for my loved one who just passed away. I wanted to make sure I didn't go in asking leading questions so I was mostly silent. But Travis began saying stuff right away and some of the things, there is absolutely no way Travis could have known by any other means. I wish I would have had more time. Next time I'll know it's safe to ask more questions. Travis is gifted and I just felt right at home with him even though I had just met him.


I am a natural skeptic.  I believe in data - and hard facts.  But you cannot avoid the obvious!  Not only is Travis a kind and supportive individual - but he is quick to answer questions to be sure you understand the process.  Most of all - he is the REAL DEAL!  Nobody else could know the things that Travis brought out in the sessions.  NOBODY else!  If you are searching - search no further!  Travis is THE MAN!  :):)   

Highly Recommended!

I have had two readings, and two energy healing sessions with Travis, and have to admit, I was really nervous the first time in, because I had never done anything like this before, and did not know what to expect, especially since it would involve being alone in a room with a total stranger. Travis has an amazing energy that can immediately be felt, and I instantly felt safe with him. I have never met a more humble, down-to-earth, compassionate, caring, happy individual, than I have with Travis. He has helped me in my spiritual journey more than he can ever know, and I thank God there are such good souls like him in this life to help us with this journey called life. I can’t recommend him higher than I am, and promise you will not be disappointed. He is an absolute delight and joy, and I wish him nothing but love, light, happiness and joy. Thank you for all you do, Travis.


I have had several consultations with Travis and am pleased to say that he has been very accurate about people and things that happened that no one else could possibly know.  I TRUST HIM IMPLICITLY!!  His connection with the other side is divine and pure.  He has a true gift and is selfless enough to share it with the world.  We are truly blessed that he does!

Powerful Reading

I had a wonderful reading with Travis.  My great grandma came through, and provided answers to many questions I have been facing.  The way in which Travis interpreted that information, and provided answers was powerful. It is clear that Travis does this work because he has a powerful gift and wishes to share it. I recommend Travis to anyone who is seeking a connection to their guides and answers to life questions. 


I just want to say Thank You so much.. It was everything I was looking for. Not really knowing what to expect, and leaving there with no doubts and a comforting feeling was amazing.. Travis truly has a gift that keeps on giving, and I am so grateful to be a recipient of that gift..  


Sitting with Travis was such an amazing experience. He was incredibly accurate and his work has really helped me a great deal with a very horrible tragedy I've experienced. I would highly recommend Travis for anyone who needs any guidance or has questions for a passed loved one!