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Valuable Info

I have had a few private readings with Travis and much info from my dad and brother came thru.  This last one he told me who my guardian angels are, and I was so glad to have my thoughts confirmed that one of my angels is my dad.  I have felt his protection so many times since he passed.  Travis also told me about my upcoming grandson (we are on baby-watch for his impending birth!!!)  I value Travis and his amazing ability and his friendship.  He is truly amazing.  Much love Travis.

Frequent customer, Great experiences

I have been seeing Travis for the past 3 years at least once a year. This last time I had been having a rough few months so I thought it would be helpful and healing for me to pay him a visit. It was very healing I went in a mess and all over the place. I came out feeling like a ton of bricks had been lifted off of my chest. I did not even have to tell Travis what was going on (as I never have had to), he picked up on it and told me how I was feeling and what was going on and the spirit guides offered suggestions. Travis is great I recommend him to people all the time because I say he can't make you feel any worse only better. So if you are hesitant just give it a try because it could be exactly what you need. 

Travis is the Real Deal

Travis is the Real Deal, I had a great reading and awesome healing session.He had so many small details about relatives that have passed away, there is no way he could know those things unless he was actually talking to them.The healing was incredible, my wrists and ankles have not been this pain free for 2 years. I highly recommend Travis if you are looking for some guidance from your guides or loved ones that have passed away or in need of some healing.Christine

Tears of Joy and Comfort

I had a reading done by Travis over a year ago and I will never forget the experience.  He was able to give me a message from a loved one that I desperately needed to hear from.  There is no way that Travis could have been privy to the information prior to the reading because it is something that only a very select few people are aware of.  The comfort that the reading brought to me and the tears of joy and love is something that I will never forget.  Travis is genuinely gifted and being able to sit with him in a reading is a blessing in itself as he is the epitome of pure goodness, light and love.  Thank you and I look forward to another reading soon.


Travis is truly a gifted person. He exhibits such a pure heart, love and compassion for others. His readings are always beneficial and uplifting as well as a huge comfort. He is the most talented meditation guide I have ever experienced. amazing. 


I have seen Travis three times now -- he is so kind and caring.  He was able to get closure on something very important to me.  I am so looking forward to taking he class on spirit communication.  He has a gift that I wish I had and I am so glad he share's that gift with other people.  He is terrific!!!   


I went in to Travis because I really needed closure and guidance. I have always been very skeptical of afterlife, spirits, and even God. My reading was so spot on, I can't possibly deny anymore. There are things in the reading that I wasn't aware of, and later got confirmation by speaking to family members. I am truly grateful for this experience. Thanks so much for everything



I have always believed in this and have had my cards read a couple times. But when my brother told me that he had been to Travis, I knew right then that is where I needed to be. I made my appointment and was on my way. It was the best time I had spent in a very long time. It was great to come in contact with my Mother-in-law, my Father and my spirits. My father stated that he did not like my eyes, I was not sure what that met until later, I had permit eye makeup done. This was done long after he was gone. I still not sure what the vase met, but I will keep working on it. There was many things that came through that eased my mind and thoughts. It was a great and rewarding time and so glad that I done it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Travis. I am so blessed you have you in my life.  

Life changing!

The entire reading with Travis was great! The most amazing part for me was  the first person who came through for me. I did not recognize this person at all, but when I was telling my mom about the reading, she said it sounded exactly like my grandfather who died before I was born. I didn't really know anything about him, so I certainly couldn't have given Travis any "cues." Travis insisted on the information he was receiving and didn't waiver despite me not knowing who the person was. The other people who came through were described exactly as they were in life.Travis contacted my guides as well and really helped me answer some questions I've had for a long time. He essentially helped me find the permission I needed to create the life I've been wanting. Very helpful! I've now been able to push past my own resistance to take steps toward that life. I will forever appreciate his assistance.

wow right on target

my niece hannah and i had a reading today with travis. it was amazing ., he was right on target with hearing from loved ones we hoped to hear from and a few surprises . he was very accurate on a cousin and her husband that came through .. i checked with my cousin who was their daughter and he really did a great job getting the facts right. he also healed our grieving hearts and gave us comfort .. i just could not begin to to tell you how much better we felt after talking to him . we can't wait to see him when he comes to vegas , we will talk to him again . hugs to Travis if  Geri hasn't gotten him yet  ( he knows what this means ) .. thank you again travis you are our hero !!

An indescribable experience

I hired Travis to come to a house party with me and 10 girlfriends. At first I was a skeptic of psychics because I had never had a reading before but I thought it was something I should try out. Not only did Travis prove himself to be 100% real in his psychic abilities, but he gave everyone there, including myself, a reading that helped them heal. Everyone heard from someone they love and he accurately identified them. The information he gave is nothing you would be able to know unless it came directly from those spirits. I will be making an appointment with Travis soon and have been encouraging my friends and family to go see him as well. I can't thank Travis enough for this amazing experience. 

Truly amazing

We took my mom to see Travis and he was amazing.  The experience was more than we could have asked for, I will always remember that experience and plan on going back for myself. I would reccomend him to anyone and everyone. 


I loved going with Travis Hill i took my dad in and my grandparents came to speak to us it was the best feeling. He said a lot of things on the spot and everything made sense. I am planning to attend again but this time for me . Give it a try, in a way he makes you feel relax and stress free.

Words Cannot Explain

A session with Travis is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.  His accuracy is incredible and his genuine caring nature shines through. This was my second reading with Travis (almost two years from my first reading), he is the real deal, and I’m glad that he has chosen to share his great gift. Thank you again Travis and I thank God for blessing such a wonderful person with this amazing gift.  

Heaven On Earth!

What an angel!  I am very fortunate to have Travis in my life as a dear friend. I'm so thankful our paths crossed and I had an opportunity to get a couple readings done with Travis. Each one very unique and precise with life events from the past, present, and future. Not only did he share messages from my ancestors and spiritual guides but he also took the time to explain some things about the spirit realm which helped bring comfort and reassurance to know I'm being watched over each day! The messages he genuinely shares from spirit is priceless!  Thanks again Travis, you're amazing! 

One of the best experiences of my life

Travis is a very caring and kind gentleman that made me feel very comfortable right away. He gave very specific details and insight about my past family deaths and  tragedies as well as what was currently bothering me. I only wished that I was able to find him sooner as he was very accurate and helpful in my healing process. I have no doubts that I will see him again and will recommend him to my family and friends!


I feel so grateful to have met Travis for a reading. He is surely a kind old soul.  Travis is authentic and nurturing which helped me to feel connected and comfortable. The reading was wonderful and healing as many of my loved ones came through with important information and advice. I heard an apology from beyond that will impact the remainder of my life. 
Thank you Travis for being you, a very special man! 


I recently spent  time with Travis.  He makes you feel totally at ease and was able to make connections for me and give me insight  into difficulties I had been encountering.  He was spot on with everything he told me.  I look forward to more readings from Travis.  All I can really say is "WOW"