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I have had Travis cleanse my business 2x now and has done amazing work each time.   Each time my business has flourished after.  I have also had a personal reading that was just amazing and accurate.  I also have been to a group reading where he was so accurate it scared one of my nonbeliever friends that went with us and truly brought her to tears of excitement.  It is always a blessing to have Travis around and his amazing spirit.  Thanks again Travis keep up the amazing work! 


I could tell right away that Travis is a very loving and kind person.  The first thing I noticed was the positive energy in the room before we had even started our reading. I'm somemwhat skeptical about mediums/psychics, but I was amazed at his knowledge of things he couldn't have known.  The reading was amazing.  Thanks Travis, hope to see you again!

Great Experience

I had a really good reading. Right off he answered my questions and explained what was going on in my life without me saying anything at all. It was very spiritual and a unique experience. I would definitely recommend him to others and also its a good idea to bring a recorder so you can listen later.

The Real Deal

Travis is kind, compassionate and legit! He is honest.  He touched on things that I have not told to anyone. I was blown away. Thank you Travis. 

Travis was great!

Travis was great! He answered all the questions I had at that time, now I have a few more I need answered.  Can't wait till I see him again.  Charlene P.

Travis is the BEST!!!

I had a life changing reading with Travis today. He is so professional and legit!  I know for sure that he connected with my family that has passed, he knew things no one could know unless they were really talking to my family. Travis is caring and warm and I felt completely at ease with him. I can't wait to have another reading!

Calming and Reassuring

It was awesome to hear so many of our family come through to Travis.  He provided specific details that obviously validated his gift, but enabled me to reconnect with my family.  I was also about to confirm that the business decisions I am making are "Right where I should be" through communication with my spirit guides.  I am always careful and skeptical of people and Travis was accurate, upfront and very comforting.  He has a great spiritual manner and I felt like I was talking to an old friend.  I feel that Travis is a gift to the people he is able to connect with.  I feel fortunate that I have the opportunity to connect with him and I will be seeking his assistance through my life.  Thank you Travis!


It was suggested by a friend that I visit a spiritual person to help me with grievance. I had never considered a psychic, in fact, I didn't really believe in this sort of thing. I came across Travis online. I was not sure what to expect. I didn't tell Travis anything.  All my concerns were addressed . I have visited Travis several times and each visit is very helpful. Travis has such a big heart and passion for what he does.


I just want to thank you,Travis, for yesterday's reading.  It really restored my faith (though "spirit" tried hard to prevent it from happening).  So many of my questions were answered - and you helped me in ways I hadn't even thought about.  Most of all, you brought my Mom forward...and I needed that so much.  You are blessed with such a wonderful gift.  I feel privileged to have met you, and I look forward to many more meetings / readings in the future.  Thank you, and God bless you.


After seeing Travis I felt so at ease about life. He was extremely accurate about everything! He was extremely personable and was open to any questions I had. He really brought out my relatives in a way that only I would of known them. When my fiances dad came through he immediately knew it was for him without knowing whose father had passed. I will most definitely refer him! He and the spiritual guides really help me understand a lot of things I wasn't understanding. It was extremely life changing for me and I can't wait to do another visit with him!

House Party

I just had a house party, and not only was Travis amazing and accurate with my guests and myself, but he's such an amazing person all around. 

I have had personal readings done too, and Travis hits it right on the nail every time. 

Travis is amazing at what he does and I would tell anyone to go and see him.

Loan Coordinator

I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted fro me. Travis was so "in tune" with me and what was going on in my life. I had never met him nor did I tell him anything about me or why I was there. He is truly a gifted psychic and a healer. Highly recommend!


I saw Travis for the third time today and all I have to say is wow! He's truly amazing at what he does. Every time I have a reading done by Travis he is always 90%-100% right on everything he says. After I see him I always feel like the whole world is off my shoulders. I will always continue to schedule readings with Travis.

Insightful Phone Reading

After attending a gallery reading event with Travis at the Las Vegas Paracon earlier this year..that was for me 'life changing'... i booked a 45-minute phone session with him recently. The information and insight provided was extremely timely, useful and accurate..covering many areas of my life in the past present and future.  One particular important 'life monent' he mentioned during the reading has indeed just recently become a reality-  something that will bring me great satisfaction and purpose in life.  I highly recommend Travis' services and appreciate his professionalism, positive attitude and the obvious love he has for his gifts.

Priceless / Way beyond my expectations

My sister had Travis read her.  I had the opportunity to be in the room with them. Watching and listening to Travis read my sister, and having him read emotions and events that have, and are occurring with her was the ultimate hour my sister and I have ever spent with such a special, talented, caring, professional medium.  Travis helped my sister far beyond anything we could have thought or asked for.

 Travis is the bomb-diggety of Mediums!!!


Party Reading Testimonial

I booked a party for November 2, 2013. Travis's web site said we could have up to 20 people attend, which we did. I along with many who attended wondered how he was going to get around to everyone in the designated time period and if the information he was passing along was going to be vague. Travis not only spent the extra time to speak to everyone, he met with one person privately. Travis talked about very specific things that no one would know, except the person he was talking to there was nothing vague or general about his readings. All of us had a great time and look forward to doing it again.  

Very cool, I'll return for sure

At first I was skeptical about Travis's abilities and if they could help me or not, but two friends recommended I visit with him after their positive experiences.  I was so happy after meeting with Travis yesterday for psychic reading and empathic healing.  He did help me and I've been thinking over my experience with him over and over. I've never met with anyone for this sort of thing in the past.  This one ups a regular tarot card reading. 

Travis was down to earth, honest, and genuine.  He was up front about what I should expect.  I felt a very comfortable rapport with him and enjoyed my time very much.  I left my appointment feeling calm and satisfied.  I felt comfortable in his office space and will certainly return from time to time.  Travis has a gift and it's really cool to be able to share his time and learn from him.  It's not the kind of experience one has every day.  Open your mind and be amazed.  I grabbed a stack of his cards and handed them out to several friends today.  To contact my loved ones who have  passed on, was very comforting to me.  There's no way he could have made that up, as the personality traits were right on.  It's so incredible that he has this gift and is willing to share it with others.  It must be exhausting and lonely at times to hear the things his mind hears, but he's so relaxing to be with.  Great personality, and enjoyable experience.  

Right on about everything!!!!

When I first went to Travis I was skeptical, I didn't know what he would see or if anything was true. Within the first 10-15 minutes everything that he had mentioned about my life, family, relationships was right on. He and the spiritual guides help me me understand more about myself, and helped me find my way. I am definitely going back for a cleanse. Would recommend Travis to anyone!